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  • Component Rebuilds John Richards Cashman Product Support Representative Lyle Kibbe Cashman Service Supervisor A Guided Tour Through Cashman Equipment Companys World Class Certified Component Rebuild Center (CRC)
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  • Component Shipped In All components are shipped into the CRC using a return authorization form called a CRA (Component Return Authorization). This form provides us with all proper information to open our work order and proceed with the appropriate repair option.
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  • Steamed & Drained All components should be drained prior to leaving the customers site. In the event that fluids are still present, they will be drained and the component will be cleaned before it is brought into our facility.
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  • Disassembly Each type of component has a designated area for overhaul. The component is placed in its area and disassembled. All parts are quickly inspected for obvious problems during the disassembly process.
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  • Thoroughly Cleaned Parts After the component is fully disassembled all the parts are sent to the cleaning area where they are placed in a large wash cabinet. The cabinet uses 180 deg. cleaning solution at high pressure to clean the parts. Once the parts are removed they are steam cleaned, dried and sprayed with a light rust inhibitor to protect the part until assembly.
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  • Recondition/Inspect Parts All clean parts are then hand inspected for reusability, gaskets are removed and all sealing/mating surfaces are reconditioned for reuse.
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  • Lining Out Parts The parts are then delivered back to components designated area of recondition. All the new and reusable parts are then prepped and staged (lined out) with new gaskets, seals and bearings. A complete line out helps prevent last minute delays in the assembly process.
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  • Assemble Sub Components Sub components are assembled prior to the main component. This aids in an accurate and efficient final assembly process.
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  • Main Component Assembly The main component assembly process has many check points that must be checked off by a Lead Technician before the assembly process can continue. This process helps ensure a quality product as well as preventing delays in shipment caused by repairs being made at test time.
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  • Fuel System Testing Small engine fuel systems are tested and adjusted prior to installation. This helps reduce issues when testing the complete engine.
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  • Engine Testing All engines are dyno tested and adjusted to meet factory standards. Detailed dyno reports are generated with each engine.
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  • Transmission Valve Testing All transmission control valves are tested and adjusted prior to installation. This helps reduce test times and last minute delays to shipment. This test bench was designed and built by a Cashman employee. He has now sold valve test benches to other CAT dealers who have toured our facility and saw the benefit of having this test option.
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  • Transmission Testing All transmissions are fully tested prior to shipment. Each gear and direction is operated and the pressures and flows are checked.
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  • Torque Convertor Testing Torque convertors are tested for leakage as well as having load applied to ensure lockup. Tooling that allows us to apply a load to convertors was designed and built by Cashman employees. Caterpillar does not test convertors as thoroughly as we do.
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  • Wheel Group Testing Our wheel group test station was one of the first pieces of test equipment built by Cashman employees. We are capable of testing the brake and the Doucone seals with fluid. This test station also rotates the wheel which makes setting bearing preload a breeze.
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  • Component Painting All components receive a fresh coat of paint prior to shipment. Painting helps to protect them from the elements.
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  • Component Shipped Out Finally the components are returned to the customer for installation. Or, if the component is an exchange unit, it will be placed into stock for resale.
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  • Cashmans Experience 50 Technicians 551 Years Combined Experience 11 Years Average
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  • Rebuild Center Valve Specialist Pump Specialist Fuel System Pump And Governor Specialist Specialized Component Technicians Engine Dyno Powertrain Test Bench Valve Test Bench
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  • Industry Leader Developed Valve Testing Bench Electronically Graph Valve Shift for Analysis Advanced Valve Bore Measuring Tooling Developed Torque Converter Load Test Test Torque Converters with Pumps Attached Pump Testing SOS Sampling of Components
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  • Continuous Improvement Develop New Tooling for Rebuild and Testing Streamline Rebuild Process Access to Current Information CAT Evaluation and Certification
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  • Salvage Dedicated Machine Shops In House Machine Shop Extend Part Life Reduce Costs
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  • Contamination Control Clean Facility Filtered Air MART Washers Filtered Cleaning Solution Gasket Cleaning Area Filtered Powertrain Test Bench
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  • Technical Services Access to Current CAT Information Failure Analysis Communication with CAT Engineers
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  • Rebuild Options 1.Before Failure 2.After Failure 3.Rebuild 4.Exchange 5.REMAN 6.New
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  • Rebuild Indicators SOS Oil Analysis Technical Analysis Service Meter Hours Service History Experience
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  • Level 1 Must Do Parts Bearings Seals Discs
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  • Level 2 Parts Slower Wearing Parts Gears Plates
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  • Level 3 Parts Parts That Receive Little Wear Can Usually Be Salvaged
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  • Repair Quote Repair Estimate Before Disassembly Firm Quote After Disassembly
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  • Rebuild Advantage Quick Turnaround Component Transportation Retain Control Of Your Component Reduced Costs Repair Warranty
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  • Exchange Advantage Component Readily Available Built To Exchange Criteria Exchange Warranty
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  • Questions? Cashmans CRC Is Your Best Choice To Maintain Equipment Availability and Reduce Operating Costs