context as a content strategy: creating more meaningful web experiences through contextual filtering

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This presentation attempts to begin to define how content strategists can evaluate and plan for content through a more specific contextual lens through examining how the brain processes, accesses and stores information and what factors content strategists can begin to consider when planning for supporting content and creating deeper, more meaningful content plans across multiple devices (iPad, Smart Phone, Laptop, Desktop, Etc.).


  • Context As A Content Strategy Creating More Meaningful Web Experiences Through Contextual Filtering Internet User Experience 2010 - 07.26.10
  • A Few Disclaimers: 1. I am not a neuroscientist by trade, but I enjoy trying like hell to be one in my spare time. 2. I am constantly questioning the various denitions that have been provided for content strategy 3. This is a high level version of a much deeper conversation that needs to be explored. I NEED your help to start it. 4. Were all from different backgrounds and smarter than one another in many areas. I attempted to be cognizant of that fact in this presentation.
  • So, you may have heard that content strategy is the next big thing.
  • You may have also heard that ...
  • Content is King. - Just About Every Content Strategist or Content Marketer Youll Meet
  • I disagree.
  • Content is something we connect to emotionally, converse about or learn from ... but content without context is useless.
  • Content strategy and information architecture are more than a means to achieve ndability.
  • We owe visitors and our site owners more than content, we owe them context
  • Content Strategy In 13 Slides
  • Content Strategy Plans For: Governance Creation Guide (Tags /Meta Data / Best Practices / SEO) Source (Where Does It Come From?) Measure (Success Metrics / Rening Measures) Execute (Production Method / Medium / Tone) Maintain (Refresh Schedule / Removal Criteria) Approval (Editing / Review) Delivery Push (Where Does It Get Placed?) Pull (What Information Do We Bring In?) Exchange (What Partnerships Do We Leverage?)
  • Consumer Soc. Media Analytics/ Product Insights Insight SEO Strategy Content Strategy Planning Sourcing Creation Governance Content strategists combine consumer insights and product strategy to yield messaging matrices. These matrices aid in the oversight of new content creation and provide key insights into the governance of all content living in the digital space.
  • Content Strategy and Planning Planning } Helps to dene: Information Ownership Support Content strategy will help answer: What messages should be communicated? What medium supports the message? What tone of voice should be used? How long will it take to produce the content? When should content be published? What kinds of content need to be created?
  • Content Strategy and Sourcing Sourcing } Helps to dene: What we have Where the gaps are Content strategy will help answer: Where is our content? (Content Inventories) What content is missing? (Gap Analysis) What content from our inventory exists to ll the gaps? How will the new content be sourced? Is it: - Original - Co-Created - Curated - Third Party
  • Content Strategy and Creation Creation } Helps to dene: Who should produce What do they need to be successful Content strategy will help answer: What best practices and templates can be created to aid writers and content creators? Who assists in nal editing and serves as quality control? What does the writer, editor or project management need to create content that adheres to product strategy and consumer insight to deliver against agreed upon metrics?
  • Content Strategy and Governance Governance } Helps to dene: Guidelines for content management Creation or adjustment of metrics Content strategy will help answer: When do we need to review, adjust or delete content? What metrics do we need to determine if our content is successful? Can content perform better in a different channel/medium based on current performance?
  • Deliverables?
  • Content Audits
  • Heuristic Reviews
  • Messaging Strategies
  • Content Strategy Roadmaps
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  • Publishing Plans / Governance Models Chevy Social Publishing Process PUBLISHER (CLIENT) SITE SOCIAL MEDIA EXECUTIVE CREATIVE STRATEGY MODERATOR EDITOR DIRECTOR (CE SITE) (CE-SOCIAL) (WS) (CE DIGITAL) EXPERIENCE WRITER WRITER DESIGNER (WS) (WS) (SHERMAN) Strategy Experience Planning Publisher Responsible for developing best Responsible for the planning, design, The Publisher (Chevy/GM Executive practices for content production, creation, editing and implementation of client) serves as Group director for managing nameplate specic personas social content. Collaborates with governing the production of all content. and providing editorial direction to Strategy and Publishing Executive to This role has nal say over what Experience Planning Teams. Also adhere to agreed upon content content is used where and serves as serves as a review layer to ensure strategy plan and messaging matrix. keeper of editorial voice, style and content produced is on strategy and Provides raw assets to Content tone. Serves as chief report for all ready for governance. Management team for ingestion into a creation, management and experience Content Management System. planning leads.
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