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  • 4A P P R O A C H TO P H OTO G R A P H Y

    I feel my greatest asset as a photographer is my ability to connect genuinely with my subjects. I take a very documentary approach to portrait and family photography because I believe that the most valuable photos in the long run are the ones that capture something authentic about you, your everyday life, and the genuine love and affection that exists between you as a family. My favorite thing to shoot is Day in the Life sessions, because the organic, real, everyday moments are the memories most treasured, yet least documented. During a Day in the Life session I will spend an entire day with your family in your home, documenting a typical imperfect, messy, beauti-ful day that captures the unique spirit of your family and exactly what your life is like in this particular time and place. I spend the moments between shooting getting to know you and your children so as the day goes on and you all grow more comfortable with me, you barely notice that I am shooting and the photos get more intimate, personal, and authentic. The best way, in my opinion, to display these photos is in a book, and over the years you can grow a collection of volumes of your changing life.

  • 7I N F O R M AT I O N A B O U T PA C K A G E S

    All lifestyle sessions include documentary style photography by Julie Comfort, an online gallery of all of the images to share with family and friends and to order prints, a specially curated and edited se-lection of the best images from the shoot as print resolution digital files, and a generous product credit to be used toward prints or a custom designed 8x10 book.

  • D AY I N T H E L I F E S E S S I O N

    Full Day Portrait Session on Location with Julie Comfort50 Best Of Print-Resolution Digital Files$150 Credit to Use Toward Prints or Book

    Online Gallery to View, Share, and Order PhotosTravel Within Europe

    $1495(15% Discount in Berlin)

  • P O RT R A I T S E S S I O N

    2 Hour Portrait Session on Location with Julie Comfort25 Print-Resolution Digital Files

    $100 Credit to Use Toward Prints or BookOnline Gallery to View, Share, and Order Photos

    $695(Plus Travel Fees if Outside Berlin)


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  • VA C AT I O N S E S S I O N

    I am also available to travel with your family and document your family vacations throughout Europe and abroad. Not only will you have gorgeous professional photos that perfectly capture the joys and experiences of your trip, but you will actually get to be in all the photos and everyone looks their best when theyre on vacation! The more time I spend with your family, the more emotionally real and intimate the images will be. I will spend as much time hanging out as part of the family as documenting it, so that I straddle the line between participant and observer. Im happy to help out with the kids however I can, or share a glass of wine with you at the end of the day. I want the entire process of working with me to be relax-ing, enjoyable, and productive. And not only will I document your family, I will take gorgeous photos of the destinations as well. And I give you a quick edit of 20 images at the end of every day for you to share to social media.

    Full Day Session on Location by Julie Comfort100 Best-of Print-Resolution Digital Files$200 Credit to Use Toward Prints or Book

    Online Gallery to View, Share, and Order PhotosTravel Within Europe

    $895per day plus accommodation

    (3 Day Minimum)

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    custom quote

    When you book your shoot with Comfort Studio you are auto-matically enrolled in our Lifetime Loyalty Program and you will receive discounts on all future photography services and products (based on the current pricing at the time of booking ). We also have a generous Referral Program. We know you will be so happy with your photography experience that you will want to tell your friends and family about us anways, but as a special thank you for your sup-port we offer several rewards for each booking you send our way. Please feel free to ask for more information about this.


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    A N I N T E RV I EW WI T H

    Julie has been taking pictures since 1998 and has shot all over the world. Being a destination photographer allows her to combine her loves of photography and travel. Her experience and exper-tise means you never have to worry that your moments are being expertly documented, so you can fully relax and be yourselves. Julie is committed to sustainability practices and is also very in-volved with several organizations, donating her photography ser-vices to NGOs and her time as a mentor to Big Brothers & Sisters and the Paterson Photography Project in America. On the next page is a conversation between her and her best friend, artist Catherine Hart.

  • So I want to start out by asking, if we were having a chat like this one year from now and you were telling me about what a great year it ended up being for you, what would you have accomplished/experienced/etc for that to be the case?

    Great question, and something I have been really struggling to answer for myself lately, of what I want my life to look like right now. My immediate goal, of course, is to travel and just open myself up to some incredible adven-ture or experience I cant yet imagine. I feel like I really just want to allow myself to be completely surprised by whats to come and move forward without expectation. But that said, career-wise, a year from now I would love to be able to say that I really stretched myself creatively and took some of the best photos of my life. I would like to continue to attract incredible clients whose values of love and connection and togetherness align with my business model of documenting authentic moments. And I would like to work more in other mediums as well and find time to work on more collaborative projects. That would be an amazing year.

    Great answer and sounds like it would be an amazing year. I certainly think you can ac-complish all of those things. So since travel is on your list, Ill ask you if you could get on a plane tomorrow and go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

    Well, if I could only pick one destination, I am dying to go to Japan. I am so fascinated by the culture there, there is such a sense of

    whimsy and craftsmanship inherent to it, and from photos it looks like a beautiful place. I imagine Japan would be an incredible place for photography. Since you mentioned that career wise you would love to take some of the best pictures of your life, what do you think makes a great photo?

    Its very easy to go to a new place and take a certain kind of photo that is inherently inter-esting just because it is of something beautiful. In a sense, its easy to be lazy about photog-raphy when you travel because everything is different from what I see every day, but I real-ly want to make photos that feel like me, that have a sense of mystery and seduction, and play with light. I think a great photo finds a balance between the familiar and the strange, and creates more questions than it answers.

    I love the idea of the balance between the familiar and the strange and I agree that makes a successful photograph. As a painter I realize I can have complete control of the image I create, but hearing your answer I am realizing that a photographer has to accom-plish that image through some collaboration with the world. Do you feel like you are col-laborating with your subjects or do you feel like it is more of a solo job?

    I definitely see it as a collaboration because my work largely involves people, but ultimate-ly my photos are only as good as the subject is comfortable engaging with me. I feel like there needs to be a connection between me and my subjects, and there isnt always, and then there is this camera between us that adds


  • another level of distance. I am always trying to find ways to connect with my subjects. I find laughter works great, but of courseshockinglynot everyone thinks Im funny. My best photos happen when my subjects feel really comfortable with me, and in the case of couples, with each other. Genuine connection is really obvious in successful photos, and un-fortunately discomfort is really obvious, too. I am really drawn to street photography, but Ive never been able to do it, because for me personal engagement is integral to my process.

    How is collaborating with your subjects dif-ferent than collaborating with other artists? Sounds like you hope to have some collabo-rations in your upcoming amazing year.

    In both cases, collaborating with artists and photographic subjects, there is a definite requirement to letting go of control. I find that my best work has come from imposed limitations. Limitless possibilities are often overwhelming, so I think having to work with what you goteither from your subject or

    a limiting setting or light situation or a col-laborating artistforces you to narrow your perspective, which usually yields something more profound and evocative than if you had no limitations at all.

    What have you learned most about yourself in the last year?

    The last year was filled with some really hard lessons. I learned that I have an amazing ca-pacity to love someone beyond what is maybe healthy for me, and that I struggle with put-ting my own needs first, as do many women. I also learned that I need to feel a sense of freedom to really thrive in my life, and for my creativity to unfold. Turns out I am very creatively stifled by routine, and so I need to honor my need to always be pursuing new experiences and connections.

    These are great things to learn, especially as a catalyst for your upcoming year. Do you have a final note on what you hope your au-dience will connect with in your work?

    I am really interested in how you can never truly know someone, and I hope my work conveys a sense of mystery about the subject; a curiosity about who they are, what theyre thinking, what that moment was like, but without fully being let in. I want there to be something seductive and inviting in my pho-tos that I hope people connect with.


    F I N D S A B A L A N C E B ET WE E N T H E

    FA M I L I A R A N D T H E ST R A N GE , A N D

    C R E AT E S M O R E Q U E ST I O N S T H A N

    I T A N S WE R S .


  • FA Q


    I have been shooting professionally since 2008 and have shot over 200 weddings and countless portrait sessions in every setting across five continents, but I have been shooting personal work for over 20 years.

    HOW MANY PHOTOS DO YOU TAKE AT A PHOTO SESSION? A lot, but it totally depends on the day. For a typical Day in the Life Session I deliver between 300-500 images.


    My style is really geared more to capturing real moments in a pho-tojournalistic style, but if you would like a staged formal family portrait I am happy to include that during your session.


    Your online gallery will be posted within 3 weeks of the shoot as all editing is done in house and is an integral part of my work. You can view all your photos in the gallery, share them, and order prints. You can also download low res files from your gallery to share online (I just ask that if you post any on social media that you credit me with a link back to my site). If you order a book you will receive it within 8-10 weeks and your high resolution files will be delivered along with the book on a USB drive.

  • FA Q


    I have neverknock on woodhad to miss a shoot, but there are always unforeseen circumstances and if I know with enough notice that I will not be able to make it, you will first have the op-tion to either reschedule or get a full refund. In the case of a last minute emergency for a shoot that cant be rescheduled, such as a vacation session, I have a huge network of talented photographers to call upon if necesary.


    Since remaining flexible and unobtrusive is integral to my ap-proach, I have a fairly minimal equipment set up. I shoot primar-ily with a Nikon D750 and a few prime lenses, but I also bring a handful of other small cameras including a Fuji x100t, as well as 35mm and medium format film cameras. I always have back-up equipment, memory cards, and batteries.


    I select and edit my favorite images from the shoot (the number determined by the package you order) to deliver to you as print resolution digital files, which you keep and are welcome to print on your own. The rest of the images from the shoot are viewable in your online gallery to order as prints from the online store-front or to include in your book.

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