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Rick Waghorn, CEO Addiply, April, 2013 The three pillars of Eric Schmidt’s wisdom Upon which you go build…

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Presentation delivered to the Spring CommsCymru Conference at the ONS, Newport. Eric Schmidt's Three Pillars of Wisdom and how we might look to build a ubiquitous ad and content platform for the nation of Wales... right down to a No27 bus-stop.


  • 1. Upon which you go build Rick Waghorn, CEO Addiply, April, 2013
  • 2. The World Turned Upside Down (1972) Radical Ideas During The English Revolution. This book deals with the attempts of various groups of the common people to impose their own solutions to the problems of their time, in opposition to the wishes of their betters
  • 3. DreamForce, 2011 Keynote conversation with Marc Benioff of SalesForce What I do know is that the next generation of these leaders will be something involving mobile, local and social. Which are the terms we use today for the way that people live and work
  • 4. If it doesnt work on mobile, it doesnt work By 2016, Portio Research expects that roughly three-quarters of UK mobile devices will be smartphones, creating a mobile advertising environment in which smartphones are the rule, not the exception Smartphone penetration to hit 50% this year
  • 5. Facebook 33,000,000 FB users UK (RoseMcGrory, 2013) 53% of population 62.49% of online population. Higher than the US. Twitter 34,000,000 live accounts in UK LinkedIn 11,000,000.
  • 6. Bus No27. Runs to the Prince Charles Hospital via Gurnos Estate, Merthyr. StatsWales Indicator data by Lower Layer Super Output Areas Data-driven decisions But a challenged community
  • 7. Bus No27 TSB: Convergence In A Digital Landscape Addiply: A Public API. Placr: Open Transport API. Map real-time bus data. 362,000 bus-stops across UK. Including every one around the Gurnos Estate. Layer 1: Hyper-local content
  • 8. Whither the weather? Tinopolis weather widget is to be open; available Drill weather down to 1km; to a single bus stop. Layer 2: Weather API. Building new models of engagement and interaction around useful, *local* content. On mobile
  • 9. Addiply wired into AboutMyArea, 2012. Content portal for every major postcode district in the UK. Including CF47 Gurnos. Empty aggregator. No fresh, relevant, local content with which to build an audience Who has content? You do
  • 10. Addiply API to be public by end of Q2 2013. Believe in open, collaborative working Recruit Inc, part of JV investment in Addiply run Mash09. 500 developers. GitHub 3,000,000 social coders. Developer and distribution resource. Building again. From scratch.
  • 11. And rewards will follow. Proximity advertising into mobile-local space is the place to play in BIA/Kelsey see a $5.8bn business by 2016 in US. Growing at 54% a year. You lead and Co-Op, Tesco, MiniCooper (Merthyr) follow Then local businesses
  • 12. Content Collaboration And *Connection*. Mobile wifi/4G versus BDUK/BT vision. #21VC 21st Century Village Correspondent. Broadband back-haul via church; build a rural wifi cloud over the village. ie be USEFUL
  • 13. Rick [email protected] @rickjwaghorn
  • 14. Start with something USEFUL Collaboration Between Addiply/Placr Real-time bus data Where are you? 362,000 bus-stops to choose from. Open APIs; mashed together. Data delivered down to 1km. To one bus stop
  • 15. Prince Charles Hospital Route 27. Now add a new layer Weather app from Tinopolis Weather down to 1km. To a bus stop Now deliver offers, messages, campaigns, adverts that is of relevance/use to that community. Simple, but specific targetting.
  • 16. If content is king, then collaboration is queen and as in chess, we all know which piece is the more powerful. David Cohn, aka @digidave S4c: Sport, News, Drama Tinopolis: Weather, Drama.. Top down content drivers Bottom up? Centre for Community Journalism