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The November Issue has everything you need to know for the fall and how to be fashionable. Get Make-up tips and a couple of glamor shots from our photographer Brandan J Zachery. Stop by the Stores inside the Magazine and shop the fall looks.


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    Living the ModeL


    model of themonth

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    AdvAnce fAshion by ten yeArs. yves lAurent


    Letter from editor 2

    Breaking into the industry 6

    Living the modeL Life 8

    for the Love of gLam 12

    Coast 2 Coast fashion 14

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    appLying makeup 30

    Each month you will comE across thE most bEautiful wom-En to stEp in front of my lEns.thE crazE magazinE will bE thE birth of nEw trEnds and what is hot.

    modEls will tEll you what thEy likE to wEar along with intEr-viEws with stylist that havE bEEn in closEts and onEs just digging through thEy drawErs to find thE bEst clothing.crazE is thE magazinE you nEEd on your coffEE tablE.

  • This is the second issue from Craze Magazine and I am happy to include many different pieces into the magazine. I have been shooting many different brands and even had the chance to bring a couple of ideas to life. November you will see the clothing of bright and dark colors come to light. It will shock your eyes as the fall fashion comes into place.With our two male models you see the gentle side and the rough side of being a male among beautiful women. To stay updated on all things craze follow our instagram @Craze.Mag and see what is ex-tremely hot for this month. Enjoy your halloween and Thanksgiving. Again thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy.

  • 9114 South WeStern Avenue LoS AngeLeS, CA 90047WWW.StyLeniStAboutique.Com

  • Breaking into theindustry!

    The stories you hear about models are always the ones that resemble a fairy tale. This guy was waiting in line to see a movie when a talent scout spotted him and signed him up to his agency. Unfortunately, this is the exception.

    The way models get work is through an agent who gets a 10% to 33% cut. Some models can freelance, but thats not how theyll land the major gigs.

    An agent will get you bookings, as well as advise you on how your career should de-velop. Here are the most common ways to get signed with an agency.

    Open call: Once in a while an agency will hold an open call, opening their doors to everyone. On this specified date, any-one can show up at the office and wait their turn. When youre called in, the people in charge will look at you and determine in less than a minute if you have potential. If you dont, youre dismissed. Forget about bringing professional photographs, they wont matter.

    MOdel search: Similar to an open call, a model search is held by agencies who travel to small towns looking for model gold. However, because they had to travel to your location, model searches usually require a small processing fee, something along the lines of 25$ U.S.. You might be rejected, but youll get to meet industry professionals.

    MOdeling cOnventiOn: This op-tion is perfect for someone who wants to improve his chances. Comparable to the model search, the convention has rep-resentatives from a number of different modeling agencies, which makes it easier for vyou to kill several birds with one stone. However, you must have some seri-ous money, because it can cost you be-tween $400 and $4000 to attend such an event.

    scOuting cOMpany: A more or less economical method of putting yourself on the marketplace is to use a scouting company. For between $60 and $150, you submit your profile to them online and theyll forward your information to ma-jor agencies. Reputable scouting servic-es include and

    On yOur Own: Never underestimate your own marketing ability. You can call agencies and ask them when their next open call is. If one isnt scheduled, ask if you can drop by their offices any-way. By calling many agencies, you might find one willing to evaluate you.

    If you thInk you have what It takes to become a model, Its quIte possIble you do.

  • Living the ModeLLife

    If youre serious about modeling for a living, con-sider moving to New York City, the modeling capital of the U.S.. From there, youll meet the right peo-ple who may get you work all over the world. Nev-ertheless, if you live in a secondary market like Houston, Chicago or Seattle, you might still find work there doing catalogs, TV commercials or flyers.Keep your day job. Modeling can be profitable for a select few, but most models need another job to make ends meet. Also, dont spend everything you make because modeling isnt a career thatll carry you through to retirement. You need to plan your fi-nances carefully so that you still have money left after you retire from the business.

    Finally, prepare yourself for an exhausting life. You will often find yourself in airports, travel-ing from one assignment to another. Youll spend a great deal of your time at appointments with adver-tisers and youll be required to smile for hours on end and change clothes during interminable pho-to shoots. On the upside, youll get invited to the best parties and meet some of the hottest women in the world.

  • Like any other job, modeling has its advantages and inconveniences. If youre ready to live with both, jump in and have fun.

    Just remember what Ben Stiller said in Zoolander : A male models life is a precious, precious com-modity. Just because we have chiseled abs and stun-ning features, it doesnt mean that we too cant not die in a freak gasoline fight accident.

  • If you want smart advice on lipstick, make-up, and beauty Im the the Guru you want to link up with. I will let you know all the goods on makeup artist in this industry. A make-up artist (or makeup art-ist) is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, film, fashion, magazines and other simi-lar productions including all aspects of the mod-eling industry. Fashion makeup is used in magazine photography as well as on the fashion runway. Avant Garde makeup is also an applicable technique used for projects that require experimental themes.

    A talented makeup artist can transform a per-son into someone or something completely differ-ent, whether its for beauty, costume or just for the sake of art. In the world of beauty, there are endless tips, tricks and rules to keep you looking fabulous. the more beauty tips you know, the better youll be prepared to handle every situation thrown at you and look good while doing so.

    for the Love of gLaM

    By Jacqueline DeLaney

  • Clothes are a simple yet easy way to bring life to someones ability to stand out of the crowd and express themselves freely. Style has become a personal preference due to various fashion trends and the ability to blend trends togeth-er. Fashion tends to get more complex as it is broken down into culture, class and even coast.

    In this instance, we will take a walk down the New York runway and jet set over to the sunny coast of California.

    Making a statement not only rest on a complete decision of choosing your fa-vorite classic Diane Von Furstenberg wrap to Michael Stars t-shirt and 7 Jeans.

    New York tends to set the standard for all things innovative and fashion for-ward when it comes to trends, or if you take the tagline from the infamous SEX AND THE CITY movie 30, Flirty and Thriv-ing, although some of us many not be close to 30, all of us dream to wear that flirty and thriving outfit.

    Celebrity Style Crush SARAH JESICCIA PARKER: Quickly gives us Carrie Bradshaw in her Maria Valentinas Spring/Summer 2014 wear

    Coast 2 Coastfashion

    By Regan Farely

  • California, the land of sunshine and bliss allows for quriky colors, cut-up shorts and mini dresses all year around. Bug-eyed glasses and gold body chains make for the perfect acces-sories to complelment any outifit. Due to chance to effortlessy display different clothing styles are often conveyed in the at-tire of Californians.

    No matter the location, time or season style will always de-pend upon the look we are each going for.

  • So thiCKboutique S WeStern 8937Ave LoS AngeLeS, CA90047WWW.SothiCKboutique.Com

  • M e L



    MonthWritten by Felecia Bearden

  • Draped in tattoos as she sits smiling in a crowded roomMo-nique Butler waited her turned patiently. The air stood thick that day as the room filled with tension. You could tell from her expression that she was no longer presence as she became lost in thought. Instead, she drifted to a land of her own hidden been a smile and glazed eyes. This land is draped with the shadows of the past and future. She was silent and the world around her was in total chaos.

    Ive come a long way. Ive done a lot things and Ive seen a lot of things. . And no, I am not proud of it but it was my life and it made me stronger and it made me the person I am today.

    Born in Brooklyn, New York, Monique moved to Compton, Califor-nia with her mom at the age of 13. But life wasnt always as picture perfect for her. Instead, she was the modern day Jenny from the block that suffered from the old fashion battles of confidence, family matters and the life of growing up in the streets.

    I wasnt always this person or this girlie girl that people see nowin fact, I was more so a tomboy if anything. I meanI grew up in streets but I dont let that bother me. As a mat-ter of fact, confidence was something that I struggled with the most at first. But now, I feel as if I dont compare to other models. I feel like Im actually in a category of my own.

    o v e r C o M i n g t h e o d d s

  • Smiling and laughing, Monique reminisced about those awkward moments. And said, that she was able this gain that confidence during the tender age of 14 when her mom began e