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  • The CAEN Series automation enclosures are designed to house Crestron’s CLX-Series lighting control modules and PAC2 or PAC2M control systems. CAENenclosures are available in an assortment of sizes, suitable for surface or flush wallmount installation. Each model has been engineered to provide a clean and manageable installation with abundant provisions for wire termination and electrical knockouts.

    CAEN automation enclosures are designed to use space efficiently supporting overa hundred possible circuits in the largest model. Both centralized and distributedconfigurations are possible. A single PAC2 control system installed in a centralenclosure can support numerous satellite extension enclosures distributedthroughout a residence or commercial facility. Interconnection of the complete network of enclosures requires just one circulating Cresnet cable. Dozens of keypads, touchpanels, wall box dimmers, shade controllers, and other peripheralscan also be terminated within an enclosure, with separate compartments providedfor high and low voltage wiring.

    Crestron lighting and automation systems are completely convection cooled forsilent and reliable operation. A vented front cover is included with every enclosure.All models are constructed of 16-gauge galvanized steel and are pre-drilled formounting of the PAC2, PAC2M, CLX modules, CLT terminal blocks, power supplies,and CAEN-BLOCK terminal block. Additional non-CLX lighting modules and third-party contactors may be installed using Crestron’s CAEN-UMP universal mountingplates. Grounding blocks and low-voltage partitions are included.

    CAEN enclosures are also well suited for all types of Class 2 and Class 3 applications including voice and data structured wiring, security, and RF signal distribution (as permitted by applicable codes).

    CAEN enclosures are UL and C-UL listed. If you require a complete UL Listedpanel, Crestron offers this service through its UL Listed panel shop, providingcomplete in-factory system configuration and assembly.

    > Enclosures for CLX-Series lighting control modules and

    PAC2/PAC2M automation control systems

    > Available in five convenient sizes

    > Surface or flush wall mountable

    > Enable over 100 dimmer controlled circuits per enclosure

    > Supports centralized and distributed system configurations

    > Residential and commercial applications

    > Quiet, reliable, and efficient convection cooling

    > Includes galvanized steel backbox with grounding blocks, low-

    voltage partitions, and vented front cover

    > Additional mounting and termination accessories available

    > For 120 and 230 Volt systems

    > Also useful for non-lighting applications such as voice and data

    structured wiring, security, and RF signal distribution

    > UL Listed panel shop fabrication service available

    AVAILABLE MODELSCAEN-7X2 7 modules high x 2 modules wide

    CAEN-7X1 7 modules high x 1 modules wide

    CAEN-4X2 4 modules high x 2 modules wide

    CAEN-4X1 4 modules high x 1 modules wide

    CAEN-2X1 2 modules high x 1 modules wide


    Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C) Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)


    16 Gauge galvanized steel backbox with perforated grey steel cover, surface or flush wallmount

    Dimensions (including cover)

    CAEN-7X2: Height: 62.75 in (159.39 cm)Width: 27.25 in (69.22 cm)Depth: 4.32 in (10.98 cm)

    CAEN-7X1: Height: 62.75 in (159.39 cm)Width: 16.10 in (40.90 cm)Depth: 4.32 in (10.98 cm)

    CAEN-4X2: Height: 39.65 in (100.72 cm)Width: 27.25 in (69.22 cm)Depth: 4.32 in (10.98 cm)

    CAEN-4X1: Height: 39.65 in (100.72 cm)Width: 16.10 in (40.90 cm)Depth: 4.32 in (10.98 cm)

    CAEN-2X1: Height: 24.25 in (61.60 cm)Width: 16.10 in (40.90 cm)Depth: 4.32 in (10.98 cm)


    CAEN-7X2: 65.0 lb (29.48 kg)CAEN-7X1: 42.0 lb (19.05 kg)CAEN-4X2: 43.0 lb (19.50 kg)CAEN-4X1: 28.0 lb (12.70 kg)CAEN-2X1: 19.0 lb (8.62 kg) | 800.237.2041

    Crestron CAEN Series

    Automation Enclosures

    CAEN-7X2 loaded without cover CAEN-7X2 with cover

  • CLX and CLXI SeriesLighting Control Modules

    CLT and CLTI SeriesTerminal Blocks

    PAC2Automation Control System

    PAC2MMini Automation Control System

    CLX-PWS75Cresnet Power Supply Module

    CAEN-UMP SeriesUniversal Mounting Plates

    CAEN-CK SeriesCover Extension Kits

    CAEN-BLOCKCresnet Terminal Block

    C2N-SPWS300300 Watt Cresnet Power Supply

    C2N-NPA8Cresnet Network Poll Accelerator

    Crestron Electronics, Inc. 15 Volvo Drive l Rockleigh, NJ 07647Tel: 800.237.2041 / 201.767.3400 l Fax: Specifications subject to change without notice. Doc.6106A 12/07

    All brand names, product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.©2007 Crestron Electronics, Inc.

    Crestron CAEN Series Automation Enclosures

    Top View – without CoverCAEN-2X1/4X1/7X1

    Typical Application

    14.38 in(36.5 cm)

    Front View – without CoverCAEN-4X2 shown with (1) PAC2 and

    (3) lighting control modules installed

    27.25 in(69.2 cm)†

    39.65 in(100.7 cm)‡

    Right Side View – without CoverCAEN-2X1 (left), CAEN-4X1/4X2 (center),

    CAEN-7X1/7X2 (right)

    Ground Block

    CLT or CLTI-SeriesTerminal Block*

    15.38 in(39.0 cm)

    25.50 in(64.7 cm)

    26.50 in(67.3 cm)

    4.13 in(10.4 cm)

    38.88 in(98.7 cm)

    4.13 in(10.4 cm)

    23.50 in(59.6 cm)

    4.13 in(10.4 cm)

    62.00 in(157.5 cm)

    Top View – without CoverCAEN-4X2

    Top View – without CoverCAEN-7X2

    CLX or CLXI-Series Lighting Control Module*

    (1) module space, unoccupied

    Available spaces per enclosure:CAEN-2X1: 2 spacesCAEN-4X1: 4 spacesCAEN-4X2: 8 spacesCAEN-7X1: 7 spacesCAEN-7X2: 14 spaces

    PAC2 AutomationControl System*

    CAEN-BLOCK* (Used only inlieu of a PAC2 or PAC2M)


    * Sold separately.† CAEN-2X1/4X1/7X1 = 16.10 in (40.90 cm)

    CAEN-4X2/7X2 = 27.25 in (69.22 cm)‡ CAEN-2X1 = 24.25 in (61.60 cm)

    CAEN-4X1/4X2 = 39.65 in (100.72 cm)CAEN-7X1/7X2 = 62.75 in (159.39 cm)

    Front View – with CoverCAEN-4X2 shown


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