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    Place and Date of birth: Madrid, 12th April 1972 Nationality: Spanish Address Avenida Menndez Pelayo 83, 7B 28007 Madrid, Spain Telephone: +34 649 888 700 E-mail: [email protected]

    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ABELLA&BURN ARCHITECTS. Marzo 2013 - present Architectural design studio. Works and Projetc Manager. Desing, management and planning of Works and Projects.

    ENDESA GENERACIN S.A. October 2010 - March 2013 ENDESA GENERACIN S.A. SDG Engineering & I+D. Execution Management Construction and Civil Works Supervisor. Construction management and site works oversee Execution Policies Measurements Budget Schedule Advances Reports Quality Control QA Plan Execution Technical Procedures Inspection Point Programs (IPP) Testing Plan Final Quality Report As built plans Economic Control Works certification New prices Work Orders. Works: Office building for Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant. Huelva. Spain. General Services Industrial building. CC TPP. Huelva. Electrochlorination Plant. CC TPP. Huelva. Chemical, Hot water and Fecal water Sewers. CC TPP. Huelva. Process dirty water Pond. TPP Andorra. Teruel. Spain. Cooling Towers Repair. TPP Andorra. Teruel. Spain. ARCHITECTURAL & DESIGN STUDIO. GDP Juanary 2010 - September 2010 Architectural and graphic design studio Project manager. R&D Modular Housing Project Research and device system concept Develop constructive and structural system Systematize Construction Process Lead working Team Realise Plans and Dossier Presentation. ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO. FLORENTINO GONZALEZ DE LA BLANCA September 2005 - November 2009 Studio Specialised in building and urban planning. Architect Designer- Structural Calculation. Building: Architectural Competitions Draft projects Basic projects Building Projects Structure calculation Control and works supervision Review on-site finishes Urban Planning: Urban projects Detail studies Sector Plannings. Projects and Works: Competitions for Free Housing and Public Social Housing in Parla Este, Mstoles Sur, Paracuellos del Jarama, Colmenar Viejo, Arroyomolinosetc. Building Project 88, 30, 100 houses in Soto del Henares Building Project 130 houses in Miranda de Ebro Building Project and structural calculation of 24 houses in Navalagamella Building Project and structural calculation of a Hostel with 24 rooms in Navalagamella Competition, Basic Project, Building Project and structural calculation of 107 semi-detached houses in Rivas-Vaciamadrid Develop Urban projects, Sector Planning, Detail studies with particular emphasis on drafting Sector Planning of Polgono 8 Prado Sur Navalagamella Madrid. ARCHITECTURAL & DESIGN STUDIO. GDP June 2002 - September 2005 Architectural and graphic design studio. Julin Zapata. Architect Designer- Structural Calculation. Project manager Assistance Studio work Competitions Draft projects Basic projects Building projects Structure calculation Measurements and budgets. Site work: Project manager assistance Visits and meetings As-built plans Works certification Specific Technical reports Final Construction Project. Projects and Works: Building Project and works monitoring of Underground Parking in Miguel Yuste st. Madrid Building Project and works monitoring of an Office building in Miguel Yuste 58 st. Madrid Residential building Rehabilitation in Recoletos 8 st. Madrid Building Project and works monitoring of Single family detached house in Serracines, Madrid Note participation at Pintos Bullring project 1st price competition. AGRONOMIST EDUARDO DE MIGUEL BEASCOECHEA 2003. In collaboration with the Agronomist Eduardo de Miguel Beascoechea in Construction project of Macrofitas Vegetal Filter for Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation Public Institution. Designer ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO ANTN-HARMON 2002. In collaboration with the Architect Ricardo Antn, Professor of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture at the European University of Madrid, Construction Project and works monitoring of the fashion boutique and art gallery NAC in Argensola St. Madrid. Designer From 1999 until achieve the university degree, part-time collaboration in several architectural studies (GDP, Titds, Antn-Harmon) making 3D images, models, competition, stands, commercial premises and restaurants design.


    Place and Date of birth: Madrid, 12th April 1972 Nationality: Spanish Address Avenida Menndez Pelayo 83, 7B 28007 Madrid, Spain Telephone: +34 649 888 700 E-mail: [email protected]


    POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING AT POLITECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MADRID. SPAIN 2014/2015 Master in engineering of structures, foundations and materials. (Currently underway). ADVANCED BUILDING CENTRE AT EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY OF MADRID in collaboration with Camuas Foundation and TINSA valuation society. 2009/2010 Advanced Course. Real Estate Valuation and Survey

    ADDITIONAL EDUCATION 2013 Course REVIT. Building Information Modeling BIM. COAM (Madrid Architects Official College) 2009 Course CYPE Metal 3D. Structural Calculation. COAM. 2009 Course SAP 2000. Structural Calculation. COAM. 2002-2009 Attendance diferent seminars, conferences cycles, workshops and doing specific courses of

    interest for the professional development. 2001 Course Madrid Transferences by Peter Cook. Circulo de Bellas Artes. Madrid. 2001 Courses 3D Studio, Photoshop, Archicad, at UEM. Madrid 2000 Course Avanced programming for Autocad at UEM. Madrid. 1997 Official Autodesk Course of Autocad. at ESI. Madrid.

    IT SKILLS Extensive experience operating programs as AUTOCAD, REVIT, COREL, PHOTOSHOP, 3DS MAX, PRESTO, CYPE, METAL3D, MICROSOFT PROJECT. Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Windows environment and Internet.

    LENGUAGE SKILLS AND OTHERS Spanish (Mother tongue) English (High level) Member N 16.057 of COAM (Madrid Architects Official College) Driving licence

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