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Cub Scout Pack 507 Welcome! August 26, 2012 Lexington United Methodist Church Cubmaster: Gregg Hornsby Home: 356-1563 Cell: 422-9342

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Cub Scout Pack 507. Lexington United Methodist Church. Welcome! August 26, 2012. Cubmaster: Gregg Hornsby Home: 356-1563 Cell: 422-9342. Welcome parents and boys!. Pack 507 welcomes you Scouting is fun! Scouting helps you make new friends! Scouting builds young men! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Cub Scout Pack 507


August 26, 2012

Lexington United Methodist Church

Cubmaster: Gregg Hornsby

Home: 356-1563 Cell: 422-9342

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Welcome parents and boys!

Pack 507 welcomes you Scouting is fun!Scouting helps you make new friends!Scouting builds young men! Scouts go places!Scouts camp out!Scouts earn achievement awards!

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What is Cub Scouting?

For over seventy years, Cub Scouting has provided younger boys with fun, confidence and character building activities with other boys and trained adult leaders.

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What is a Cub Scout pack?

A pack is a locally organized unit of Cub ScoutingA pack is divided into dens, smaller groups of boys of

the same age or rank. Each den has at least two adult leaders. The Cub Scout ranks are Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and

Webelos.Each pack is sponsored by a church, school or other

agency and is part of a district and council of the Boy Scouts of America.Pack 507 is part of the Chinquapin District of the Indian

Waters Council.

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What is Pack 507?

A long-standing ministry of Lexington United Methodist Church We are considered a part of the

Children’s Ministry of LUMC Along with Boy Scout Troop 507,

we are sponsored by the Lexington United Methodist Men

Our boys come from many different schools in the district and we welcome church members and non-members alike

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, from 7-8 p.m. on the lower level of the Ministry Center

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Why join Cub Scouting?

We have fun!!Outdoor campingPinewood DerbySports and games SkitsField tripsCooking and craftsArchery, BB rifle and

rope skillsSummer day camps

We build character!Values and citizenship

basedAwards for individual

achievements build healthy self esteem

Family participationService projectsScouting reinforces the

values parents strive to instill in their boys.

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How are pack activities financed?

In order of total dollars… 90% funded by sales of BSA

popcorn 10% through dues Scouts popcorn sales incentive

program: 20% of sales over $250.00. Can be used for camping and registration fees

Pack dues are $40 annually $15.00 is for BSA membership

and $12.00 for Boys’ Life magazine

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Tiger Cub Scouts

Tiger Cubs are 6 years old or in the 1st grade.

Tiger activities are family and fun oriented. Always accompanied by family member.

Tigers earn the Bobcat and Tiger badges during their first year in scouts.

Tigers visit places from museums to firehouses, from swamps to TV stations.

Tiger Cubs’ motto is Search, Discover, Share

Den Leader - Phil Mentnech

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Wolf Cub Scouts

Wolves are 7 years old or in the 2nd grade.

Wolves earn the Wolf badge along with individual achievements.

Parents guide Wolf achievements at home while den leaders provide den programming.

Den Leaders – Jack Walsh & Jeff Lohr

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Bear Cub Scouts

Bears are 8 years old or in the 3rd grade.

Bears earn the Bear badge and individual achievements.

Parents continue to help guide Bear achievements.

Den Leaders – Marshall Cain and Bryan Painter

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WE’ll BE LOyal Scouts!Webelos are 4th and 5th graders, the

oldest cubs.Webelos work toward their Arrow of Light

award, the highest Cub Scouting honor.Webelos stresses independence.2 levels of Webelos dens Webelos II Leaders – Jack GoldsmithWebelos I Leaders – Todd & Rayna

Brandes, John Timmerman (Eagle Patrol) / Daniel Osborne, Joe Pierce, Thomas Sponseller (Scorpion Patrol)

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Tiger Cub

Wolf Cub

Bear Cub


All scouts except Webelos wear the

traditional blue uniform shirt

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What will pack 507 do for you?

We promise…Regular, supervised, fun-filled activitiesSupport for your scout’s progress in ranksOpportunities to participate in den, pack, district

and council activitiesTrained, committed leaders at every levelFamily activities (including sisters!) such as

camping, picnics, and sports events (LHS, Bombers, etc)

Communication, communication, communication!

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What Do We Ask of Your Son?

A Cub Scout ‘Does His Best’…to participate in pack and den obey pack and den earn individual achievements according to

his talents and support his den-mates in their be the kind of citizen his parents, his

teachers, and his leaders will be proud of… at pack activities, at school, and at home.

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What is the parents’ role?

As your son’s primary mentor you can support his scouting adventure by...getting him to his den and pack meetings and outingsproviding him with the full scouting uniformworking with him and encouraging his individual

achievementsvolunteering to help the pack in leadership or

committee roles attending as many family activities as your schedule

permitssupporting the pack’s fundraising effortsresponding to pack communication

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What Do Cubs Do?

We get to know our families, each other and our community…

Congaree Swamp

The Strawberry Patch

Page 17: Cub Scout Pack 507

Wildcat Hollow Community Service Projects

Veteran’s Day

Page 18: Cub Scout Pack 507

Crew Quarters of the U.S.S. Yorktown

Page 19: Cub Scout Pack 507

Pinewood Derby & Rain gutter Regatta

Page 20: Cub Scout Pack 507

Christmas Caroling

Page 21: Cub Scout Pack 507

Birdhouses and Revolutionary War Militiaman at Battle of Camden

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Welcome to the PACK 507 family!