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Compliance eLearning from EssentialSkillz eLearning courses and Compliance Management System for your whole organisation

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  • Compliance eLearning from EssentialSkillzeLearning courses and Compliance Management System for your whole organisation

  • EssentialSkillz is a leading global provider of online safety training and risk assessment software. For a free trial or more information please go to or call 0 1908 904400EssentialSkillz is a leading global provider of online safety training and risk assessment software.

    EssentialSkillz is a leading global supplier of online safety training and risk assessment software. Established in 2001, EssentialSkillz has o� ces in the UK, US and Ireland and is recognised as a market leader for Health and Safety eLearning.

    Our best selling product is ErgoWize, a cost e� ective and time saving DSE training and risk assessment software solution that enables our customers to easily comply with the DSE regulations. Other subjects covered by our award-winning courses range from Manual Handling to Safe Driving, Safety Induction, Safety for Managers, Stress & Wellbeing, Environmental Awareness, and Fire Safety.

    • More than 400 blue chip customers worldwide with around 500 000 employees using our eLearning courses

    • Deloitte Tech Fast50 Winner - 2015• 95% retention rate• Outstanding, consistent year-on-year growth since 2008• Over 50 eLearning courses - we’re working with RoSPA,

    UKATA and the CIEH for compliance with the highest standards

    • Over 1.75 million training sessions delivered• Every year sees at least 40% more training sessions

    delivered than the previous year• 73,000 people completed our Ergowize DSE Course in 2015

    The high quality of our eLearning courses is indisputable - we know Health and Safety in your workplace cannot be a compromise. And as our customers expect more and more topics to be covered by our courses, we are regularly introducing new

    eLearning content.

    Our customers deserve nothing less than the most advanced and reliable Learning Management System, that helps them to maintain the highest level of Health and Safety awareness in their companies. That’s why we are constantly improving our system

    to go beyond their expectations

    Top class support should be available to any customer - regardless of size, needs or requirements - in our company it’s a gold standard for all. We’re ready to help you with your setup, custom branding or eLearning authoring; we’re ready to sort out any issue you might have; we’re ready for whatever you might

    need us for

    We BelieveFacts

    Industry leading Health and Safety eLearning and Risk Assessment

    Using O-LAS Author you can also convert existing classroom training materials and deliver them to a larger audience than previously possible using traditional methods. EssentialSkillz also provide a library of established eLearning courses; O-LAS Content. If these courses don’t meet your specifi c requirements, O-LAS Author enables you to edit the existing content to meet your needs. The only Rapid eLearning Development Tool that you will ever need.

    Our LMS, O-LAS, is a modular platform that seamlessly integrates with other established software solutions, as well as other SCORM content from a wide range of eLearning providers. Self-paced online employee training can be delivered, tracked and managed from one system.

    A unique web-based Learning and Compliance Management System

    Top quality content, you canamend for the specifi c needs ofyour company

  • EssentialSkillz is a leading global provider of online safety training and risk assessment software. For a free trial or more information please go to or call 0 1908 904400

    Certifi ed eLearning

    Asbestos Awareness Home Working Policy

    Contractor Safety Procedures Legionella

    CPR Essentials Lone Working

    DriveWize Driver Safety* Manual Handling

    Electrical Safety New and Expectant Mothers

    ErgoWize - DSE Noise at Work

    Evacuation Procedures Pandemic Awareness*

    Fire Safety PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

    Fire Warden Risk Assessment

    Food Safety Level 1 Security and Terror Alerts

    Hazardous Substances COSHH Slips, Trips and Falls

    Health & Safety Induction Safeguarding

    Health & Safety for Managers Working at Heights

    This range of Health & Safety eLearning courses is designed to help you quickly and e� ciently roll out relevant, targeted training to your workforce.

    Anti-Bribery & Corruption Internet Use Policy

    Bullying & Harassment New & Expectant Mothers

    Data Protection Prevent Duty

    Disciplinary Policy Environmental Awareness and Energy E� ciency

    Drug & Alcohol Awareness Pandemic Awareness eLearning

    Equality & Diversity Social Media Policy eLearning

    ErgoWize - DSE Training eLearning Stress Essentials

    Grievance Policy eLearning

    Level 2 Food Safety for Manufacturing Level 2 COSHH

    Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace Level 2 Principles of Manual Handling

    Level 2 Health and Safety in Hospitality Level 2 Personal License Holders

    Level 2 Health and Safety in Manufacturing Serving the allergic and food intolerant customer

    EssentialSkillz provides a continually expanding library of courses covering key topics and policies in HR eLearning. The courses can be edited using O-LAS Author to add links to your own policies and procedures.

    The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) is a professional, awarding and campaigning organisation at the forefront of health, safety and the environment. EssentialSkillz is proud to be an Approved Distributor of CIEH eLearning courses.

    Health and Safety eLearning .RoSPA Approved

    HR eLearning. Covering your essential training needs

    CIEH Health and Safety eLearningUKATA Certifi ed Asbestos Awareness Category AAsbestos exposure is the UK’s largest occupational killer, with 4000 deaths per year, which is more than road tra� c related accidents. On successful completion of the online course, the employee is provided with a nationally recognised Asbestos Awareness Training certifi cate which is logged centrally by the UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA). Our UKATA Certifi ed Online Asbestos Awareness Training Course is delivered under licence from UKATA Member 4See Group.

    * These courses are not Approved by RoSPA


    Food Safety Level 2 CIEH AssuredThis eLearning course follows the CIEH syllabus, level 2. it’s aimed at food handlers who work in the sectors such as catering, manufacturing or retail and who are involved in preparing, cooking and handling food in these settings. This course has been through a thorough approval process with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and is certifi ed as CIEH Assured


  • EssentialSkillz is a leading global provider of online safety training and risk assessment software. For a free trial or more information please go to or call 0 1908 904400

    • Web-based hosted Learning Management System• SCORM 1.2 compliant; integrates with courses

    and systems from third party providers• Ease of use for both administrators and employees• Automated email notifi cations• Easy administration of employee turnover and

    movement• Dynamic KPI multi-tier reporting• Tracks non-compliance as well as compliance• Detailed audit trail• O-LAS Author - optional Course Authoring Tool for

    rapid development of eLearning courses• O-LAS Content - optional library of specialist HR and

    Health & Safety eLearning Content• O-LAS Assess - optional Risk Assessment

    Management module enabling you to e� ectively carry out, prioritise and manage employee risk assessments on any subject

    • O-LAS Branding optional branding pack providing complete corporate branding of the system

    • Increased e� ciency of the training process; gaining more value from the training budget

    • Track individual activity; view employee progress, scores and records

    • Organisations can be subdivided by any means to simplify course roll-out and tracking

    • Continual analysis over any period, providing detailed reporting which enables focused decision making and targeted responses where they are needed

    • Increased organisational awareness encouraging a culture of compliance to evolve throughout your workforce

    • Improve e� ciency and up-take of compliance initiatives

    • Quick and simple to set-up; no installation required and accessible anywhere through the web

    This powerful Learning Management System provides extensive reporting functionality for any type of eLearning programme; enabling organisations to rapidly implement online training initiatives specifi c to their learning requirements. Businesses of any size can transform their learning process due to the ease of use that O-LAS LMS provides, ensuring the highest possible course completion rates. The system can be easily expanded at any point to meet your evolving needs.

    O-LAS, is a modular platform that can be integrated with your existing HR software setup, as well as other SCORM content from a wide range of eLearning providers. Self-paced online employee training can be delivered, tracked and managed from one system.

    A unique web-based Learning and Compliance Management System

    O-LAS Author

    O-LAS Content

    O-LAS Assess

    O-LAS BrandingA corporate branding service

    Employee risk assessment

    Library of acclaimed courses

    eLearning Authoring Tool

    O-LAS Main FeaturesO-LAS Main Modules

    Risk Assessment

    CourseAuthoringSecure Data




    Integration with HR Systems

    Compliance Reporting

  • EssentialSkillz is a leading global provider of online safety training and risk assessment software. For a free trial or more information please go to or call 0 1908 904400

    O-LAS Author removes the inevitable compromises made when buying o� -the-shelf eLearning Solutions. Courses can exactly refl ect business methods, your policies and procedures o� ering employees a completely relevant learning experience. Interactive learning content can be produced at a fraction of the cost usually associated with bespoke eLearning development.

    Courses created using O-LAS Author are SCORM compliant meaning they can be centrally managed from O-LAS LMS; the powerful Learning Management System (LMS) from EssentialSkillz, or an existing LMS or Training Portal. Whichever method of delivery you choose, your organisation will still benefi t from all the advantages an eLearning solution provides.

    With O-LAS Author you can: • Create courses on any subject • Refresh and update existing training content • Turn your PowerPoint library into eLearning • Publish organisational policies and procedures • Standardise the training process across your entire workforce • Include tests and quizzes to enhance knowledge retention• Produce certifi cates to demonstrate success • Track courses using O-LAS LMS or a third party solution • Train hundreds or thousands of employees at the same time • Intuitive eLearning Course Authoring tool

    O-LAS Author Build, edit, design eLearning courses with the intuitive eLearning authoring tool

    eLearning Course Development At EssentialSkillz we have always believed in empowering our customers - we want to provide you with the tools to manage and track your training and this includes building courses using our intuitive integrated Course Authoring tool.

    However, we also understand that sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to sit down and write an eLearning course, no matter how easy the Authoring tool is to use.

    We o� er a very cost e� ective Course Authoring service to our clients. Using the same tool that is built in to our LMS, we can develop a fully editable and interactive course that might take other companies weeks -in just days. And because we are faster at developing courses than most other companies, we are also much more cost e� ective.

    If you have a course development project in mind, then why not put us to the test? We would be happy to provide you with a quote or discuss your requirement with you.

    O-LAS Branding applies your own particular branding style to our O-LAS LMS (Learning Management System) and comprehensive suite of courses. Our highly skilled design team can integrate your branding preferences seamlessly into our pre-existing suite of online safety and risk assessment solutions.

    • Your corporate colours • Your company logo• Helps sta� engage with the training• Seamless transition from your site to the training• Professionally designed by our own sta�

    We have endeavoured to make the branding process as simple as possible for you. We believe O-LAS Branding couldn’t be easier to implement.

    All we ask of you is:• To send us any images or logos relevant to

    your brand• To tell us if you have any preferences

    with regard to colour schemes, styles or backgrounds

    • Provide us with your branding guidelines if you have them

    O-LAS Branding can brand each step along the eLearning path, so corporate styling can be applied to everything from the log-in page, to the LMS, to the courses themselves and even to the certifi cate awarded to the users who complete the course.

    O-LAS Branding Brand our eLearning courses with your own distinctive corporate style

  • EssentialSkillz is a leading global provider of online safety training and risk assessment software. For a free trial or more information please go to or call 0 1908 904400

    O-LAS Assess is a highly confi gurable online employee risk assessment module that enables organisations to quickly carry out assessments on large numbers of employees.

    O-LAS Assess has a number of features that reduce the amount of time, resources and therefore money required to e� ectively carry out any employee risk assessment. Popular subject areas include; DSE, Lone working, foreign travel, stress and Safe Driving. From a management perspective risk is prioritised for follow up and comprehensive reporting is available on all elements of the risk assessment process.

    Using O-LAS Assess, those managing the risk assessment process are able to quickly identifyusers in most need of attention as risk is prioritised based on a tra� c light system; high, medium or low. Risk can also be sorted on a trend basis so that multiple occurrences of the same issue can be dealt with at the same time. Reporting functionality in O-LAS Assess enables you to track overall compliance against legislation and business objectives at global and local levels for any time period.

    Importantly, unlike other systems that create a “non compliance database” by raising risk without the adequate tools to manage it, O-LAS Assess helps reduce risk e� ciently and intelligently allowing you to identify high risk employees very quickly.

    O-LAS Assess includes: • Fully editable risk assessment questionnaires • Controlled roll-out to e� ectively manage resources • Automated reminder emails drive take-up • Automated periodic re-assessment • Employee self-resolution of risk • Permission based access to functionality • Tra� c light based risk prioritisation • Risk trend analysis and batch resolution • Risk resolution audit trail• Risk assessment compliance reporting • Data archive

    O-LAS AssessCreate a safe work environment with highly confi gurable online employee risk assessment module

    Compliance ModuleThe O-LAS LMS includes a comprehensive Compliance Module. Mapping job roles against the training requirement, O-LAS automatically enrols users on the courses required by their job role. O-LAS will automatically re-enrol the users depending on how frequently the course needs to be taken. The system will also send out training reminders which are recorded against the users training record, further driving compliance.

    The Compliance Module provides a dynamic compliance dashboard, showing compliance by course or by job role. All of the fi gures can be interrogated with just the click of your mouse.

    At EssentialSkillz we understand that when you invest in our software, you will have existing systems in place that sometimes we will need to work with. This is something that we embrace as we know that by integrating with your existing systems, you will gain greater value and build further e� ciency into your eLearning system.

    DataLink+DataLink+ is an interface between your third party software (LMS, HR System, Training Management System etc.) and O-LAS, allowing for two way transfers of data. The purpose of this is to both automate the import of user data into O-LAS and also to allow for O-LAS to send completion results to your third party software. This is a fully automated process.

    RiskLinkRiskLink has unique functionality that enables a third party LMS to launch an employee risk assessment.The data generated from the risk assessment is seamlessly fed back into O-LAS, allowing administrators to log into O-LAS to manage the risk raised. The end user experience is confi ned to the third party LMS which provides the benefi t of having all training and online employee risk assessments launched from the same LMS, but maintaining the powerful features of O-LAS for risk management.

    SFTPSFTP automates the import of user data into O-LAS.This is a one-way or two-way process which provides O-LAS with a fi le which is automatically picked up and imported by our software. New users will be added to the system and leavers will be archived. This can be scheduled as a daily, weekly or monthly task. SFTP can also provide a two way transfer with O-LAS sending a fi le of user completions which can be automatically pulled into third party software.

    Single Sign On (SSO)Single Sign On (SSO) provides clients with a seamless log in to O-LAS. The process will check the users machine for a sign on (for example Windows) and use these credentials to log in to O-LAS, bypassing the need to manually enter a username and password in O-LAS.

    Integrate O-LAS with your existing software to keepall your data synchronised




  • EssentialSkillz is a leading global provider of online safety training and risk assessment software.For a free trial or more information please go to or email [email protected]

    Our Customers said:

    Case studies on how we helped our customers can be found at

    EssentialSkillz have been leaders in online training since 2001. We have over 400 customers ranging in size from 100 sta� to over 50,000 using our unique software to help reduce injuries in the workplace.

    “To fi nd people who have a ‘can do’ attitude, low cost customisation and true customer service is refreshing in an IT applications fi eld beset with technobabble, ‘anything is possible but add 000’s’ and ‘we’ll get someone to call you - maybe’.”

    Rolls - Royce plc

    “.... just to say how impressive it is that you actioned this quicker than it took for your automatic email response to reach me!!! Now that is great customer service”

    Leeds Metropolitan University

    “The O-LAS system has really transformed the way we conduct our Workstation and Health and Safety training and I would not hesitate to recommend EssentialSkillz.”

    GDF Suez

    “We have found ErgoWize and the associated Assessment to be very benefi cial. The feedback has been very positive with employees agreeing that the programme will defi nitely improve their ability to carry out their daily work more comfortably. The sta� at EssentialSkillz were always very helpful and very responsive to any requests.”

    Boston Scientifi c


    Fairbourne Drive, Atterbury, Milton Keynes, MK10 9RG

    Tel: 0 1908 904400


    301 Edgewater Place, Suite 100, Wakefi eld, Massachusetts, 01880

    Tel: (781) 968 5459


    The Hub, Galway Technology Park, Parkmore, Galway

    Tel: +353 91 394350