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  • 8/2/2019 Commuter Newsletter April


    Hey Commuters! Can you believe that weare approaching the end of the semester?

    Here is the newsletter for April to keep you

    busy during any down time you may have

    throughout the month. There is a lot going

    on and I hope you all choose to get involved.

    I hope that midterms went well for

    everyone and I hope everyone had a safe

    and fun spring break!

    This will be the last issue of semester. Good

    luck with the rest of your semester and

    with finals.

    UMD Commuters

    Commuter Newsletter Issue: 4

    April 2012


    Hello Commuters!

    Commuter Spotlight

    Study Spaces

    Upcoming Events


    Kendra Pereira, Commuter


  • 8/2/2019 Commuter Newsletter April


    Commuter Newsletter [Issue #4]::[April]


    Congratulat ionsMel i ssa Sei f

    If you are interested in

    nominating yourself oranyone else please send

    an email to:

    [email protected]

    Melissa Seif is a senior Pre-Med Biology major an

    Economics minor here at UMass Dartmouth. She

    president of the Pre-Health/ Pre-Medical Society

    as well as president of Model United Nations Club

    Melissa believes that being active on campus is a

    fulfilling an enriching experience that adds to he

    background and allows her to build relationships

    the community she is currently part of. If youhave something to offer then why not use

    that knowledge and channel it to your and other'

    benefit? Never hold back, opportunities

    are everywhere and being involved means not on

    seizing them but also excelling in them. Melissa

    feels that UMD creates an environment of

    motivation, always encouraging students to thriv

    for their goal. We are not handed things on a silve

    platter, we have to earn them. This is a life lesson

    to be learned at a young age. UMD does a great job

    at preparing us for the competition and the ups an

    downs we will face as professionals later on in ou

    career paths.

    C o m m u t e r S p o t l i g h t

  • 8/2/2019 Commuter Newsletter April


    Commuter Newsletter Issue [#4]::[April]

  • 8/2/2019 Commuter Newsletter April


    Commuter Newsletter [Issue #4]::[April]


    Free & Confidential HIV TestingDate & Time: Thursday, 4/26/2012 from 10:00 AM to 03:30 PMLocation: LiveWell Office, Oak Glen Resi dence Hall, 2nd fl.Admission: Free!Sponsored by: LiveWell & Peer Health EducatorsDescription: We partner with New Bedford Family Planning to offer free,confidential HIV testing to the UMass Dartmouth community.The counselor will prick your finger to obtain a small amount of blood, whichwill be tested on the spot. You will get your results within minutes. Noappointments; first come, first served.

    UPCOMMING EVENTSCommuter Council

    Date & Time: 4/26 /12 at 12 p.m.

    Location: Campus Center Conference Room

    Sponsored by: Student Affairs

    Description: Meeting for the Commuter Council to discuss issues that commuters faceand how to make the university a better environment for them. Lunch is open to the

    first 20 commuters to RSVP to [email protected]

    Weekly Yoga

    Date & Time: Every Friday @ 4 p.m.

    Location: Campus Center Reflection Room

    Admission: Free

    Description: Weekly Yoga with certified yoga instructor Juli Parker (Director, Center for

    Women, Gender & Sexuality), please bring your own yoga Mat!

    For More, visit:

  • 8/2/2019 Commuter Newsletter April


    Commuter Newsletter Issue [#4]::[April]


    Foreign Language Lab

    The Foreign Language Lab offers

    one-on-one and small group

    tutoring, study groups, helpful

    handouts and instructional tapes

    and supplemental materials, such

    as movies, newspapers and booksin foreign languages.

    Location: Liberal Arts, Room 207


    Student Government Association


    Student Government represents all students by popular

    election, and functions on the UMass Dartmouth

    campus through the Student Senate. This body is the

    voice of the student in school affairs, as members are

    appointed to serve on various faculty and administrative

    committees. One of the primary functions of the

    Student Government is to approve the formation of new

    organizations and to provide funding so that the interest

    of every student group is represented. The SGA

    consists of 36 senators who are elected to a one year

    term in the spring semester: three from each of the four

    classes; one representing commuters and another

    residents, one from graduate students, one from

    Professional and Continuing Education, and twenty

    from the five colleges based on proportions. Students

    are encouraged to participate actively in StudentGovernment.

    Location: 2nd floor Campus Center

    Campus Services

    The Campus Services Department at

    the University of Massachusetts

    Dartmouth distinguishes itself as the

    center for providing services related to

    Conferencing and Events Planning,

    Dining and Catering Services, One Card

    Services, Campus Center and Main

    Auditorium operations, and Woodland

    Commons operations and programming.

    Location: 2ND Floor Campus Center


    Career Development Center

    The Career Development Center exists tohelp all University of Massachusetts

    Dartmouth students and alumni identify andachieve their career goals. We are committed

    to providing resources and services tostudents and alumni based upon the

    fundamental belief that career decision-

    making is a lifelong process, integral to theUniversity's educational objectives.

    Location: 1ST Floor Campus Center


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