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Senior Leadership Presentation Rosetta Carrington Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer The City of Philadelphia Customer Experience Transformation Journey Philly311 October 1, 2014

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See the success journey for the City of Philadelphia Government to transform the customer experience by launching the Philly311 Contact Center operations.


  • 1. Senior Leadership Presentation Rosetta Carrington Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer The City of Philadelphia Customer Experience Transformation Journey Philly311 October 1, 2014
  • 2. Five-Year Stock Performance Of Customer Experience Index (CXi) Leaders Vs Laggards Versus S&P 500 (2007 to 2011)
  • 3. The City of Philadelphia 3-1-1 Journey Towards Customer Excellence
  • 4. City of Philadelphia 3-1-1 Quick Facts Philadelphia is the nations 5th largest city with 1.5 million residents. Philly311 receives an average of 1.2 million calls each year and 100,000 quality of life complaints. Philly311 takes a multichannel approach: phone; website; email; walk-in center; mobile app; Facebook; Twitter; YouTube, and Philly311 TV. Philly311 also has a community engagement efforts, the Philly311 Neighborhood Liaison Program and Citizens Engagement Academy. Philly311 customer satisfaction ratings monthly average 93%. Philly311 is implementing a Salesforce CRM system for city- wide rollout by December 2014 (Rosetta Lue Project Executive) Numerous national awards and recognitions.
  • 5. 6 Philadelphia is a place of choice 3 Philadelphia becomes one of the safest cities in America 1 Philadelphia becomes the greenest & most sustainable city in America. 4 2 The individual well-being of Philadelphians improves Philly311 Aligns with the Mayors Strategic Goal #5 Philadelphia government works efficiently & effectively, with integrity & responsiveness. 5
  • 6. City of Philadelphia 3-1-1 Mission Statement Provide the public with quick, easy access to all City of Philadelphia government services and information while maintaining the highest possible level of customer service. Assist agencies and departments improve service delivery by allowing them to focus on their core missions and manage their workload efficiently. Provide recommendation into ways to improve City government through accurate, consistent measurement and analysis of service delivery citywide
  • 7. Post Launch Planning - Multi Phased Approach January 2009 July Oct Aug Sep Nov Dec May June CRM Vendor Starts 3-1-1 Contact Center Phase 1 - Launch Jan April Feb March May June Facility Available Initial Staffing Complete 3-1-1 Activated Public Launch 3-1-1 Contact Center Phase 2 Core System and Pilot Testing CRM System Procurement & Selection CRM Implementation for Phase 2 July Aug Campaign Launch 3-1-1 Contact Center Phase 3 Full Implementation Wave 1 e.g. Sanitation Wave 2 e.g. Water Wave 3 e.g. Fairmount 3-1-1 Contact Center Phase 1 Staff Acquisition Knowledge Management Coordination Process Development Phase 1 Systems: -FAQs and service/referral directory (SharePoint) -Basic call logging and tracking -Work Order Management systems 3- 1-1 access portal Agent and supervision induction and training Low profile marketing program and launch CRM Implementation for Phase 3 3-1-1 Contact Center Phase 2 CRM System: -Call tracking -Knowledgebase -Service Request -System User Acceptance Training -System Training Call Center Telephony Acquisition/Induction Customer Service Center consolidation Marketing Campaign Planning Continued Staff Acquisition & Induction 3-1-1 Contact Center Phase 3 Marketing Campaign Launch System service requests waves1, 2 and 3 System Training System User Acceptance Testing Continued Staff Acquisition & Induction Continuous Improvement
  • 8. Service Delivery Model Connects You Provide directory assistance to connect you directly to City employees and City departments. Answers Your Questions We have the critical answers you need about important City services through our information services system. Delivers You Faster Services Customer Service Specialists are trained to assist you in obtaining City services. They will transfer your service request to the relevant department and track your request until the problem is solved. Updates You on Special Events 3-1-1 is the number to call if you need information about special events hosted by the City of Philadelphia.
  • 9. Pre-Launch Operational Challenges Budget Constraints November 2008 Re-balancing FY 10 Budget FY10 Plan B CRM Technology rollout postponed Limited to hiring internal employees ONLY Departmental silos and buy-in Lack of documented processes
  • 10. STAKEHOLDERS CONCERNS POOR SUPPORT BUSINESS PROCESSES TECHNOLOGY Top 10 Stakeholders Complaints 6 months after launch 311 Knowledgebase Inaccurate Incorrect Resolution Status Lack of communications and involvement in key decisions Prohibited from speaking with agencies Professionalism & Courtesy Long Hold Times Inexperienced agents handling non-1st tier calls Technology Underutilized Service Request Tracking misleading Inability to transfer calls to appropriate agencies
  • 11. Transformation to Service Oriented Organization - The City of Philadelphia is transforming the departmental focus to a service oriented organization. This new focus requires new level of collaboration and information sharing. Customer Feedback and Corrective Actions Responses - The City of Philadelphia is experiencing a new way of doing business. Continuous communications and feedback assessment from customers are required to ensure ongoing support and long term buy- in. Philly311 Implementation Strategy By reinforcing the performance expectations regarding the outcomes of each project implementation phase, we can ensure better communications and support from Elected Officials, Senior Management, Mayor, Cabinet and Customers. Internal Improvement Plan Summary
  • 12. 311 Contact Center Business Model Philly 3-1-1 Responsible: Customer Experience Respond to Customer Inquiries Review Knowledge Base & Set Customers Expectations Enter data for customer analytics support City Operating Departments Responsible: Content Accuracy Department Operations Functions Department Business Processes PhillyStat Performance Management Meetings Responsible: Performance Management Establishing Service Level Response Agreements Monitor and Communicate Service Level Response Results Primary Integrated Operations Partners
  • 13. Transformation to Service Oriented Organization 14 Collaborate with Human Resources to recruit qualified staff Listen to our customers Work with key stakeholders to manage customer content Establish service level agreements and redress Create city-wide Customer Service Leadership Academy Build real-time dashboard to monitor progress Establish employee recognition program Rollout job enrichment path
  • 14. Invest in Your Employees Invest in Technology Document Your Processes Recognize Good Performers Gather and Analyze Data Survey Your Customers Hire a Chief Customer Experience Officer Lessons Learned
  • 15. Service Revolution: Philadelphia 3-1-1 Description In this session you will learn how the City of Philadelphia revolutionized the service experience for its citizens and made it easy to do business with the City, and how its new service model for non-emergencies has become the gold standard for city governments. Speaker Rosetta Carrington Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer, City of Philadelphia 16