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Crafting connections in corporatelibrary services Kathryn JossCorporate LibrarianCity of Sydney Library


Creative programs


corporate library services

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That Creative Programs enhance corporate library services is the central idea I want to get across to you today in this 5 min presentation.

Ill start by talking a little about corporate library services and then describe how I ventured beyond my comfort zone and took on the challenge of running a creative program for Council staff.

There are a few public libraries that have librarians delivering library services to council staff as distinct user group. Some librarians work exclusively in the role, while others have corporate library services as part of a reference & information services position. Some have associated collections, service such as mine do not.

At the City of Sydney I work 3 days a week and spend most of my time providing a reference & information service for City staff.This involves: -encouraging staff to join the library-sourcing material on ILLS-database management & instruction-Manage & promote use of e-resources such as Standards Online Premium and Lawlex Legislative Alerts-Research to support work projects-Managing Corporate Library Intranet pages

One of the reasons I enjoy my role is that there is a component of solid reference and it satisfying to see staff use the library to obtain the information they need in their work roles.



Business Unit context:Library Mission: Be a place to grow, learn, create and connectCouncils Mentally Healthy Workplace Plan

Objective: To encourage staff connectedness, to provide opportunities for creative expression & mindfulness and to promote staff awareness of library services.

So to the program.

In Sept 2015 the City of Sydney Librarys Programs Team planned a series of public creativity & mindfulness programs at our branches as part of Mental Health Month. They asked if we should run something for Council staff. I took a deep breath and said yes. In the past I have assisted branch staff with programs at branches but this was certainly NOT something I had considered in my Corporate Library role.

In planning the program it became clear to me that this program fit in well with the overall mission of the library service and business unit plan. ENTER >

Read Business Unit Context

Luckily for me our Collections & Contracts Team Leader Librarian Sharlene Louey is a crafting guru and partnered with me to plan and deliver the Program.

The Objective we came up with for Lunchtime Makers was ENTER >

Read the objective3


Scheduled monthly lunchtime events Booked room well in advanceSession management planCommunication plan

Lunchtime Makers



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Weekly staff newsletterPoster in lifts and tea rooms Calendar invites to regularsYammer posts

Promotion within council


The program runs overs 2 hours 12-2 and staff drop in whenever they can in their lunch break.

Attendance has been good, with between 20 and 30 staff attending each session.7


FeedbackFormal evaluation - survey soonInformal feedback

I certainly felt the pace slow down as soon as I walked into the room, which makes for a nice break. Please continue to set up these great activities.

It was a wonderful mental break from workthe mood in the room was really happy and full of great energyit was also a great networking opportunity. So nice to meet all the lovely faces that we work with over the phone and via emails.

Lunchtime Makers was awesome, as usual. And just when I really needed it cards were the perfect antidote to budgets! Thank you, Libraries awesome people!


Its been 9 months since we started Lunchtime Makers so it is time to do some formal evaluation. We will do a survey soon.

We have received unprompted a lot of informal feedback which includes many very positive comments which seem to suggest that the objective re the Mentally Healthy Workplace objective are being met.

Our objective regarding library services does seem to be being met as well: we have had new memberships, questions about resources and a better response to reference items in staff newsletters (Lawlex example)

The sessions have been well attended and have meant that I am more visible within the organisation, an important first step in reference work.

All in all the Lunchtime Makers has a been a positive addition to the Corporate Library Service

Its something I didnt imagine I would be doing this time last year

The program has introduced me to a range of staff

The program has meant that the library is seen as being proactive in contributing to the healthy workplace goals of the organisation.9

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[email protected]

[email protected] Learn more about corporate library services

If you would like to learn more about Corporate Library Services have a look at Refex Module 12 Corporate Library Services

You can find information about the NSW Local Govt Librarians Group on the RISG wiki and join our mailing there.

Contact me if you have any questions.10

Thank you