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2. " Your People... Our Business " Our Mission is to provide a culture of Excellence in business consulting and corporate development. Our Vision is to constantly achieve Excellence in creating a corporate culture by creating a synergy of positive deviance and implementing internationally tested management best practices with a local mind set. Mission "To continue to thrive as a business over the upcoming years,with all the rapid changes taking place around us, we need Visionto understand the trends and forces that will shape ourbusiness. Tomorrows preparation starts today. Creating along-term destination crowned with Excellency is our Vision."Although I am an HR major, I learnt alot through this training and developed ValuesOur Values Clients EmployeesFranchisea lot of my existent knowledge. Having ExcellenceCareer Opportunities Adviceeducational knowledge is not enough,your training course got me excited bybeing able to see the practicality of such Credibility Career Development Profitknowledge. Your stories, examples andwisdom inspired me not to stop learningQuality EmpowermentInternal Quality Controland to develop myself, continuously Focus on local culturePositive Communication CredibilitySamantha HoggCommunication Specialist at SIM . Kuwait Diversity PassionConstant Improvement 3. "Pursue our dreams andnever stop developing" STANDARDS provides innovative management and human resource solutions necessary for employers to fully meet core business goals. Our services measure success in the critical areas of Leadership, communication, productivity, internal and external customer satisfaction, and compliance. Whatever your industry is, STANDARDS will work with you to develop tailored processes that involve employees at all levels and bring focus to how an employees daily work directly links to your overall success. We customize our services, products and trainings to several industries; the core of ourHuman Resources Consulting Training and Development business emphasizes the development of skillsWe offer tailor made Human Resources Programs and practical knowledge for all kind of levels Solutions to companies in the Middle East, STANDARDS develops talent within your and grades in a company. We cater a very serving them as their virtual HR Manager, the organization and deliver the most effective large base of selective clientele in Lebanon solutions include but are not limited to: programs to your valued employees. and abroad across the Mena region. Recruitment and Selection Services STANDARDS offers Training Programs in ten Compensation and Benefits Analysis and Areas:Our STANDARDS provides innovative management and human resource solutions necessary Recommendations Human Resources Management for employers to fully meet core business Job Evaluation and Grading system Business Skills goals. Our services measure success in the Job Analysis to detail Job Descriptions and Leadership Skills critical areas of Leadership, communication,Organizational Charts productivity, internal and external customer Customer ServiceServices satisfaction, and compliance. Whatever Performance Appraisal Systems Advanced Selling Skills the industry is, STANDARDS will work with you Personnel Development and Training Plans to develop tailored processes that involve Marketing Management employees at all levels and bring focus to how Talent Management Systems Coaching an employees daily work directly links to your overall success. Tailored Business Corporate Social ResponsibilityManagement Consulting Quality Management On 24 January 2012, STANDARDS ConsultantsI hope STANDARDS Consultants will STANDARDS has expanded its activities and Supply Chain Management and the Continuing Education Program of theenlarged its team of Consultants, and itscontinue the long path with SIM to reach Lebanese American University CEP LAUtackling numerous industries assisting them inthe vision of the company by preparing have signed a joint venture for yearly Publictheir management process. These solutionsand insuring that the HR department will Training Workshops aiming on around 50include :be a good strategic partner in order topublic training workshops a month covering all the Lebanese territories joining forces Company Organization Structurecontribute to the development and theaccomplishment of the business plan andwith prestigious NGOs and Institutions . Our Market Definition and Strategy trainings listed in the Service catalogue are Re-engineering Business Workflowobjectives of our company. As you said exclusively given at the LAU premises. Theeveryone needs to be stimulated, this Sales Force Management Consulting added value brought in this joint venturetraining was a big stimulation for me. is hands-on Training certification from the Marketing planning and implementation Human Resources Management"Check our website experienced and latest corporate trends,Amel Benidir along with the highest academic standards in Supply Chain Optimizationwww.standards-hrc.comRecruitment Specialist . Shabakkat . Kuwaitthe Middle East Region. Mergers and Acquisitions to stay updated with our recent activities and upcoming news." 4. LAUContinuingEducationPlease accept on behalf of the AlumniProgramStandards and CEP-LAU PartnershipRelations Office and all those who LAUs Continuing Education Program (CEP) and STANDARDS signed a partnership Memorandumattended, our deepest gratitude forof Agreement to conduct public training workshops in several business-related areas includingdedicating time to put together this Leadership, Human Resources, Customer Service, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sales ,wonderful lecture and we look forward Marketing and Business more of your expertise in future events. The project aims at creating a dynamic learning environment that promotes personal growth while encouraging high performance and career development. In turn, the partnership betweenAbdallah El-Khal LAUs CEP and STANDARDS assists professionals in meeting their training needs and contributes toDirector of the Alumni Relations the positive growth of their business communities.Lebanese American University6 7 STANDARDSSTANDARDS PROFILEPROFILE LAU CEP LAU CEP 5. OurOn behalf of Bella Flex, I would like tothank you for the valuable informationCustomersyou taught us. We are second generationand we needed some direction. On apersonal level, me Hania, I am impressedby the info conducted and I would like tojoin in other workshops.Hania ChidiacAccountant- Bella Flex89STANDARDS STANDARDSPROFILEPROFILEOur Customers Our Costumers 6. Recruitment and SelectionPerformance Appraisal Systems Services Through developing the job analysis and In this process we manage to make it as easy maintaining a job description, it becomes as possible for our clients to find the perfecteasier for our clients to set the standards for the candidate that most fits for the job. This isperformance appraisal process. We develop made easier for our clients through handling a performance appraisal system that ensures the responsibility of choosing among a hugesmooth connection among employees and a number of job seekers, the ones who are most fair evaluation of each and every employee at suitable for the opening and make sure theyevery stage of his/her performance. This processensures that every person receives what he/ become valuable assets for our clients.she deserves for the job he/she accomplishedthroughout a period of one year. Compensation and Benefits Analysis and Recommendations Personnel Development and Conducting the compensation and benefits Training Plans analysis is one of our HR consultancy services.We investigate the needs of our clients and their This analysis is a three step process throughemployees, we foresee the areas where training which we investigate the internal processes,is required and we set our training plans based conduct an external market study and jobon such investigation. We set forth the trainings based analysis that facilitates recommendingHumanrequired to develop personnel and ensure any change that shall take place in thethey adapt to the changing work environment, current compensation and benefit scheme ofsetting the base for achievement based on the company.change, technology and new strategies in allareas.Resources Job Evaluation and Grading system Talent Management Systems In order to guarantee a fair grading system, We provide strategic assistance to organizations and decide on benefit provisions, we provide in the accomplishment of long-term enterpriseConsulting our clients with a whole system that facilitates goals with respect to talent or human capital. job evaluation and a system that ensures Our system addresses the five essential pillars of a structured and clear grading system that talent management: recruitment; performance functions as a reference to the company at management; learning and development; all the stages of development of the businesscareer development and compensation By implementing TalentManagement System, organizations will be ableVery interesting workshop; the interaction Job Analysis to detail Job to attract, acquire, develop, promote, andand pleasantatmospherewere Description & Organizational retain quality talent.excellent. We learned from each other, Chartsfrom exercises, from the content and We develop a job analysis system that detailsthe trainers experience. Everyone was all the tasks required from each and everyattentive at all times. I look forward to theemployee and make sure that he/she knowscoming workshops and I am confidentwhat his/her role is, in order to develop athat our partnership with LAU-CEP andclear and direct job description. This jobSTANDARDS will reap its fruits.description serves as a reference to keep track of the work done and to point out any pitfall,Chaker Saabnegligence or misuse in the completion of the tasks required.Chairman of the Board- Tinol Paints 7. Standards is available to assist its clients in their brands, shaping the market offerings,developing competence in international operational management needs.We workdelivering and communicating value, creating solutions, and providing support for building a closely with each firms principal(s) and key long-term growth, and developing marketing productive service business and implementing employees to learn about their respective strategies and plans.the desired, unified operating model internal operating systems. Through this throughout your customer service process. process we are able to develop a customized Develop Firms Business approach, develop innovative solutions, makeProcessesMarketing Planning and recommendations for improvement and offer Standards Consultants provide a spectrum Implementation assistance with, or take full responsibility for the The two main elements of a marketing plan implementation of each activity.of business process consulting (BPC) servicesare market research and the planning of an that help you create and re-design theappropriate marketing mix. Our process relies Standards offers its services in the following tenframework and the priorities for improving youron market research which involves gathering areas:operational efficiency and effectiveness byand recording information about consumers, reducing the time, money and resources spentmarket, product, and the competition in Business Management by formulating a comprehensive strategy andan organized way. The information is then Consultingplananalyzed and used to inform marketing Company Organization Structure decisions. Review Firms Goals & Market Definition and StrategyObjectives We assist firms in developing the business Human Resources Management Develop Firms Business ProcessesBusiness objectives necessary to achieve theWe provide a wide variety of human Review Firms Goals and Objectivesorganizations service, profit and growth goals. resource services including performance Promoting Company Culture and ValuesA business objective provides a specific,management, organizational development, measurable, realistic, action-oriented and policy and procedure development, talent Sales Force Management Consulting time sensitive statement that, once achieved,management, and compensation & benefitsManagement Marketing planning and implementation propels the organization closer toward among other services listed earlier. meeting one of its goals. Human Resources ManagementMergers & Acquisitions Supply Chain Optimization Promoting Company CultureStandards Merger & Acquisition (M&A) and ValuesConsulting Mergers and Acquisitions related services are provided by consulting Creating and maintaining a culture isprofessionals who have worked on the front Company Organizationalchallenging, but it can be done. Leadershiplines in complex deals. Their capabilities Structure is the key. We will help you to build your can support M&A activities from strategy An organizational structure is the overallcompany culture so that it is healthy anddevelopment and due diligence to practice of a business, implemented togenuinely based on the company values, transaction execution, integration, target achieve a primary goal. With changing times,facilitating long-term productivity. We deliverscreening and divestiture.I would like to thank you for a fun, an organizational structure constantly has to with high quality practical implementation ofexciting, meaningful and most importantlyvalues in multicultural operating environment. Supply Chain Optimization be modified for competitive advantage. Ifenriching learning experience that you overlooked, it can lead to inefficiencies andSTANDARDS provides an application ofand your team had prepared.duplication of efforts throughout your business.Sales Force Management processes and tools to ensure the optimal Consulting operation of a manufacturing and distributionPatricia Rizkallah Market Definition and StrategyThe key aim of our Sales Force Managementsupply chain. This includes the optimal STANDARDS provides the necessary setconsultancy service is to increase sales placement of inventory within the supply chainHR Manager Hands On Management for successful marketing management results through the cooperation. We help toand minimizing operating costs. which include capturing marketing insights, make sales processes more efficient by using connecting with customers, building strongeffective selling skills and coaching methods, 8. 16/Human24/Business32/Business Resources Skills Leadership Management Skills 36/Corporate40/Customer42/Marketing SocialServiceManagementTraining ResponsibilityExcellencePrograms 50/Coaching 50/Six Sigma 54/SupplyChainManagementClear, to the point and very interactive.Its nice to have such an engaging 58/Professionaltraining that opens you up to differentperspectives and new ways to view things. Sales ExecutiveL.HazarianGeneral Manager . IDOL sal 9. 18/Advanced Recruitment StrategiesHuman 18/Behavioral Interviewing Skills 19/Managing Training NeedsResources19/Job Analysis and Job DescriptionsManagement 20/Job Evaluation and Grading System 20/Succession PlanningHands-on human resource management training programs bring insight to the rising 21/Compensation and Benefitsimportance of HR management as a strategic business partner and the vital role it playsin contributing to business success.Human Resources Management program will explore innovative strategies to attract 21/Counseling and Disciplinary Proceduresand retain new talent while making them highly efficient in the organization.Participants will learn to recognize best HR practices and implement them to positivelyaffect bottom line results. In addition, creating compensation and benefit systems, 22/Motivation and Performance Feedbackdetecting training needs and managing T&D will be covered.Motivation, interviewing, job evaluation, performance review, staffing methods, policiesand procedures, and constructive feedback are essential elements of the HR program. 22/Writing Policies and ProceduresLegal and ethical issues must also be identified and studied in order to ensureorganizational efficiency. 23/Talent Management, Retaining your Talents 10. Advanced RecruitmentManaging Training StrategiesNeedsThis full day workshop analyzes the process of Generate the Best Staffing Processes through Recruiting from Within, Promoting from Within Employee training and development is vital Make Effective use of your Role with RespectMisconceptions Associated with Trainingfinding the best fit candidate for a specific post Detecting the Demand of the Business Advantages of Having a Healthy HRIS for every business and is the key to successto TrainingsWhy Training Sometimes Failsin an organization. It will explore the decision Market and Finding the Best Fit for each and satisfaction. Therefore, it is important tomaking process involved in choosing the most Position Agendaunderstand the relevance of the training needs Presenting the Training Activities andShowing the Return on investment of theThe Role of a Manager with Respect tosuitable candidate among a large pool ofanalysis and evaluation. In this workshop,Training Consider Environmental and Ethical Issues in Strategic Planning Human ResourcesTraining Systemapplicants. different levels of training evaluations will beTraining Needs Assessment Staffing Forecasting Demanddiscussed, as well as establishing and clarifying Know how to Evaluate the Training Programs Generate a Pre-recruitment Process Forecasting Supply & Markets AvailableGiven to your Staff Conditions that Impact LearningWorkshop Benefits Benefits and Odds: Internal or External Recruitment Strategies and Methodstraining needs for each employee. Make Optimal Use of the Training by EnsuringThe Return on Investment of Training Define the Strategic Methods of Planning Recruitment Recruitment Sources Workshop Benefits Implementation Afterwards Motivating Employees to Attend Training andyour Human Resources in a Way that Recruiting from the Applicants Point of View Know your Available Resources and Use Differentiate between Training, DevelopmentDevelopment ProgramsReaches the Overall Company Mission,Vision and Valuesthem Efficiently Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Education AgendaImportance of Evaluating Training Programs Assess your Training Needs and the Training Differences among Training, Development,Four Levels of Evaluation of Training ProgramsNeeds of your Staffand Education Behavioral Interviewing Job Analysis and Job SkillsA persons past performance on the job is an Learn the Barriers you Might Face in an Interview Types of Behaviors Descriptionsaccurate indicator of how they will perform he STAR Approachin the future. Therefore, it is important to ask Learn to Get the Information You Are Seeking It is essential that employees understand what Defining the Means of Conducting the Job The Uses of Job Description and Job The Behavioral Dialogue is required of them in the workplace in order Analysis InterviewSpecificationthe right questions in order to properly analyze from the Candidate through Asking Probing Questions robing Questionsfor them to reach their maximum potential.potential candidates. This workshop will Skills and Tactics to be Used in the Analysis RecruitmentThis workshop introduces the methods of Become More Attentive to Details Follow up Questions processintroduce the behavioral interviewing method, developing a job analysis system that details all Selectionrelevant questions to be discussed, and Interact more Effectively with Candidates Practicethe tasks and responsibilities that are expected Technical, Intellectual and Workgroups Jobs Career Development through Enhancing your Communication of each employee. This will help to clarify theirbehavior on which to focus. Skills roles and understand their duties within theAgenda Succession Planningorganization. The Job Description Employee RelationsWorkshop BenefitsAgenda The Job Analysis Training Know the Different Types of Behaviors andGetting Started Workshop Benefits An Overview of Job Analysis and its Performance AppraisalHow to Approach to Each One of ThemTypes of Interviews Define Job Descriptions Relationship to Various Other ManagementFunctions Preparing the Job Description/Job onduct Job Analysis to Create Job SpecificationDescriptions Job Analysis Methodology Know the Benefits of Having Job Descriptions Job Descriptions/Job Specifications Evaluate Employees Based on their Job What are Job Descriptions?Descriptions What are Job Specifications? Evaluate Training Needs by Referring to the Job Descriptions & Job Specifications TheJob DescriptionsDifferences18 19STANDARDS STANDARDSPROFILEPROFILEHR Management HR Management 11. Job Evaluation and Compensation Grading System and BenefitsThis workshop analyzes fair grading systems Apply the Technical Training on the Job Process Guidelines Employees can be motivated not only through Learn all about Individual Pay Determination Base Pay (wages)and benefits. It will assist organizations in Evaluation Methods to your Company,financial rewards (base pay) but through Know the Types of Incentives Incentives & Benefits Job Evaluation Workshopcreating a balanced system that simplifiesHence Resulting in Solid Grading Systems incentives and benefits as well. This workshopthe job evaluation process. The finished Grading Structure Ensure Organizational Survival and Growth The Basic Tools of the C&B System Practice the Job Evaluation Exercise in thediscusses the importance of compensationstructure will serve as a reference for the entire Importance of the Grading system and benefits in a business setting. Participants Use C&B in Restructuring Cases Wage SurveysWorkshop, and Take the Tools Needed toorganization that can be utilized at all levels forPerform One Afterward Salary Bands will learn how to create systems that attract Job Analysis/Evaluationdevelopment. talented candidates, retain quality employeesAgenda Performance AppraisalWorkshop Benefits Agenda Benefit and Salary Scale and encourage superior performance. Attract High Quality Employees Why Do Wages Differ? Definition, Methods, and ApplicationsIdentify the Job Evaluation Methods Applied Internationally Applied Methods Workshop Benefits Retain High Quality Employees Differences by Industry and Occupation Internationally to Different Sizes of Companies Stimulate High Performance Know the Internal & External Factors Differences Based on Individual Performance Influencing the C&B Decisions Components of the C&B Systemand Seniority Succession Counseling and Disciplinary Planning ProceduresAn organization must prepare for the evolution Appropriate Selection Criteria Common Mistakes and Steps to Avoidof its employees as a proactive and progressive How can we Measure Succession Planning The Life Cycle of Succession PlanningSupervisors and employees should meet Explain why it is Important to Use a Structured Overview of Counseling Programsprocess within the company. Therefore, it Programs Efficiency Transformational Change System regularly to discuss workplace performance,Counseling Approach Employee Assistance Programsis important to have a contingency plan HR Metrics and how they Link to Succession conduct and behavior.When necessary, Analyze Different Situations for Employeein order to facilitate a successful transition. Competency Identification, Ethics and Identify Troubled Employees Planningdisciplinary action may be taken in order to CounselingThis workshop will discuss the elements of aValues Clarificationscorrect deficiencies. This workshop will explore Motivate them to Resolve their Problemssuccession plan and how to prepare for the Differentiate between the Counseling Loopgrowth of personnel from within.Agenda Personal Goals and Linking them toCompany Goals present day counseling methods utilized in organizations for the purpose of attaining beston the Corporate Level & Employee Level Provide Access to Counseling and Treatment What is Succession Planning andperformance. Stress Management InterventionsWorkshop Benefits Management How we Use Competencies in Succession Explain the Steps of Employee CounselingBased on who Requests Counseling Dimensions of Work Site WellnessPlanning Why the New Interest in Succession The Current Status of Succession Planning, Laying a Foundation for Succession Planning Workshop Benefits Practice the Skill of Employee Counseling The Changing Significance of Industrial Best Practices in Succession Planning What Researches Show Define Counseling and Explain why it is Discipline Best Practices vs. Common Business Practices What are Talents? Do we acquire them? Dowe nurture them? Management, Technical, Social SuccessionPlanning Refining the Program ImportantAgenda Arbitrators and Discipline Differentiate between Counseling, Employee Counseling and Wellness Services Elements of the Just Cause Principle Development Activities Ensuring Leadership Continuity in Taking it from the Top Feedback, and Disciplinary ActionOrganizations The Need for Employee Counseling Degree of Proof in Disciplinary Cases Internal Leadership and Executive Education List 5 Reasons that Indicate an Employee Trends Influencing Succession Planning Needs Counseling Addressing Employee Well-Being Tests for Just Cause Employee Terminations Succession Planning Programs and how theyWork The State-of-the-Art Approach Meaningful Appraisal Programs Effective Succession Planning Programs20 21STANDARDSSTANDARDSPROFILE PROFILEHR ManagementHR Management 12. Motivation and Performance Talent Management, Retaining Feedback your TalentsEach person has unique biological, emotional, List 3 Words or Phrases to Avoid During Performance Feedback from the Boss Talent management is an overall organizational Select from a Range of Different Development of Talentscognitive, and social forces that direct their Feedbackstrategy that gives a competitive advantageApproaches which Work in Attracting, Performance Feedback from the Staff Training Programs vs. Development Programsindividual behavior. Positive feedback servesto those who implement such systems into their Developing and Retaining Talent Create the Name the Steps of Giving Performanceas an overall motivating force in workplace Analyzing Performance Problems business environment. Research has provenTalent Management Plan Long Term and Short Term Commitment Feedbacksatisfaction. This workshop will review the Writing Performance Plansthat organizations that use talent management Talent Management Planningelements of a healthy work environmentand discuss ways to motivate employees via Demonstrate (Observe) the Skill of Giving Feedback on Performance Giving Performance Feedback strategies and solutions exhibit higherAgenda Talent Management and its Relation to performance in the workplace. This workshopperformance feedback. Providing Coaching to Improve Performance What is a TalentSuccession Planning and Career will analyze the talent management process Agenda: Reinforcement Strategies to Ensure and focus on ways to retain valued employees. Who Assesses Talents? DevelopmentWorkshop Benefits The Performance Management Cycle Continuous Improvement Workshop Benefits The Healthy Mix of Talents in Organizations Why Do Talents leave and How to Makethem Stay Define Feedback Performance Planning Creating a Development Plan Incorporating Talent Management as a Know how to Map the Talent Needs of theStrategy Explain what are the Benefits and Managing Performance Dealing with Difficult Situations During the Organization against Potential EmployeesConsequences of Performance FeedbackPerformance Hiring from Within, the Right Person, the Right Appraising Performance Make the Case for Talent Management andTime Define Standards and Explain their Relation Developing PerformanceUnderstand the Importance of Incorporatingto Performance Feedback on Both How to Develop Leaders Rewarding Performance Talent Management into the BusinessCorporate and Employee level Strategy Technical, Managerial, and Social Management Review 360 Degrees Identify the 6 Rules of Effective Feedbackand Explain why they are Important Performance Feedback from Peers Writing Policies and Procedures"The greatest thing in life is to keepThe HR Departments main goal is to align Write an SOPs Using an Appropriate Format SOP Implementation and Improvementstrategy withemployeeperformancewhile adhering to policies and procedures.Employees must follow established guidelinesin order to be successful in the workplace. This Identify Important Steps and Sub-Steps Choose a Workable Level of Details Seven Steps for Successful SOPs STP Problem Solving Model your mind young " Develop a Plan to Generate Buy-In from theworkshop will aid in identifying the specificDiarys Worker, Managers and Advisorsneeds of the organization hence writingeffective policies and procedures for theorganization to follow. Agenda Reasons why People Need SOPsWorkshop Benefits The Performance Triangle Define Two Types of Variation and how System, Procedure, Steps and VariationsSOPs May be Used to Control Special Formats and WritingCause Variations22 23STANDARDSSTANDARDSPROFILE PROFILEHR ManagementHR Management 13. 26/Creativity Tools26/Memory Techniques26/Effective Decision Making27/Effective Problem SolvingBusiness27/Transactional AnalysisSkills27/Telephone Techniques28/Business Writing SkillsLearn self-development tools that work successfully in business.28/Time and Stress ManagementThis program brings together all the soft skills needed to perform a job, and enhanceleadership, communication, time and stress management skills.Explore the latest creative, problem solving, decision making and team building skills.29/Corporate Communication SkillsIt will aid in: Investing in company talent 29/Project Planning Skills Self improvement for business development Creating an out-of-the-box management program Building a strong intellectual team 30/Managing Complex Situations Creating building blocks for further investment30/The Art of Being Interviewed31/Building Effective Teams 14. Creativity Tools Effective ProblemThis workshop will help identify several usefultechniques to develop technical creativityto solve real life business problems.ItInnovative Ideas Reliably Creativity as a Process of Thinking, Not as aModeMatrix Analysis Brainstorming Solvingrecognizes a wide range of approaches as Random Inputwell as developing and generating new and Solve Problems Efficiently, Effectively andEmployees are often confronted with many List the 6 Steps of the Structured Problem Practice Solving Real Problems Using the Concept Faninnovative ideas. Objectivelyissues on a daily basis that require problem Solving Model6-Step Model Reframing Matrix solving skills. This workshop will cover the Spot Opportunities that you Might Otherwise Explain How to Use the Fishbone Diagram toWorkshop Benefits Miss Provocationelements of problem solving and simplify the Identify the Root Causes of Problems Agenda process so that individuals can manage issues Become Intensely and Always Creative Do It Explain how to Use the Multi-Level Whys WHAT: Definition of Problem Solving in a rational manner. Increase your Ability to Solve ProblemsAgenda Simplex Technique to Identify Root Causes of WHEN & WHY: When to Solve Problems andEfficiently and Effectively Reversal and Scamper Subconscious Problem Solving Workshop BenefitsProblems Why Each Is Important Attribute Listing, Morphological Analysis & Define Problem Solving Practice Conducting Brainstorming Sessions HOW: 6 Steps of Problem Solving and Master Ways to Generate Fresh andto Generate Solutions for the ProblemPractice. Explain Why It Is Important to Use a Memory Techniques Structured Approach for Problem Solving Explain how to Select the Best Solution to a WHERE & WHO: Preferred Place to Solve PProblem From Many Optionsroblems & Who Should be Involved Explain when Problems Need to be SolvedTransactional AnalysisThis workshop will help strengthen the memory Reduce Clutter in our Memory Tools for Improving you Memoryin regard to names, numbers, facts and a Use Special Approaches for Remembering Mnemonicsvariety of other essential pieces of information.Different Types of InformationDifferent tools and techniques will be used that Aide Memoirescan be applied to daily life in the workplace as Make Effective Use of Mnemonicswell as in everyday situations. Transactional analysis is conducted in order to understand personality, and in turn, improveWorkshop BenefitsAgendaAgenda human relations. Therefore, self-analysis is Know the TRIO in you What is Transactional Analysis?Workshop Benefits Remembering Numbers, Letters essential to understanding oneself as well Learn how to Control Each One of the TRIO Learn about your Feelings What is the Aim of Transactional Analysis The Contract Strengthen your Memory as others in the business environment. This Remembering Lists, Structured Information Know When you are in a Positive Ego State Ego States (Positive and Negative) workshop will analyze behavioral patterns Improve Skills of Remembering Important Creating Long Structuresand When you are in a Negative One Basic Needs and transactions as well as identify strategiesThings for modification and stroking. The Drama Triangle Basic Feelings Effective Decision Telephone Techniques MakingEffective communication is essential to success in the business world. Many transactions are still Walk the Extra Mile Assure you Get the Right Message Delivered Telephone Standards Steps to Remember conducted via telephone both domesticallyin the Right MeansDecision making is an ongoing process Select Between Different Options Grid Analysis Your Best Voice and internationally. This workshop will discuss Ensure your Message is Understood andthat presents itself on a regular basis in the Choose between Options by Projecting Decision Trees the mastery of telephone communicationsFollowed Through Golden Rulesworkplace.This workshop will discuss theLikely Outcomes PMI(specifically in customer service and sales)steps involved in making decisions and offer Leave the Customer with a Positive Image Statements to Avoid Weigh the Pros and Cons of a Decisionand cover telephone techniques and propertechniques to perform a cost-benefit analysis Force Field Analysisabout you and the Company you Represent phone etiquette. Taking a Messageto help choose the best options. Analyze the Pressures For and Against Six Thinking HatsWorkshop BenefitsChange Cost/Benefit AnalysisWorkshop BenefitsAgenda Placing a Caller on Hold Transferring a Call Select the Most Important Changes to Make Agenda Know the Basic Concepts of Handling You as a Communicator Closing the Conversation Pareto AnalysisTelephone Calls Know your Customers Evaluate the Relative Importance of 27Different Options Paired Comparison Analysis Use your Senses During the Call Successful Call Management STANDARDS Gain Customer Satisfaction Getting Results on the PhonePROFILE Business Skills 15. Business WritingCorporate Communication SkillsSkillsA typical business professional spends Get a Response The Must/Can Use Communication skills on a corporate level Employ your Body and Voice Effectively to Verbal Elements of Communicationapproximately %20 of their time writing in the The Seven Cs of Business Writingare instrumental to success. This workshop willCommunicate in a more Positive Manner Include all Necessary Information in a Clear Behavioral Characteristicsworkplace. Therefore, having advanced skillsaddress the core elements behind successful Way Knowing the What, Who, Why and How of Use Simple and Clear Language to Ensureis essential to effective written communication.communication andseveral practical Identifying Others Styles Formal Lettersthat your Message is UnderstoodThis workshop will develop business writing skills Ensure that the Recipient will be Interested intechniques will be introduced.Through Communicating with Other Stylesso that correspondence will be appropriate inReading your Letter How to Address your Audience situational activities, participants will be able to Adapt your Communication Style to Suit theimplement the learned techniques in order to Behavioral Characteristics of Others Listening Is It Important?format and professional in tone. Keep Tangible Evidence and Referencing of How to Make Sure that Information is your Workbetter understand the issues at hand. Differentiate between Active and Passive The Listening Process A Four Step Approach Delivered Successfully and to the RightWorkshop BenefitsPersonListening; and Active and Passive Listening Communicate Information Successfully Agenda Workshop Benefits Use Active Listening Skills Transactional Analysis How to Organize your Letter Forms of Formal Letters Define the Meaning of Communication Grasp the Attention of the Recipient Articulate the Various Myths Associated with Agendathe Communication Process within the Definition of Communication Time and StressCorporation Myths of Communication Recognize and Steer Clear of Barriers Barriers to Effective Communicationto Successful Communication inside theCompany Nonverbal Elements of Communication ManagementTodays world is full of stress and commitments.Therefore, managing time and stress is essentialto having a work-life balance. This workshop Set your Goals Efficiently and Effectively Understand the Stress in your Life Deciding on what to Achieve with your Time Planning to Make Best Use of your Time Project Planningwill demonstrate how to prioritize and managetime in a productive manner while still attendingto all necessary duties and obligations. Test your Stress Potential and Manage it Manage your Work Overload Think Positive and Rationalize in Stressful Stress Diaries Job Analysis Performance Planning SkillsWorkshop BenefitsSituations ImageryProject planning is a specialized skill that isneeded in many positions in an organization. Prioritize the Jobs that Must be Completed so that You Meet the Most ImportantDeadlines, Managing Simple Projects Physical Relaxation Techniques Project Planning and Scheduling- Gantt Value your Time and Make most EffectiveUse of itAgenda Thought Awareness and RationalizationEmployees must manage tight schedules andresources while delivering timely results within when Projects Run into Difficulties Charts Decide when and how to Take Remedial Finding out how Much your Time Is Worthbudget. This workshop will address the skills and Planning for Large or Complex Projects- Prioritize your Tasks and Sort what Needs to Rest, Relaxation and SleepAction to Bring a Project Back on Coursesteps needed to successfully plan projects and Critical Path Analysis & PERTbe Done First According to Priority Finding out what to Spend your Time On Burnout- Self Test achieve company goals. Know how to Manage Communication with Effective Planning for Important Projects- The Set an Activity Log for Yourself Knowing how you Really Spend your TimeKey Project Stakeholders to Win their Support Planning Cycle Put an Action Plan to Work upon Planning to Solve a Problem-Action Plans Workshop Benefitsand Improve the Projects Chances of Success Planning Large Projects and Programs Prepare To- Do Lists Tackling the Right Tasks First Grasp Some Important Project Planning Stakeholder ManagementTechniques Know How to Plan Projects so that they Can Agendabe Completed on Time and Within Budget Estimating Time Accurately2829STANDARDS STANDARDSPROFILEPROFILEBusiness Skills Business Skills 16. Managing ComplexBuilding Effective SituationsTeamsComplex situations are often presented in a Know All the Factors that are Affecting the Analyzing Strengths, Weaknesses, Teamwork is essential within most organizations List the Necessary Preconditions for Why Do We Want Teams Rather Than Justbusiness environment. Therefore, employeesSituationOpportunities and Threatsin todays business environment. Therefore, Implementing a Team ApproachWork Groups?must be prepared to handle a variety of individuals must be comfortable working with Analyze the Risks and Evaluate the Solutions Making Forecast with Spreadsheets Diagnose Current Level of Team Functioning Stages of Team Growthcircumstances that occur regularly in the others while understanding their specific role Finally, Come Up with the Most Suitable Methods of Risk Analysis on a team. This workshop will introduce skills Identify Characteristics of Effective Teams Case Studyworkplace. This workshop will examine howto effectively handle complex situations, and Method of Handling the Situationand tools that employees can use in order to Describe the Stages of Team Growth and Team Motivation Understanding Power in Business Situationin turn, build better relationships and enhance enhance team performance and become Identify Skills Necessary for Each Stage Individual Thrive for Success Within a Teamoverall job satisfaction. Agenda Understanding Big Picture Forces of Changemore successful in their role as a teamparticipant. Describe Common Team Problems and How Team Conflicts and Resolutions Extracting Maximum Information from Facts to Handle ThemWorkshop Benefits Excellence in the Things that Matter to Dealing with Common Problems in Teams Make Maximum Use of Information You Understanding Problems in Detail CustomersWorkshop Benefits Agenda Identifying Possible Cause of Problems Differentiate between Work Groups and A Group of People Working Together vs. aHave at Hand Understanding the Way Factors Affect One- Teams Team Use Effective Tools and Special TechniquesAnotherto Study all Aspects of the Situation The Art of Being InterviewedInterviewing is the first step toward obtaining Show that You Are Fit to the Position Preparing yourself before the Actualemployment in an organization. There areAvailableInterview (research, notes, questions, etc.)many important elements which are standard Give them a Reason to Hire You Eliminating Distractersin interviewing practices. This workshopwill prepare applicants for the interviewing Play your Winners Dress to Impress, Dress for Successprocess, build confidence, and enhance Maintain a High Self-Confidence The ROIs (Return on Investment)overall performance during the session. Follow Up After the InterviewWorkshop Benefits Agenda Reflect a Positive Image about Yourself The Interviewing Process30 STANDARDS PROFILE Business Skills 17. BusinessLeadershipSkills 34/The Pyramid of Leadership 34/Leading Dynamic TeamsThe Business Leadership Program is designed for senior managers and executives 35/Effective Team Leadingwho are prepared to stretch and develop themselves in order to lead theirorganization forward to the next level.Intensive competition for resources and demand for high performance areputting pressure on organizations to become more flexible, more results-focused,and more responsive. To meet such challenges, organizations require capableleaders that can prudently influence and inspire others with well articulatedvisions that are strategic, persuasive and measurable.The Business Leadership program provides individuals with a leadershipframework that assists them to set strategic goals, communicate ideas,effectively lead and successfully sustain high performance teams and deliverresults.32 STANDARDS PROFILE Business Leadership Skills 18. The Pyramid ofEffective Team LeadershipLeadingIn order to be successful in todays business Know your Competencies as a Leader Assess Situations Quickly And AccuratelyIt is necessary to have effective team Be able to measure and monitor team Communication tactics when leading teams learnworld, individuals should demonstrate superiorleaders in order to guide workers towards productivity and morale how to engage effectively with others, set Coaching And Trainingleadership skills. The Pyramid of Leadership is productivity and success. This workshop willclear expectations and manage language and Strengthen Teamworka customized tool designed by STANDARDS Implement Employee Involvement Strategies assist managers in identifying talent within an cultural barriers with local and remote empower individuals and allow them to Strengthen your Teams Communication Skills Teamworkorganization, enhance team building, andAgendarecognize their abilities and potential to be Detect Problems Quickly and Solve them discuss techniques for empowering employees Self awareness and other awareness assess Communicatingtrue leaders. This workshop will aid participantsImmediatelyunder the leadership of higher management.your leadership style and identify strengthsin developing innovation, flexibility and self- Self Direction and weaknesses Build a Reliable Relationship with yourawareness in relationships with colleagues and Customers through Developing your Creative Problem Solvingpeers. Communication and Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal SkillsWorkshop Benefits The fundamentals of effective leadership define the keys to leading teams successfullyWorkshop BenefitsAgenda Manage Client Relationships Apply the concepts and skills needed to bean effective team leader or member Strategic problem-solving and decision-making become an inventive, logical Use these Competencies Effectively to Build Appropriate Relationships Leadership Competencies Effectively manage facilitation of teamsdecision maker using a structured way toCreate and Lead Teams Flexibility approach, dismantle and solve problems Leadership Abilities Implement teams within their organizations Ensure a Win-Win Situation when Dealing Professionalismand create a team-based culture The differences between managers andwith Conflicts between your Team Members Visioning Business Acumen And Technicalleaders identify the differences Examine the functioning of their real- life Know how to Assess Situations and Deal with Create And Lead TeamsCompetencyteam and determine ways to improve The art of using negotiations, power andthem Accurately Foster Conflict Resolutions (Win-win)productivity and moraleinfluence effectively Leading Dynamic TeamsTeams, if used effectively, can add to the overallproductivity of an organization. Dynamic Agenda: Develop Dogged Determination ONE: The Power of Effective Teamwork Team Plan of Actionteams are highly motivated and create apositive work environment for their peers. This The Benefits of Teamwork Personal Development Planworkshop will address the main aspects and Problem Solverprocedures to follow in creating a successful What is a Team?team, tools to increase team performance and A Good Starting PointTHREE: High-Performance Teamworkelements of a successful team. High-Performance Teamwork"Leadership is leaving everything and The Cornerstone of TeamworkWorkshop Benefits: Understanding Your Team Trust Creates Respect, Synergy, and Success Develop High-Performance Teams Team Stage Evaluation Assuming Responsibility everyone you touch, a better one " Work Together to Achieve Team GoalsTWO: Five Keys to Team Success Being Accountable Assume Responsibility and Accountability Crystallize Your Thinking Communicating for Results Handle Challenges through Team Develop a Plan of Action for Your Goals Celebrating Your Success Levels of TrustCommunication Develop Sincere Desire Communication Strengths Create Mutual Trust, Support, and Collaboration Develop Supreme Confidence Opportunities for Growth34 35 STANDARDS STANDARDS PROFILEPROFILE Business Leadership Skills Business Leadership Skills 19. CorporateSocialResponsibility 38/Introduction to CSR 38/Integrating CSR into your Business 39/HR- CSR Main EnablerThe purpose of the Corporate Social Responsibility program is to offer individualsan experience-based, integrative exposure to this emerging and dynamic field ofbusiness practice. Participants who complete the requirements for the CorporateSocial Responsibility program will have developed the ability to recognize the strategicdilemmas and opportunities for all aspects of the firm in implementing Corporate SocialResponsibility strategies. They will also bring to their firms leading edge thinking inCorporate Social Responsibility which is the business issue of the 21st century. 20. Introduction to Corporate HR: Corporate Social Social Responsibility ResponsibilitysCorporate social responsibility defines anorganization in regard to its behavior towardconsumers, employees, stakeholders, the with essential elements to consider when implementing CSR initiatives.Introduction to Corporate SocialResponsibility is a pre-requisite Main Enablercommunity and environment. It is essential thatAgenda for Integrating CSR into youra company have a realistic yet progressiveBusiness workshop and HRThe Human Resources Department plays antools, techniques, checklists and methods toIntroduction to Corporate Social History and Concept Evolution of CSRpolicy that addresses all the groups involved inCorporate Social Responsibilitys important role in setting the corporate social propel the drive for change and expedite Responsibility is a pre-requisitea positive way. This workshop will introduce the The Business Case of CSR responsibility platform in an organization.success to maximize overall organizationalMain Enabler Therefore, HR professionals must acquire in- for this workshopelements of corporate social responsibility andeffectiveness. CSR Pillarsdiscuss the components that are necessary for depth knowledge of their critical role in thea successful and effective CSR policy. CSR Communicating Strategies policy. In this workshop, strategic opportunitiesbetween HR and CSR will be identified and Agenda Corporate SustainabilityWorkshop Benefits participants will explore techniques to drive HRs Leadership in Advocating CSRThis workshop will engender a clearWho should attend? change and successfully implement aneffective policy. CSR: A Strong Value Proposition for HRunderstanding of CSR concepts, trends, Individuals interested in CSR including students Strategy Alignmentand components. It will provide participantsWorkshop Benefits Roadmap for CooperationThis workshop will clarify strategic opportunities Who should attend: Integrating Corporatebetween Human Resources and CorporateSocial Responsibility. Individuals whose roles involve CSR activities,Participants will be provided with effective HR practitioners and HRM students Social Responsibility into your Business "Business social responsibility should not be coerced; it is a voluntary Agenda decision that the entrepreneurialHaving a solid and functioning corporate socialresponsibility policy guides the organization Who should attendand aids it in making important decisions. In this Corporate Sustainability Individuals whose roles involve CSR activities, leadership of every company mustworkshop, participants will acquire knowledge,CSR team managers, and HR professionals Process of Embedding CSR into an who need to develop CSR plansskills and tools to use in the implementation of a Organizationcorporate social responsibility policy within an make on its own "organization. Tools to Drive Change CSR Communication StrategiesIntroduction to Corporate SocialJohn MackeyWorkshop Benefits Streamlining CSR PoliciesResponsibility is a pre-requisiteThis workshop will present participants with a Generate a CSR Strategysystems based approach to implement a CSR for this workshop Create or/and Enhance CSR Initiativesprogram in their organization. The process willbe examined in detail drawing on information Measurement Toolsand structured used in several different sectors. Sustainability Reporting38 39STANDARDSSTANDARDSPROFILE PROFILECorporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate Social Responsibility 21. Mastering CustomerService Skills Workshop Benefits Who Are Your Customers? Dealing with Conflict Meeting Expectations The Problem Solving Process Recognize that Service Delivery is anCustomer Individual Response Value Presenting Yourself Properly Seven Steps to Customer Problem Solving Understand how an Individuals Behavior Setting Goals and Targets The Recovery Process Impacts the Behavior of Others Standards Eliminating Customer Service Problems Develop more Confidence and Skill as a Communication Service PRIDE is a Team EffortService Problem-Solver Telephone Techniques Doing Your Part Communicate more Assertively and Managing the Talkative Caller Dealing with Stress Effectively Dealing with Difficult Callers Make Customer Service a Team Approach Dealing with Challenges AgendaExcellence Increasing Your Assertiveness What is Customer Service? Dealing with Difficult PeopleLeading CustomerHigh standards of customer care arecritical to the success of any organization,Service Teamsand executives in customer service areexpected to play an important leadership Workshop Benefits:Agenda: Risk Assessment in Customer Service Teams Handling Conflictrole in implementing company guidelines Manage Customer Service Effectively and Manager and Customer Service Excellence Proactively, through Motivating and Inspiring A Positive Approach to Complaintsfor interaction with customers. The Customer Fundamental Concepts of Customer Service your Teams Using Customer Service as a CompetitiveService Excellence program would helpTeams Identify Clear Standards for Quality and Toolprepare participants for such a demanding Setting and Communicating ObjectivesCustomer Service Empower to Innovaterole by offering a comprehensive overview Putting the Customer Firstand formal development trainings of Meet Customer Needs through Strong Commitment External Customer and Internal Customercustomer service. Increase Teamwork and Collaboration Gathering, Analyzing and Interpretingtoward Shared Service GoalsCustomer Feedback Identify Techniques for Continuous Quality CoachingImprovement in Service Delivery and Human Emotional ResourcesTeamwork Action Centered- Leadership Creating a Culture that Supports Great Creating a Customer Focused Culture Customer Service Team Communication Coach, Inspire and Empower your Teams Delegation and Empowerment 41STANDARDS PROFILE Customer Service Excellence 22. 44/Basic Marketing Tools 44/Consumer Markets and Consumer Behavior 45/Business Markets and Business Buyer Behavior 45/Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy-Marketing Creating Value for Target Customers 46/Marketing Channels- Delivering Customer ValueManagement 46/Blue Ocean Methodology 47/Communicating Customer Value- Integrated Marketing Communication StrategyMarketing Management is one of the most important functions within any business, asit involves the continuous promotion of that particular enterprise. Marketing techniquesare applied in various ways to market specific products or services, and marketing 47/Premium Merchandizing Techniquesmanagers are therefore responsible to ensure that customers demands are met. Thisneeds to be done in a cost-efficient and effective manner in order for businesses tobe successful in the global market.Marketing Management is directly linked to the48/Social Mediasuccess of any business enterprise and therefore the demand for competent MarketingManagers is always high. This program would offer you efficient Marketing ManagementStrategies so as to understand the operations of a business and the market in which they 48/Above The Line vs. Below The Lineoperate. 49/Modern Trade Management - Key Accounts Management 49/Brand Management- From Portfolio Management to Market Reporting 23. Basic MarketingBusiness Markets and Business ToolsBuyer Behavior Corporate Strategic Planning and Marketing Marketing IntelligenceMarketing has long been considered anA closer look will be taken at the business Identify the Business Buying Decision Process Business Buyer Behavior Planningessential part of building business. It is important Focus Groupscustomers, those who buy goods and services Compare the Institutional and Government- Major Type of Buying Situationsthat a company recognize this need and use it Have a Framework for Developing a to produce their own products and services, SegmentationMarkets and Explain how Institutional - Participants in the Business Buying Processto their advantage in order to expand business,Strategic Marketing Planor for their resale to others. Business-to-Business Product Managementand Government Buyers Make their Buyingretain their customers and attract new ones. Markets and creating superior customer value- Major Influences on Business Buyers Gain Insights into the FundamentalDecisionsThis workshop will review the basic elements Components of the Marketing Mix Strategic Planningwill be studied in this workshop. - The Business Buying Processand principles behind marketing, as well as themarketing mix and study that are essential to Use some Marketing Tools and Techniques Offensive Marketing Workshop Benefits Agenda- E-Procurement: Buying on the Internetany successful marketing plan. Be able to Relate Marketing Principles to Defensive Marketing Business Markets Institutional and Government Market Determine how Business Markets Differ from your Specific Area of Responsibility Guerilla Marketing- Market Structure and DemandWorkshop BenefitsConsumer Markets Understand the Products PortfolioAgenda Product Portfolio Identify the Major Factors that InfluenceBusiness Buyer Behavior - Nature of the Buying Unit Positioning - Types of Decisions and the Decision ProcessManagement The 4 Tactic Ps Private Labels Recognize Fundamental Marketing Principles The 4 Strategic PsCustomer-Driven Marketing Learn about the Relationships between Marketing Matrix Consumer Markets and Strategy: Creating Value Consumer Behaviorfor Target CustomersA closer look will be taken at the most importantaspect of the market which is the customer. The Agenda The Buyer Decision ProcessA look further will be taken into key customer- Recognize how Companies Identify Market Targeting - Need Recognitiondriven marketing strategy decision: dividingAttractive Market Segments and Choose a - Evaluating Market Segmentsaim of this workshop is to study how customers Model of Consumer Behaviorup markets into meaningful customer groupsMarket-Targeting Strategythink and act. To have an effect, marketers- Information Search- Selecting Target Market Segments Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behavior (segmentation), choosing which customer Determine how Companies Differentiatemust firstly understand the whys. A look will be - Evaluation of Alternativesgroups to serve(targeting), creating markets - Cultural Factorsand Position their Products for Maximum Differentiation and Positioningtaken at the consumer buying influences andofferings that best serve targeted customers - Purchase Decision Competitive Advantageprocesses. - Social Factors(differentiation), and positioning the offerings in - Positioning Maps - Post purchase BehaviorWorkshop Benefits- Personal Factors The Buyer Decision Process for New Products the minds of consumer (positioning). Agenda- Choosing a Differentiation and Positioning Strategy Construct a Simple Model of Consumer Behavior - Psychological Factors - Stages in the Adoption Process Workshop Benefits Market Segmentation - Communicating and Delivering the Types of Buying Decision Behavior - Segmenting Consumer Markets Chosen Position - Individual Differences in Innovativeness Identify the Major Steps in Designing a Identify the Four Major Factors that Influence - Complex Buying Behavior Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy- Segmenting Business Markets Consumer Behavior - Influence of Product Characteristics on - Dissonance-Reducing Buying Behavior Determine the Major Bases for Segmenting Identify the Major Types of Buying DecisionRate of Adoption- Segmenting International Markets Behavior and the Stages in the Buyer- Habitual Buying BehaviorConsumer and Business Markets - Requirements for Effective Segmentation Decision Process- Variety-Seeking Buying Behavior Determine the Adoption and Diffusion Process for New Products44 45 STANDARDS STANDARDS PROFILEPROFILE Marketing ManagemetMarketing Managemet 24. Marketing Channels: DeliveringCommunicating Customer Value: Customer ValueIntegrated MarketingThis workshop will examine the nature anddesign of marketing channels, as well asmanagement decisions. Then there will be anAgenda Supply Chains and the Value Delivery- Identifying Major Alternatives- Evaluating the Major AlternativesCommunication Strategyexamination of an area that is growingNetwork - Designing International Distributiondramatically which is distribution/logistics. ChannelsCompanies must do more than just create Determine the Communication Process and- Determining the Communication The Nature and Importance of Marketingcustomer value; they must also use promotion the Steps in Developing Effective MarketingObjectivesChannels Channel Management DecisionsWorkshop Benefits- How Channel Members Add Value- Selecting Channel Membersto clearly and persuasively communicate thatvalue. In the beginning the various marketing Communications - Designing a Message Interpret why Companies Use Marketing Interpret the Methods for Setting the- Choosing Media- Managing and Motivating Channel mix tools will be introduced. Next there will - Number of Channel LevelsPromotion Budget and Factors that AffectChannels and Determine the Functions thesebe an examination of the rapidly changing - Selecting the Message SourceMembersthe Design of the Promotion MixChannels Perform Channel Behavior and Organization communications environment and the need- Evaluating Channel Members- Collecting Feedback Detect how Channel Members Interact and- Channel Behavior for integrated marketing they Organize to Perform the Work of - Vertical Marketing Systems Marketing Logistics and Supply Chain Finally there will be a discussion of the steps in Agenda Setting the Total Promotion Budget and Mixthe ChannelManagement developing marketing communications and - Setting the Total Promotion Budget The Promotion Mix - Horizontal Marketing Systems the promotion budgeting process. Identify the Major Channel Alternatives - Nature and Importance of Marketing- Shaping the Overall Promotion Mix Integrated Marketing CommunicationsOpen to a Company- Multichannel Distribution SystemsLogistics Determine how Companies Select, Motivate,- Changing Channel Organization- Goals of the Logistics SystemWorkshop Benefits - The New Marketing Communications Model- Integrating the Promotion Mix- The Need for Integrated Marketing Socially Responsible Marketingand Evaluate Channel Members Channel Design Decisions- Major Logistics Functions Identify the Five Promotion Mix Tools forCommunications CommunicationCommunicating Customer Value Examine the Nature and Importance of - Analyzing Consumer Needs - Integrated Logistics Management Steps in Developing Effective Marketing- Advertising and Sales PromotionMarketing Logistics and Integrated Supply Examine the Changing Communications - Setting Channel ObjectivesCommunication- Personal SellingChain ManagementLandscape and the Need for IntegratedMarketing Communications- Identifying the Target Audience Blue Ocean MethodologyBlue Ocean Methodology introduces principles Implement Blue Ocean Charts The Secret Weapons Premium Merchandizing Techniquesused by companies to create and capture blue Create New Strategies Below The Line Marketing (BTL)oceans, thus eliminating the competition.In this workshop, the methodology will be Overcome Resistance Controlling the Ambush Marketingreviewed and a wide range of strategic movesProcess Network Marketingacross different industries will be examined. At the End of this Program, Attendees willCompanies must utilize good merchandising Provide Individuals with a Full Awareness and the FMCG Business Transforming Marketing Integration intoParticipants will learn how to formulate andbe Working Together to Build their Own Blue methods as well as other proven techniques of the Various Merchandising Needs for any Strategy In-Store Circulation and Hot Spotsexecute their own strategies. Ocean Strategysuch as trade marketing and offers in orderFMCG Business Category Charting the Blue Oceanto be successful in todays marketplace. This Various Merchandising TechniquesWorkshop Benefits Agenda Becoming Strategic workshop will focus on increasing the sales of Use Creatively Below The Line Activities to Enhance the Customers Sales Experience Competencies and Role of an Efficient Differentiate between the Market (RED an organization. In addition, it will examineMerchandiser Flying Over the Traditional Red Ocean Looking Beyond Market Demand Manage Shelf Place EffectivelyOCEAN) and the BLUE OCEAN (the newdisplays, merchandising arrangements and Delving into the Marketing Strategy Process Overcoming Hurdles and Resistancebelow the line activities in order to make the Competencies and Role of an EfficientTHING) Promote Creative DisplaysOne Last Time retail sales experience more successful andMerchandising Manager Becoming Operational Increase Sales Revenue through Effective Understand and Embracing Innovation rewarding for all involved. Marketing Warfare Strategies Innovation and Creativity: Who is Willing to Merchandising Sustaining the Process Become Familiar with Using the Secret Get On Board In-Store CommunicationMarketing Weapons Captain on Board: Building your Own Blue Marketing Trends and GimmicksOcean Strategy Workshop BenefitsAgenda Merchandising Feedback Tools4647 STANDARDS Identify the Merchandising Techniques Define and Understand the Key AccountsSTANDARDS PROFILEPROFILE Marketing ManagemetMarketing Managemet 25. Social Media Modern Trade Management Globalization and technology have changedthe world, making the business environmentmore competitive. Many new communication Determine what Social Media can do to your Business Various Social Communication Tools Internet AdvertisingKey Accounts Management Understand how to Develop a Social Media Facebooktools, including social media, are giving Strategy and Implement a MeasurementThe key account manager serves as the Identify Key Account Managers KPIs and Role of a Key Account Managercompanies exposure on the web and through Twitter Systemmain contact between any organizationDeliverables Merchandising and Displaysmobile technology. This workshop will discuss YouTubeand a retailer. It is their job to ensure that the Achieve Long Term Sustainable andthe elements of social media and how it can Grasp how to Set up Profiles, Get Startedand Set the Yearly Business Deal Agreement objectives of both parties are met through Professional Relationship with Key Accountsbe used as a competitive advantage.Manage your Social Media Activity Going LinkedIn a win-win relationship.This workshop will Set Controlling Tools Forward Facebook Advertising Strategiesdemonstrate the necessary techniques used Identify Effective and Creative In-StoreWorkshop Benefits Blogsto manage and strengthen relationships withActivities and Sales Promotions In-Store Activities and Events Identify Key Social Networks and Types Agenda Community Management / Community key accounts, and in turn, will lead to profitable Identify the Key Success Factors to Loyalty Programs growth and success.Achieve Effective Merchandising Apply Key Social Networks to your Business History of Social CommunicationManagers Workshop BenefitsAgenda Defining the Key Account Master the Key Account Management Above The Line vs. BelowTechniques Master the Sales and Merchandising Supervision Skills Sales Management skills Full Understanding of the PurchasingManagers Strategies The LineAbove The Line and Below The Line are toolsand techniques that are used to market Identify Effective and Creative In-Store Activities and Sales Promotions Efficient Above The Line CampaignsBrand Management: From Branding EventsPortfolio Management toproducts or brands. This workshop will discuss Identify ATL and BTL Trendsthe dynamics of each method and discuss Various Below The Line (BTL) Tools Increase Customers Acquisition, Retentionthe advantages and disadvantages of each. In-Store Activities and Loyalty DevelopmentIt will also examine the correct usage of eachMarket Reporting Sales Promotionsconcept with the appropriate reasoningbehind the decision. Agenda ATL/BTL Strategy Various Above The Line (ATL) Tools Customers RetentionWorkshop Benefits How to Choose an Efficient MediaIt is important that a company oversee all Successfully Define, Measure, Position, Price and Positioning Master the ATL and BTL Tools Contact with Advertising Agencies and aspects of brand management so that an Revitalize, and Track the Brand Sales Forecasts Booking Agenciesorganization can assess the success of a Set an Efficient Marketing Interface,product. This workshop will cover the essential Identify the Key Challenges of Brand Yearly BudgetsCombining Both Tools New Above The Line Tools Management elements of marketing, as well as introducing Launching Strategies new products for a specific target market. Gain a Significant Strategic Edge over In addition, it will discuss new products, the Supplier/Distribution ConceptCompetitors and also Add Significant Value customer-level adoption process, marketto Participants Personal Equity within their Contact with Ad Agencies reporting, forecasting and feedback. Organization Market Reporting Workshop BenefitsAgenda: Understanding Various Figures Equip Participants with the Core Knowledge Coordination with Sales and Merchandising and Skills Necessary to Successfully and Portfolio ManagementTeams Profitably Manage a Brand Purchasing Forecasting48 49STANDARDSSTANDARDSPROFILE PROFILEMarketing Managemet Marketing Managemet 26. Coaching52/Coaching Your EmotionsCoaching is rooted in developmental psychology and is commonly applied inorganizational settings. Coaching is associated with team building, executive coaching,management coaching, life-skills coaching, career development and personal andprofessional development.52/Desicions Make DestiniesThis program equips you in the knowledge and skills of coaching and highlights itsimportance in todays business world.Six SigmaSix Sigma provides businesses with the tools to improve the capability of their processes,leading to defect reduction and vast improvements in profits. Companies with aneffective infrastructure that remains consistent with the classic Six Sigma system realizesdramatic income improvements - often immediately after implementation.The objective of Six Sigma is to improve profits through defect reduction, yieldimprovement, improved customer satisfaction, and best-in-class product / processperformance.This program would help aspiring professionals to achieve targets and goals ofimproved performance and profitability within their organization. 27. Coaching your Six Sigma Emotions Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approachand methodology for eliminating defects(driving toward six standard deviations between Key Elements of a Six Sigma ManagementSystem The Challenges and Benefits of Toll Gate Reviews Implementation Roadmap Developing a Six Sigma Strategy andthe mean and the nearest specificationManaging emotions in a stressful workplace Think Rationally in Order to Improve Either- or Thinking Implementing Six SigmaChange Management Planlimit) in any process, from manufacturing tois a daily challenge. This workshop will focus Emotional Control in a Variety of Situations transactional and from product to service. How to Align the Business Strategic Catastrophizing Six Sigma Management Systemon tools and techniques that can be usedThe fundamental objective of the Six SigmaObjectives and Six Sigma Initiatives Manage Emotions that Can Potentiallyfor controlling behavior and bringing about Misuse of the word SHOULD Role of Business Process Management Hinder Your Performancemethodology is the implementation of a Their Role as Six Sigma Champions andpositive outcomes in a variety of different Believing what you make upmeasurement-based strategy that focuses on Management Dashboard Learn Simple yet Powerful Tool of Self-Control Leaderssituations. Both one on one and group activitiesprocess improvement and variation reduction Six Sigma Councilwill be used in the session. Agenda:through the application of improvement Agenda Selecting and Reviewing Projectsprojects. As a result, Six Sigma is a measureWorkshop Benefits: Mind Reading of quality that strives for near perfection. This Six Sigma Introduction Six Sigma Leadership Better Understand Your Thought Processworkshop will cover the disciplined, data-driven Understanding Inconsistency Always or Never Thinkingapproach and methodology for eliminating Challenges and Benefitsdefects in any process. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control Decisions Make Workshop Benefits (DMAIC) Improvement Model Project Leader and Team Selection Key Concepts and Methodologies of LeanSix Sigma Role of Project Sponsors DestiniesIn life, it is important to develop character and Manage Fears and Set Attainable Goals Self Imagecontinuously challenge oneself in order to Balance and Maintain Relationships Tracking and Feedbackbecome more experienced and mature. Thisworkshop will explore personal leadership and Strengthen Influence and Emotional Cracking the Balance"You can motivate by fear, and you canself-development skills that will aid participants Intelligence Commitmentin setting and attaining relevant life goals. The seminar will discuss the following topics, Saying NO (When, Where and How) motivate by reward. But both those Make the Right Decisions to Achievebring attention to them, and provide the Listening SkillsOptimal Resultsstarting point for their implementation: Self Direction Change Thoughts and Attitudes in Planning and Goal Setting methods are only temporary. The onlyCommunication in Order to Gain BetterControl Attitudes towards people lasting thing is self motivation " Homer Rice5253STANDARDSSTANDARDSPROFILE PROFILECoachingSix Sigma 28. Product and Process Design for Supply Chain ManagementSupplyDuringthisworkshop,explorethree Universality Process Design for Postponementfundamental design concepts: component Framework for Costs and Benefits Mass Customizationcommonality, modularity vs. integral design,and universality, and a cost/benefit framework Benefits of Design Changes Incentive Issuesshowing what to expect as you integrate these Benefits of Design Changes, ContinuedChainideas into product design plans. Learn process Postponement: The Deskjet Printerimprovements such as postponement, masscustomization, re-sequencingproduction Postponement Costs and Benefits (Deskjetoperations, and shifting the push-pull point; Printer, continued)these design changes can significantly improve A Quick Estimate of Postponement Benefitsthe performance of your supply chain.Managementfrom Reduced InventoriesAgenda Packaging Postponement Introduction; Component Commonality, Postponement via SoftwareModularity, Modular vs. Integral Design End-of-Life and New Product Situations Tender DesignOrganizations in virtually every industry rely on supply chain managers to overseesome of the most essential processes to keep their businesses moving in a globalTender design can play an important role inpreventing bid-rigging, whilst at the same timeAgenda Language and Usagemarketplace. Synchronizing the flow of products, information, and funds is becoming Logical structureincreasing the likelihood of detection. Procurers The proposal Scheduleincreasingly complex with products that move across continents daily and deadlines Visual Cuesare, therefore, key players in this effort. This RFP Analysis and Proposal Planningthat directly affect a companys profitability. Common Reasons for tender failurestraining workshop aims to consolidate currentSupply Chain Management program can give you the ability to develop supply The Proposal outlinebest practices in this area and the practices Tender Action Wordschain solutions for your organization as you gain an understanding of how companies learned will become an essential part of every Writing the proposaluse supply chain networks to acquire, produce, and deliver goods and services procurers skills and methods. Knowing your audiencedomestically and worldwide. 29. Fundamentals of SupplySupply Chain Strategies I: Aligning Chain ManagementStrategies; Efficiency and CostThis workshop introduces Supply chainmanagement as the new method of managingraw material procurement, storage, production, Functional vs. Innovative Products Efficient vs. Responsive Supply ChainStrategies Manufacturing Planning and Control From MRP to ERPSavingspackaging, logistics and distribution. During Demand Management Processesthis workshop you will be able to acquire the Aligning Products and StrategiesThis workshop will help you understand what Bullwhip Effect: Importance and CausesReducing Lead Times, Reserving Capacity, Demand Characteristicsbest practices in the latest in Supply Chaintype of supply chain you should be targeting, Cause 1: Information Distortion and Direct Sales Product Life Cycle Revisited Forecasting/Techniquesa critical first step in any supply chain initiativemanagement. Counteracting Information Distortion: Introduction to Manufacturing because putting teams to work on the wrong Cause 2: Order BatchingKeeping Safety Stocks SteadyAgenda Production Environmentinitiatives can cost you valuable time andmoney. Moreover, even within one company, Cause 3: Promotions Counteracting Order Batching Introduction to Supply Chain Strategies Manufacturing Supply Chain Cause 4: Allocation Gamingseveral different types of supply chains may be Counteracting Promotionscalled for; having a complete understanding of Counteracting Information Distortion: Counteracting Allocation Gaming Performance Measures fora wide range of strategies is just as important. Forecasting Problems and the Hockey StickWhether you run your supply chain initiativesEffect Conclusionsin-house or hire outside professionals, you will Counteracting Information Distortion:find yourself better able to understand the Supply Chain Management Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)appropriate steps to be taken. Counteracting Information Distortion:Agenda Supplier Managed Availability (SMA) Improving Efficient Supply Chains Counteracting Information Distortion:In this workshop, we introduce measurement Strategic Measurement Analysis Customer Query timeways and methods for supply chain, including Reporting Techniques Measuring satisfaction Supply Chain Strategies II:the balanced scorecard, performancemanagementquestionnaires, strategic Performance Metrics of Supply Chainperformance management system, and the ManagementPerformance Evaluation Framework for Supply Planned order procedures Responsiveness & AdvancedChain Management. Order entry methodsAgenda Lead time Topics The Balanced Scorecard Customer order path Strategic ProcurementDuring this workshop, which is the second Agenda Supply Uncertaintypart of Supply Chain Strategies, you will learn Avoiding Supply UncertaintyIn this workshop, you will learn how Procurement - Right quantity- Identification of need, specification, how to set strategies designed for responsive Introduction to Responsive StrategiesExperts strategically identify risks and enter identification of source(s), supply chains. Building on the framework Reducing and Hedging Supply Uncertainty - Right place Accurate Response and Risk-Basedinto STREETWISE Contracts & Service Level we presented in the first workshop, you will Demand Management - Tendering/negotiating, source selection Production PlanningAgreements all within the context of World- Right source explore a set of concepts that will help improve and decision, agreeing the contract, Risk SharingClass Procurement Strategies.- Right pricecustomer response time and deal with highly Build-to-Order (BTO), or Mass Customization- Raising the PO, managing the supply uncertain demand. A powerful tool for hedging Risk Sharing, Continued Pre-positioning and Fast NPIAgenda Additional purchasing objectivescontract, receiving the supply, payment demand uncertainty, so that you can minimize Component Commonality Risk Sharing, Continued (2) Purchasing activities and operations- Supplier performance evaluation,your total cost by taking into accounts both The five rights (operational objectives ofexplained and examinedreviewing the cycle the opportunity cost of stockouts and the costs Hedging Demand Uncertainty: The The Role of Softwarepurchasing): The generic purchasing cycle explained: of excess inventory. A simulation will show theNewsvendor Model Conclusions - Right time real benefits - in revenues and profits - from Hedging Uncertainty, Continuedreducing markdowns and stockouts, and the 5657STANDARDS power of profit leverage. Quantifying the Benefits of Supply FlexibilitySTANDARDSPROFILE PROFILESupply Chain ManagementSupply Chain Management 30. Professional60/Effective Selling SkillsSales60/Effective Negotiation Skills61/The Selling AttitudeExecutive 61/Successful Prospecting62/Pre-Approach - The FABs Techniques62/Sales Presentation SkillsSelling is one of those activities where success is based largely on experience. Salesprofessionals often lack a foundation in elements of the management theories behindselling, and crucially sales management. This program looks to address those gaps andby offering participants an appreciation of both the skills based elements of selling andthe approaches that successful sales organizations employ. 63/Negotiation Tactics and Counter TacticsThis program provides powerful tools, techniques and methodologies to sales people,enabling them to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their sales targets onschedule. 63/The Spin Methodology64/Trial Closing and Closing64/Cross-Selling and Up-Selling58 STANDARDS PROFILE Professional Sales Executive 31. Effective SellingThe Selling Skills AttitudeIn order to be successful in todays businessworld, sales employees must have skills thatPre-approach, Presenting, Closing and Follow AgendaTo be successful in sales, it is important to have the right attitude and display many specific Know how to Dress and Manage FirstImpressionsAgenda Present and Demonstrate your Product andare relevant and up to date. This workshop Selling Skillsskills and characteristics. This workshop Assertiveness, When and How to Say NoServices Confidently Identify the Elevator Pitch and the Way towill cover all aspects of selling, including will address both personal and professional Principles of Effective SellingUse it at the Beginning of a Sales Call Productivity of Salestechniques and tools that can be used for Plan and Prepare to Advance in the Sales attributes that are necessary for success in abecoming a more persuasive sales person. It Cycle and Control Selling Situations Defining Target Markets business environment. Participants will learn Passionate Selling Improve Participants Listening skills, Verbalwill cover the entire sales process from cold Practice Specific Questioning Techniques Prospecting and Qualifyinghow to focus on positive elements, and in turn,and Nonverbal Communication The Importance and Potential of Intelligencecalling to the main aspects of closing deals. for Uncovering Customers Intellectual and become more effective in selling. in Sales Pre-Approach Identify Innovative Product PresentationEmotional Needs (SPIN Methodology)Workshop Benefits Improve and Adapt your Communication ApproachWorkshop BenefitsTechniques Creative Ways to Present your Product Leadership Skills for Sales Recognize the Power and Impact of PositiveStyles to Address Different Types of Customers Presentation and Demonstration Develop the Confidence to Sell in a Developing a Passionate and Eager AttitudeSales MindsetProfessional and Assertive Way to Sell Products and Close Deals Being Eager to Sell by all Means Apply Empathy and Active Listening to Read The SPIN Methodology Understand the Role of a Salesperson andCustomers Cues and Interest Develop a Positive Attitude as a Key Success Determine the Advantages of Setting Sales Proactive Selling Overcoming Objectionsthe Consultative Sales Approachto the Sales Process Targets Targets Setting Practice Language Skills to Control Flow, Counter Tactics for Tough Negotiators Develop the Characteristics of a Star Direction and Tone of Each Sales Call Trial ClosingSalesperson Develop Professional Manner to Handle Identify and Map the Buying Motivation andNeeds of the Customers Learn the Steps of Sales Cycle Prospecting,Customer Objections Smoothly Deliver Sales Promises for Customer Trust andRetention Closing Follow-UpSuccessful Prospecting Prospecting is the act of seeking out potential Identify Target Markets and Target The Importance of Prospecting clients for sales purposes. This workshopCompanies with the 80/20 Rule in Mind Effective Negotiation Networking will discuss the elements of prospecting, Develop and Practice Networking Skills at techniques that can be implemented and key Public Speakingevery Opportunity factors that can turn a lead into a prospect, Trade Shows and in turn, generate more sales for a Develop, Refine, and Execute the Art of Skillscompany. Workshop BenefitsMaking Sales CallsAgenda Regaining Lost Accounts Warming Up Cold Calls The 80/20 RuleIn sales, it is necessary to have effective Merely Identify a Tactic Target your Market Understand the Importance of Expanding a The 3 Rs of Successful Prospectingnegotiation skills in order to close deals and Client Base through Effective Prospecting The Prospect Boardbe successful. This workshop will cover the Agenda Know how to Use a Prospect Board Setting Goalselements of negotiation, tactics, maneuvers, Communication Skills in Negotiationcounter measures and arguments in additionto other techniques and methods that can be Questions and Answersuseful in negotiating in the business world. Preparatory Tactics, Opening Tactics andGeneral TacticsWorkshop Benefits The Spin Methodology Know When the Tactics are Competitive or Eight Concepts in CounteringCooperative Ask a Question that is Situational6061STANDARDSSTANDARDSPROFILEPROFILEProfessional Sales ExecutiveProfessional Sales Executive 32. Pre-Approach: the FABs Negotiation Tactics Techniques and CounterThe pre-approach is a tool that identifies thesteps in planning a sales call after a prospecthas been identified. This workshop will cover Apply the Features, Advantage and Benefit(FAB) Technique across a Range of SalesSituations Benefits The links between a product description, its advantage over others, and the gainTacticsthe steps in identifying the features, advantages Handle Reluctant or Resistant Buyers through derived by the customer from using it There are many strategic techniques that can Prepare Effectively for the Negotiation Identifying Tradable Variablesand benefits of any product/ service and howFABs Techniquesbe implemented during a negotiation process.Process, Regardless of the Circumstancesto better present it while being sold. It will also Central techniques used in the presentation The Art of Bargainingdiscuss how to build confidence and create a Selling your Companys Products and/or stage of the selling processThis workshop will introduce several concepts Identify Strategies for Dealing with CounterServices by Linking their Benefits toincluding the who, what, when, where and Closing the Negotiationprofessional image using this special method. Preparation of a Product FABs TacticsCustomers Needs why of negotiations, as well as the definition Tactics & Counter TacticsWorkshop BenefitsAgenda Preparation of a Service FABs and practice of reservation points and the best alternative to make a sale. In addition, Recognize Negotiation Tactics and Counter Tactics and Effectively Use Them to Close the Understand the Importance of Product tactical tools will be discussed and participants Deal FeaturesKnowledge, Recognizing and Establishingwill learn how to resist change in their ownCustomer Need, and Product or Service Value Advantages positions while changing their opponents Agenda minds. Understanding the Negotiation Game Sales PresentationWorkshop Benefits 2 Modes 2 Styles Preparing to Get a Better Deal Understand the Benefits of Good Negotiation Skills Opening the Negotiation SkillsA great sales presentation involves not onlyinteresting material but also a knowledgeable Identify and Handle Various Types of Audience QuestionsPreparing OutlineOther IssuesThe Spin Methodologyspeaker. This workshop will focus on the SPIN methodology focuses on asking and Apply SPIN Techniques, Concepts, and Questioning Techniques Project Control and Confidence through Planning and preparing qualityessential elements of a sales presentation and answering questions in a sales call or during Approaches to Accomplish Best Delivery Skills presentations. Open Ended Questionsdiscuss how to create a presentation that will a presentation. This workshop will give Performance in Salescapture the audience and attract customers. Structure a Presentation to Gain Maximum Preparing slides The Funnel Technique insight into the exchange and show how to Effect Equip the Participants to Effectively Sell Presentation aids and how to use them give appropriate and dynamic answers. InWorkshop Benefits: Intangible Services/Products Applying