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  • Create your own Bubble or Stained-Glass Chalk Art Masterpiece! Don’t forget to dress for the mess!!

    Outdoor Art

    I D E A S

    Bubble Art

    Supplies: Bubbles Bubble Wands White Card Stock Food Colouring

    Instructions: 1. Pour bubble mix into small bowls. 2. Add different food colouring to each bowl. 3. Using a bubble wand, start blowing bubbles towards your white cardstock and popping them to create your own bubble art masterpiece.

    Stained-Glass Sidewalk Chalk Art

    Supplies: Painter’s Tape Sidewalk Chalk

    Instructions: 1. Make out a stained-glass pattern in your driveway or on the sidewalk using painter’s tape. 2. Once you have your desired look, start colouring in the areas using different coloured sidewalk chalk leaving the painter tape on. 3. Once you have finished filling everything in, go ahead and remove your painter’s tape. You should be left with a beautiful stained-glass “window” effect. .