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A presentation showing how times have changed, inspirational connection with citizenry is now about contribution. From big to small, eveyone is moving in this direction. It is an exciting time of challenge and change.


  • 1. Meaningful Brand: Brand LoveMarks* Through Meaningful Contribution*Saatchi & Saatchi, Kevin Roberts

2. We are in the middle of redesigning how we live, work and play...Brands have changed, countries and communities have changed, consumers have changed. Ex: -H&M Karl Lagerfield runway fashion show on Great Wall -Book Here Comes Everybody, world has taken over the world online, flash mob local consumers creating change -Coke hiring bloggers to travel and report back on happiness 3. BOOMER INDUSTRIAL TO GENX CREATIVE CULTUREyou must haveto to HAVEDOwhat you love BE who you are money supposed to be Older Western Economic Cultural ModelBE who you areDO what you love HAVE what you need.Newer Economic Cultural Model Of The NEXT GENERATION 4. NEW WORLD COMMUNICATIONSTalking Head Broadcast ToSOCIAL INTERACTIVESegmented Message Quick Consumption To To Idealized INVITATIONLONG TERM SUPPORTTo DELIVERED Product BasedAspirational LifeTo ToSTORY & CO-CREATED REALITY BACK STORY 5. CONTEXT -An early Steve Jobs (80s) kicks off grunge tech -Daniel Coleman helps us understand ourselves as emotionally intelligent (late 90s) - Daniel Pink (00s) ushers in the Creative Culture mindOther influencers: - 70s-80s: Architecture glut creates mall/retail, consumption boom - 80s-90s: Graphic designer glut results in the web boom - 90s-00s: Product designer glut creates focus on branding/research - Current focus is on social innovation, meaning and contribution through the glut of NGO, .ORGs and social entrepreneurs. 6. Industrial to Creative Social Model Moving From ME Branding.To WE Branding.EGONOMICS Individuation ETHONOMICS Group -Economy geared to self -Economy geared to solutions -Body: Healthstyle-Selfstyle focus, -Body: Earthwell-Selfwell Focus, Earth as my body Earth Separated From Me As The Environment-Security Means: Community Inclusion - -Security: Elite ExclusionMy town does well, I do well-Relationships: Performance Driven-Relationships: Co-Creation of New -Recognition: Reputation Driven -Recognition: Contribution of Skill Sets -Self Actualization: Seeking/Reaching For -Self Actualization: Inhabiting Life, I am enoughCredit: Trendburo Munich and 7. Crisis Brings The Masses Into Reinvention* *Some worry the shift to a new economy may not happen before recovery occurs.CRISIS? OPPORTUNITY?. Credit: 8. Movement Toward MeaningOpportunitySpaces: OpportunityBehaviors: RedesigningSharing&TransformaCon. HowProvidecontentthroughthesharingofinspiraCon,wonderment,evoluConandenlightenment.Tobeanywheretodayyoumustbeeverywhere. We Ex: National Geo Travel Store London, National Geo All Roads Project Live,CommunityBuilding. WorkandConsumerislookingtoconnectwiththeirpassionpeople,expressthem-selvesandbuildmulCplecommuniCesofsupportaroundtheirskillsets.Converse 100 Artists,, GAP Vote Campaign Play.MutualContribuCon.Solvingproblemsfortheconsumeriskey.Givethemsomethingtofeelgoodabout,sharewithothers-buildyourlovemark.Project Red, Dell Lounge, Am Ex Entrepreneurial Programs, Texting help to Haiti 9. How Are They Doing ItMeaningful Tech. Meaningful Brands. Generous shoes for the world:Serious play for consumer TOMSSHOES.COM iPhone aps run business,learn languages, have fun. Meaning Expression.Meaningful Branding Creativity on everything:Plank canvases Artists andconsumer art on snowboards. Meaningful Lifestyle. Surfing hits Japan, and the world because people want to commune with nature. Mean Recognition.Two sisters reuse industrialmaterial metals and make high-Meaningful Change.end art to wear.Creative reuse, small is thenew big. Reuse hotels: 747s,pipes, trains, etc. Customization + Creative =Contribution 10. Whos Supporting Creative Contributions?Share designs, vote, sell it, learn how, eco productsupport, creative community recognition 11. Whos Supporting EXPLORATIONS Into Better Living? 12. Infographics Capturing Citizenry 13. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: CONTRIBUTION 14. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: CONTRIBUTION 15. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: CONTRIBUTION Credit: 16. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: SUPERUSE & REUSE 17. Online Social Information For Citizenry 18. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: CREATIVITYConverse 1HUND(RED) Artists Exhibition 19. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: CREATIVITY 20. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: CREATIVITY 21. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: CREATIVITY Artists In Participatory Roles - Media Enables Effective Outreach 22. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: CREATIVITYMediaEnablingEffectiveOutreach 23. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: SOCIAL INFLUENCE 24. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: SOCIAL INFLUENCE Sundance 2010 Films playing concurrently across America, Redford as moderator. Redford Foundation 2010 in 25. INFLUENCERS: Everything Now About Social Innovation 26. INFLUENCERS: Everything Now About Social Innovation 27. INFLUENCERS: Supporting Passion endeavors, Brands As Meaning Drivers. London National Geographic StoreCome dig through actual expedition charts/maps, try onexpedition gear, purchase items from actual villages whileyou contribute to and learn about them directly, makeplans to travel with National Geo right there with theirtravel agents.. 28. INFLUENCERS: Supporting Passion endeavors, Brands As Meaning Drivers. Conversational Bank:Out of Work Work SpacesInnovation Lounge built oncommunity ideals with acoffee bar, large communitycomputer wall, comprehensivework stations. 29. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: SUPPORT W+K ADVERTISING PORTLAND, OR Out of Work Work Spaces: W+K invited out of work creatives to work in their spaces. 30. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: SUPPORT"Shine A Light Now more than ever, people cherish the small businesses in their neighborhood, and through this program, they canspotlight small business owners for all that they do, and the role they play indriving economic recovery. 31. MEANING FOR CITIZENRY: SUPPORT 32. MEANING & GREENING INNOVATION 33. MEANING & GREENING INNOVATION 34. MEANINGFUL SOCIAL CREATIVITY Radio Dada Singapore, Ultimate Starting out as a gelato store, it quickly became an inspirational center for the community via the resources provided. The internal sound studio allowed people to record and live stream their performances on internet radio feeding peoples talents and community shared expressions. 35. MEANINGFUL SOCIAL CREATIVITY 36. MEANINGFUL SOCIAL KNOWING TWITTERLISTS 1.Experts Wanttofollowonlythemostinuen8alintech?LooktoRobertScoblesTwiBerListofthemostinuen8alintech: @scobleizer/most-inuenCal-in-tech,orfollowDannySullivanslistofinuen8alsearchenginemarketers: @dannysullivan/searchmarkeCng,orMariaPopovaslistofTEDsters:@brainpicker/TEDsters. 2.BrandConsolida8on Manycompaniesnowhavemul8pleTwiBeraccounts.Wired,forexample,has12blogscurrently,andeachhasaTwiBeraccount. Theyveconsolidatedtheabilitytofollowall12withasingleTwiBerList:@wired/wiredblogs.OurHomeDepotclientisanothergreat example,astheyhavecreatedoneloca8onwheremul8pleInterna8onalTwiBeraccounts,suchasCanadaandMexicocanbefound, alongwithdealsandcustomerservice:@homedepot/homedepot. 3.EmployeeLists Forthosefewbrandswhohavereallyembracedsocialmediaandarewillingtolettheiremployeesspeakontheirbehalf,TwiBerLists areagreatwaytoaggregatethetruefootprintofabrandinTwiBerbylinkingtoemployeeaccounts.TheNewYorkTimesisagreat example,havingusedoneofthe18liststheyvecreatedtobeastalist:@nyCmes/sta.Zappos,whohavebeenencouraging employeestobeac8veinsocialmedia,havealsocreatedanemployeeslist:@zappos/employees. IfyoudliketoexploresomeofthebestTwiBerListscurrentlyout, 37. MEANINGFUL SOCIAL KNOWING 38. MEANINGFUL SOCIAL KNOWING 39. INFLUENCERS: Meaningful Media SOCIAL MEANINGFUL MEDIA 40. For More Information 310 584 1021 For Resources, Blog, etc Visit