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  • CRA Z E

    the collective issueissue 2 //// volume 6 //// october 2014

  • TABLE OFCONTENTS02 - Contents04 - A Reunited Family06 - Just Chillin (Playlist)07 - Craze Cribs12 - Street Style14 - The Best of Dundee20 - The Piano Man22 - From the Sketchbook Of26 - Wear It Your Own Way32 - Meaning of Football34 - Cupcake Connections34 - Making Meals and Memories (Playlist)36 - WHS Secrets40 - Omaha Scenery46 - Triathlon Sisters48 - The Best of Legacy54 - Comebacks55 - Come Together (Playlist)56 - Giving Up the Social Media Addiction58 - Talk to Strangers60 - Ask a Teacher62 - DIY Blind Date


    ////////// contents


    Top row, from left to right: Bridget Mizener, Elise Tucker, Nikki Saner, Aaron Casey, Sarah Lemke, Maddie Look, Ally Guenette, Jake Larsen, Jaylee Johnson, and Estella FoxBottom row, from left to right: Abby Hack, Casey Arritt, Jenna Hynek, photo editor Abegale Headlee, design editor Kirsten McCormack, editor-in-chief Lia Hagen, editor-in-chief Allie Laing, managing editor Tom Huerter, Claire Wilson, Grace Wolfe, and Lauren ChesireNot pictured: Audrey McCann and managing editor Lilli Marvin

    a note from the editors...This issue of Craze, we want you to talk to a stranger.Really. Were serious.We know the difficulties that come with making friends at our school. Here at Westside, its easy to think you

    know everyone or that other people arent worth befriending. Its easy to get caught up in your own cliques and classes and forget to engage with the rest of your community. When we came up with the theme Collective, it was because we wanted to change that. We wanted to create an issue that would help bring people together. We wanted our publication, which always tries to capture the best of our community, to help create one for a change.

    No matter how small they feel, Westside and Omaha have an infinite amount of potential. There are 2,000 students in our school. How many have you talked to? How many do you know?

    You and your friends are not the only awesome people who live in this corner of the world. Everyone here is someone worth knowing. Everyone here has something that makes them different, makes them valuable. It may be hard to see, and you may not want to see it, but its there.

    Go find it. Talk to someone new today, or this month, or this year. Try to make a friend. We promise youll be surprised by what you might find.


  • 1,096 MILESsenior moves to connect with

    estranged family

    story and photos by claire wilson, design by tommy huerter

    ////////// feature: a family connection


  • 05

    rior to last year, senior Nathan Hall had never met his grandfather, Phil

    Johnson. Not even his mom, Barbie, remembered what his face looked like.

    She was only a newborn when Johnson abandoned her and her mother. Throughout her childhood, they searched relentlessly with no luck.

    While they searched, he married and had another daughter. One day, his youngest daughter asked him if he had any other children. He said yes, but he that he didnt know them. The two of them decided to sit down and write a letter to Johnsons ex-girlfriend in hopes of reaching out to the daughter he never got the chance to raise.

    In her reply, she told them Barbie could be found on Facebook. Soon enough, Johnson reached out to Barbie, and, when Fathers Day came around, he purchased a plane ticket for her to come meet him and her long-lost sister.

    After a heartfelt reunion and daily phone calls back and forth, Johnson proved that he wasnt

    going to remain a stranger. In fact, he insisted that Hall come live with him in his home in Omaha while his family stayed back in South Carolina. For Hall, the idea of leaving his mother was very difficult.

    Im a mommas boy, and Ill admit that to everyone, Hall said. We do a lot together and agree on things me and my dad wouldnt. We see things the same way.

    Despite his closeness with his mother, things had to change. Last May, Hall packed

    up his belongings and made the whopping 1,096-mile move from Spartanburg, South Carolina to Omaha. Not only did he leave behind countless childhood memories and friends, he also made the move alone. His mother, father, and three younger brothers did not join him until two and a half months later. Because of his unique relationship with his

    mom, Hall felt at loss without her.

    Every time she goes somewhere, Im with her, Hall said. She has always had my back.

    Before the move, Hall and his mom would go out to lunch together, grab coffee and doughnuts, and go to the movies regularly. She supported Hall in every way possible and hardly ever missed one of his baseball games.

    Hall worried that moving in with a stranger, even if he was

    blood-related, would be extremely awkward.

    At first, on car rides it would just be dead silent, Hall said. But I got to know him more, and we became comfortable with each other as we talked about anything and everything.

    Even after Hall moved with his family into their new home, Johnson continued to strengthen his bond with them. Each week they spend time together at church, family dinner, and more.

    As time goes on, one thing grows increasingly clear in the Hall-Johnson family. Blood isnt what brings them together; unconditional love, forgiveness, and perseverance do.


    At first, on car rides, it would just be dead silent, but I got to know him more, and we became comfortable with each other.-senior nathan hall

  • ////////// playlist: chillin

    playlist by grace wolfe



  • ROOM TOURSgiving you a glance inside three westsiders rooms

    design and photos by kirsten mccormack, story by lia hagen

    n my high school career, Ive moved more times than I can count. Its been a constant cycle of half packed boxes and forgetting to file paperwork with the school, of flipping between the homes of parents, aunts,

    friends, and siblings. Until last year, Id spent my whole high school career living in halfway houses. I spent my whole high school career waiting to live somewhere that felt like it was mine.

    Thats why when I moved for what is hopefully the final time as a high school student, the first thing I did was put up posters.

    I covered my entire room in anything that would prove it was mine. Every wall is coated with postcards and prints, old debate awards and stickers. The ceiling is lined with hundreds of Polaroids, all taken over the past few months.

    Its a room that screams Lia. Everyone who knows me can recognize my signatures, from the books lining the shelves to the glitter covering literally everything else. What they might not recognize, however, is the way my

    friends shaped the room as well. This year, Ive hung out with my friends in my room

    more than I ever have in my life. Weve spent countless hours laying on my bed or making art on my floor. They know its myriad of posters as well as I do and have inquired after their meaning or suggested additions. Its their faces featured in the photos, and its memories of them that come to mind after a long day at school.

    While our bedrooms seem like our most private places, theyre also some of the best places to create a community. They showcase our individuality but are safe and private enough for everyone to feel comfortable. Its here that we have sleepovers, where we stay up all night gossiping or gushing about our passions. Its here that we return to after the football game or a long night out on the town.

    That connection between the personal and the public is exactly what we want to showcase in this annual Craze feature. Thats why, in this years Room Tours, we chose three students whose personalities shone through their rooms and into their communities.



  • Going [from] the princess room to the room I have now, I wanted to make it more colorful. Each of those posters have some type of meaning to it. Everything in my room has a little piece of meaning.

    Matt Babe made that. It was a huge art piece that my dad did, and he was switching out the art pieces... and I took [the canvas] and had Matt Babe design it for my room

    These are a bunch of posters from my track stuff. Theres letters from my dad [that he writes for me] before each competition.

    My sophomore year state track meet, as I was warming up about to start the competition, I heard someone scream my name from the crowd, and I looked over as I was on the runway and out of nowhere there was that giant fat head being waved in the crowd of roughly 10,000 people... I just put my hands over my face. I was so embarrassed but couldnt stop laughing.

    Balir Goldstein drew that for me. I found a picture on Tumblr of a skull I liked, and me and her swapped art pieces.

    I really like my room to smell good, so I have lots of candles. I always have fresh flowers, and I have incense. I have a bunch of my favorite records that I play, like Kanye West, Jay Z, and Rilo Kiley.




    ////////// feature: room tours








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  • Playing piano is really fun because it is cool to play when Im bored or to show my friends. I think knowing a musical instrument is essential because it opens your mind to a whole different side of music. Instead of just listening to it, you can create or imitate it yourself.

    The guitar for me is a great thing to learn because it can make the most beautiful sounds in certain arrangements. I love it because it is difficult but fun at the same time.

    That jersey means a lot to me because Derek Jeter has been my favorite player since I could remember. Id alway