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  • 7/31/2019 Crafting Smile


    Project Proposal

    Name of Organisation - Human Rights Council - Dhanwantari Medical Trust

    Address - Topiwala Building; 156, A block, Third Floor, Parel- Mumbai-


    Legal Status - Human Rights Council Registration Number-3949 (Delhi).

    Dhanwantari Medical Trust registration number- E-22818

    Dhanwantari Medical Trust registration under the incomeTax Act 1961 under Sec- 12- A.

    Dhanwantari Medical Trust registration under the income80-G.

    Contact person-


    Our Vision is -To ensure every individual righteously obtains due respectby acquiring Education, Medical aid,

  • 7/31/2019 Crafting Smile


    Our Mission is-

    Development of underprivileged communities in thesociety, by providing them strong education and goodhealth service.

    Development priorities of the organization- Health/ Sanitation program

    Education Program.

  • 7/31/2019 Crafting Smile


    Information regarding the proposed project

    Title of the project- Crafting Smile.

    Legal Holder of the project- Human Rights Council -Dhanwantari Medical Trust

    Reason for selection of the project-

    Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.Cancerous cells are also called malignant cells.

    Cells are the building blocks of living things.

    Cancer will be major health problems in the next two decades and willpose a challenge in providing healthcare to the Indian population.

    There are many different kinds of cancers. Cancer can develop in almostany organ or tissue, such as the lung, colon, breast, skin, bones, or nervetissue.

    50 % of the human cancer are either totally preventable or can be detectedat a early stage when cure can be assured.

    Child cancer:

    Incidence of pediatric tumors is on rise all over the world. Malignantneoplasms are rare in children, yet it is an important cause of childhoodmortality in many of the economically developed nations of the world.Malignancy is the second most common cause of childhood death indeveloped world, accounting for 10%-12.3% of all childhood deaths. It issecond major cause of childhood mortality after accidents in U.S.A. In

  • 7/31/2019 Crafting Smile


    developing countries like India childhood mortality is still due tomalnutrition and infections, but pediatric tumors are also rising innumber.

    Children can get cancer in the same parts of the body as adults, but thereare differences. Childhood cancers can occur suddenly, without earlysymptoms, and have a high rate of cure. The most common children'scancer is leukemia. Other cancers that affect children include braintumors, lymphoma, and soft tissue sarcoma.

    Childhood cancer contributes to less than 5% of the total cancer burden inIndia, with approximately 45,000 children diagnosed with cancer everyyear.

    Due to this entire factor HRC-DMT has designed a project, Crafting Smileto provide emotional, financial help to the childrens affected by cancerand their parents.

    Vision -

    To support every child affected with cancer and their family.


    To make certain that every child and their family walking the child cancer journey will never feel alone.
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    Awareness Campaign--

    Spreading awareness about the cancer and initiating stepsfor early cancer detection.

    To organize cancer detection camps.

    Printing literature on cancer and distribute among thecommunity.

    Support Program--

    1: Financial help for medical assistance-

    The economic burden of childhood cancer can be overwhelming forparents. In a recent NCCS survey, over 89% of families reported incomeloss due to their childs diagnosis. Parents are further challenged withmaintaining their household, caring for other children, making medical

    decisions and ensuring financial stability all while trying to stay besidetheir child through this difficult time.

    Cancer treatment is extremely expensive for middle class people.Through whatever limited funds are collected, we try to distributeFinancial help for medical assistance to as many patients possible.

    HRC-DMT tries to provide cancer drugs to needy patients.

    2: Diagnostic check up:

    After a child finishes treatment for cancer, he or she will need regularfollow-up screening to confirm the absence of cancer and diagnose anypotential late effects. Long-term follow-up care, which should continuethroughout adulthood, helps ensure that survivors of childhood cancerstay healthy.

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    Depending on the treatment received, a survivor may also need specificscreening tests that can help detect late effects early. Screening tests mayinclude imaging tests, such as x-rays or computed tomography (CT) scans;blood tests; and physical examinations.

    3: Nutrition Check Up:

    During traditional cancer treatments, getting good nutrition becomes a .Some complain that food doesnt taste good; others find eating difficultbecause of mouth sores and other side effects. Yet the body needsnourishment even more at this time.

    The proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals you eat are

    important. They give the body energy, help repair normal tissue, and keepthe immune system strong to fight disease. A healthy diet is even moreimportant to continued chemotherapy and to support normal growthduring and after the therapy.

    Under this program HRC-DMT will provide the support for Protein andVitamin C supplement.

    Importance of protein

    A child undergoing cancer treatment needs 50% more protein than a childof the same age who is not receiving cancer treatment. (6)

    Protein helps the body resist infection. Good sources of protein includelean meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, nuts, dried beans, peas andlentils, and soy foods. During treatment, it is important to encouragepatients to eat high calorie, high protein foods.

    The patient will be provided with the Protein supplements as per theirsneed.

    4: First Aid Box Support:

    Due to repetitive chemotherapy, radiation and low immunity cancerpatients tend to have localized wounds, irritations and could becomemore susceptible for its infection. To avoid such conditions and to treat
  • 7/31/2019 Crafting Smile


    them requires other allied medical support such as betadine solution,savlon, gauze, facial mask etc.

    Considering these entire things HRC-DMT plan to provide this supportfor needy patient every month. This box will content betadine, savlon,bandage, facial mask etc.

    5: Monthly Grains Support:

    It is well known that cancer treatment is most expensive for income grouppeople. However it is more troublesome for the middle and lower incomegroup people. Most of the times these people need to adjust their basicneed of food. They decreases their routine food expenses so that they willadjust that much amount of money for treatment.

    This is another part where HRC-DMT will work by providing MonthlyGrains Support to these people so that these families will spendconsiderable amount of money on treatment and fulfill basic foodrequirement as well.

    Counseling program--

    A proper counseling will be provided to the Cancer affected children and

    also to theirs relative.Our oncology social workers will help childrens and relatives infollowing manner:

    Learn new ways to cope with cancer Manage emotions such as anxiety or sadness Improve communication with your health care team Talk to your family about cancer Find reliable information Find useful resources in your community Manage financial challenges

  • 7/31/2019 Crafting Smile


    Refreshment program--

    Childhood oncology patients struggle with their disease on a day to daybasis. The pain, the nausea, the discomfort is a part of their lives for theduration of the treatment. While every effort is made to ensure that theyreceive the chemo, prostheses, blood components, in short the completeprotocol the doctor prescribes, often the small ingredients that makechildhood are forgotten.

    Every child has a wish, but the desires of a childhood cancer patient arepushed to the background.

    HRC-DMT will do following refreshment activities with the Children s,parents-

    Birthday celebration Fun and fair Outing/ Movies

    Duration of the project-

    The duration of the project will be on ongoing basis.

    Staff for the project-

    The following staff will be appointed for implementation of theproject.

    Project Manager-

    He will be responsible for overall coordination of the project.

  • 7/31/2019 Crafting Smile


    Project coordinator-

    There will be four Project Coordinator; each will be responsible for

    monitoring of Awareness Campaign, Support Program, Counselingprogram and Refreshment program.

    Operational Lead-

    There will be Ten Field workers for the project. They will