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1 Content marketing 2013 Content Marketing Association IAB 4 th December 2012 Dr Dave Chaffey

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Content marketing examples


Digital marketing training for Arco

Content marketing 2013

Content Marketing Association

IAB4th December 2012

Dr Dave


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About Dave ChaffeyAbout Dave ChaffeyAuthor of 5 bestselling marketing books first published in 2000, now in their 4th and 5th editions Manages a marketing advice site with paid members in over 50 countriesOnline marketing consultant and trainer since 1997

#Content marketing 20131. A more strategic approach2. Evaluation3. Content marketing for mobile platforms#Effectiveness:

Doing the right thing

Plan and StrategyReach - targetingAct activation and propositionConversion SalesEngage Long-term

Integrated : Multichannel


Doing the thing right

Mobile optimised site vs AppResponsive designSEOQR codes. NFC. Analytics and conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Avoid SilosA strategic approach to content marketing?#

#Coca Cola Content 2020Link


Content marketing strategy > Effectiveness and Efficiency#

Investing in outreach #

#The Perfect infographic?1. Purpose2. Key messages3. Communications4. Design5. Data6. Earn the click7. Built in sharing8. Innovate9. Promotion 10. Branding

Source: Perfect Marketing Infographic#

Smart Insights Explainer exampleTEFL Taster exampleStelzner: Primary vs Nuclear#Ideas for new content assets

#Evaluation of a single content asset. E.G. Explainer? #A previous brainstorm of measuresLeads generated/contacts last click and Google Analytics assistsReach potential shareabilityResources already available for repurposingAlignment with communications priorities = brand positioningCustomer-centred vs product centredLongevityTactical generate shares and participationUse across platformsSEOCost

#Evaluation via dashboard

Source: KPIs for measuring content marketing success#


Cokes new responsive design#ConsumerMultichannelCompany

PhysicalstorepresenceMobile optimised site (scraped)Desktop site(Responsive design?)Mobile appon mobile OSMobile publisherdisplay ads and comparison sitesMobile search(natural and paid)Mobile social networksEmail on mobiledevicesPush notificationsMobile optimisedsite (personalised)Location and coupon-enabledmobile siteMobile branddiscoveryMobile brandexperiencesMobile paymentoptionsOffline prompts from ads: QR/action codes#Activating mobile through Action (QR) codes

Source: Nellymoser#Magazine NFC codes

#The future?

#Lets Connect! Questions & discussion