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December 9, 2012

With the diverse background and the many cultivated talents that I possess, I found it difficult to condense what I have to say, or what I have to offer potential new employers or clients into a one page resume. Therefore I put this publication together to provide a breakdown of David G Duke International’s assorted divisions, what each one offers and how that may be beneficial to future clients. Although the company is divided into several divisions, you will see as you read this publication that they are all connected in some way or another. With each division I have included the related skills and software titles that are utilized, as you will see, many of those skills overlap from one division to another. I have highlighted the skills in bold red type, and software titles in bold blue type, for ease of reference. My approach to most if not all of my creative endeavors is to look at what others are doing, the take that about 1,000,000 steps further using bold color combinations, 3D rendering where others are using 2D, or just mixing up the design elements in new and exciting ways. My creations are for those that want to stand out from the crowd and not blend in. To start this publication I will spend some time talking about the various divisions of David G Duke International. Additionally, this publication will include past work experiences, a few examples of works offered by David G Duke International, and my educational background. Near the end of this publication I will include a skills summary for quick reference to all my skills and talents, as well as a summary of my software proficiencies. Finally on the last page I will include my summarized, one page resume for comparison. I have over 15 years of proven, results oriented, experience in the fields of Retail, Fashion, Media, Arts and Entertainment. Add to that a diverse background of skills and experiences, and the willingness to multitask on any job, and you get someone that offers a range new ideas on saving money and improving the over all financial health of your company. Because of my willingness to multitask, I can guarantee work is done quickly and safely. My varied array of skills and talents often means that I can work in more than one capacity for my employers, thus saving them money on payroll expenses, thus leading to healthier profits. So the question is, what can David G Duke International do for you? Read this publication, consider your specific needs, and let me know. You may contact [email protected] or Skype davidgduke to put the unique skills of this company to work for you. Thank you, David G. Duke

To find more information on David G Duke international online please visit www.beyond.com/davidgduke

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Divisions of David G. Duke International:

DGD Publishing Your source for all things printed! www.issuu.com/dgd_media

Taking DGD Media print media designs to the next level, DGD Publishing offers many one time online magazine publications as well as a soon to be published periodical titled “Bosses that Meet Bosses magazine”, a joint project with team Dessalines, scheduled to drop in March of 2013. What ever your print media needs may be DGD Publishing can make it happen. The following page lists a few of the most popular and contains links to those publications.

Products And Services Offered:

• Graphic Design: Creating unique animations and graphics as part of the page layout, that correspond to the topic of each page or designing graphics for advertising copy. Graphics are designed using Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Poser 3D, and Adobe Illustrator & Image Ready. These graphics may include logos, icons or just simple fun animations

• Print Media Advertising: http://community.ovationtv.com/dgd_media; here at DGD Publications we specialize in print media advertising of all types from full page ads in a magazine, to business cards, to invitations, and brochures. Contact us at [email protected] for more information. The House of Dave animation characters mentioned in the section on Digital Reality are available for use in print media advertising and some graphic designs.

• Logo & Icon Design: http://issuu.com/dgd_media/docs/perpetual_coolness/1: Brand your business with DGD publishing logos icons, and web graphics. A 3D logo or icon by DGD Publishing can make your brand stand out from the crowd. Combine this service with the products offered in our Digital Reality gallery (page 7) to brand your business in many unique ways.

• Media Cover Design: http://issuu.com/dgd_media/docs/diskogrophy/1: DGD publishing can design cover art for books, CDs music and software, Magazines, and DVDs. We offer a unique approach to cover design, and stray far away from the same old boring cookie cutter designs.

• Greeting Card Design: http://www.zazzle.com/dgd_media/cards; The link listed here offers many card designs that can be customized with your front greeting and inside message. Or we can help you create your own unique greeting cards with your photos, or company logos.

• Page Layout: Layout of text, graphics, and advertising copy in a creative unique way to make DGD Publications stand out from the crowd. Also responsible for determining page sequences.

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• Establishing Advertising Rates and Terms: As with most publications, advertising space is available in all DGD Publications. For more information on advertising contact [email protected] or Skype davidgduke. If you have commissioned DGD media to create advertising graphics for your business, the price agreed upon includes placement of those ads in six (6) DGD Publications.

These are just a few examples of what DGD publishing has to offer, for more information email [email protected] or Skype davidgduke.

DGD Publications:

Commissioner's Choice – Commissioned graphics designs http://issuu.com/dgd_media/docs/commissioners_choice/1

The House of Dave – Assorted animation characters (NSFW)


Visually Speaking – Print advertising http://issuu.com/dgd_media/docs/print_media/1

Perpetual Coolness – Logos and web graphics designs http://issuu.com/dgd_media/docs/perpetual_coolness/1

Discography – David G Duke music & cover art samples.


Through Moonlit Eyes – Assorted art, photography, and graphics. http://issuu.com/dgd_media/docs/through_moonlit_eyes/1

For a great example of DGD Publishing’s logo design works check out Fashion Designer Polo the Fur King of Exclusive Fashion and Furs, www.designsbypolothefurking.0catch.com, and their new clothing line Land Monster. DGD Media was commissioned to create the logos and icons for that line. Additionally we have designed many other logos and advertisements for Polo the Fur King. He is one of our satisfied clients and biggest supporters.

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Included in the DGD Publishing list of products and services is my Photo Restoration service. Below are a few examples of what I can do with that. For a full detailed description visit my online restoration page at http://dgdint.bravepages.com/restore/restore.html.

Before: After:

Rips and tares removed.


Artistic Restorations

If you have old photos that are cracked, creased, torn or discolored, I may be able to help you. If you have access to a scanner simply scan your photo(s) and email them to me at [email protected], and I will get back to you with an estimate before I do any work. Please note that all restoration work is done on scanned copies of the photos and no harm or changes are made to the original.

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The Digital Reality Gallery Online store for DGD Art and Graphics


Marketing and promotion of my digital art, graphics designs, photography, and animations on an assortment of products including T-shirts, mouse pads, plates, greeting cards, and many more. In the three plus years that I have had this gallery open, I have sold product to several countries around the world including Australia, the UK, Canada, Austria, and to just about every state in the US. I try to keep an assortment of digital fantasy art, fun graphics, and photographs on the page and create a product line that offers something for everyone. Much of the digital art revolves around a series of animation characters I created that are collectively known as the House of Dave, see the publication titled the House of Dave on the DGD Publishing site: http://issuu.com/dgd_media/docs/the_house_of_dave/1, and features 3D animation mixed with photography and sometimes text. This is the concept behind digital reality, the blending of fantasy and reality, the blurring of the lines. Many of the digital art pieces are available on greeting cards, but the collection of cards also includes some graphics, and photography that were designed specifically for that purpose. Many of the cards are free of text enabling the buyers to customize them for their own needs. On the subject of customizing products from the galley, all products can be customized or personalized with text or additional imagery. For example I have several designs on the gallery that are geared to the sports fan, these items can be personalized with the fan’s favorite team or teams. When you have logos, icons or other print media designed by DGD Publishing, we give you the option to order those designs on any of the zazzle products. We keep your designs private from the public gallery, and reserve them strictly for your usage. Finding the Zazzle web site was a god-send to me as it makes it easy for anyone to market their original art and photography. David G Duke International offers a consulting service to anyone looking to get started selling products on this site; you may Skype davidgduke or email [email protected] for more information on this service. Marketing your company logo or icons on assorted zazzle products is a great way to brand your business, and generate extra income. Merchandising is not just for the entrainment industry anymore!

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DGD Media Audio, Video, production, and Web Site Design


DGD media is a multimedia studio that offers the following high quality services at affordable prices:

• Instrumental Music Compositions: www.soundclick.com/davidgduke, a new age mix of piano, orchestra and other sound effects. Many of the tracks are available for commercial use, such as movie or TV soundtracks, advertising, etc., you may learn more about this by clicking on the license music link on the sidebar of the web site above.

• Video Production: http://community.ovationtv.com/dgd_media; Mixing of live action video, still imagery, animation, music and audio effects to create unique videos for advertising, music videos, and even photo slide shows. Examples of these productions can be seen on the DGD Media main site listed in this paragraph. At this time we only do video editing, we do not have videography capability that will be coming in the near future.

• Voice Actor: www.soundclick.com/dgdmedia; David G Duke, the Voice of the Night, offers his voiceover services for advertising, narration, character voicing, or what ever you may need voice over services for. To learn more please visit our voiceover page for more information. David is also available to host your events.

• On Screen Talent: http://community.ovationtv.com/dgd_media; David G Duke is available for onscreen roles in commercials, TV shows, or movies, including working as an extra.

• Live Hosting: www.soundclick.com/dgd_media; Bring your events to life with “The Voice of the Night” David G Duke as your host or MC.

At DGD Media all services are executed to the highest quality standards at beyond affordable prices. We offer our services to the small business owners and NPOs that might not be able to afford the other guys. Why chose to work with DGD Media? If you want a cookie cutter, only colors inside the lines, collage educated drone then you may need to be looking somewhere else for your digital media needs. However, if you are looking for an artist with a truly unique talent and creative spirit then DGD Media is where you want to be. We strive to make all our creations as unique and creative as possible while still meeting or surpassing the client’s needs and expectations.

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August 2009 to September 2012

Host/Producer - The Bewitching Hour Show www.gemjin.com/tv.htm

What started as a weekly radio show on Gemjin Broadcasting morphed into a TV broadcast somewhere around late summer or early fall of 2011. The show touches on pagan religion and lifestyles, arts, entertainment, media, and just about everything else you can imagine. We feature music from indie and upcoming artist of all genres, as well as interviews with interesting people in the above mentioned categories. You may find archive clips from the shows on http://community.ovationtv.com/dgd_media. As Host and Producer of “The Bewitching Hour” I am primarily responsible for contacting, booking, and interviewing guests for our Fire Side Chat segment and researching material for our other segments: “On the Set” which features commentary on arts and entertainment. “Pathways” that talk about pagan religious beliefs, lifestyle topics, health and fitness. “Fashion Statements” offering the latest news and commentary on the fashion industry. “For the Record” my snarky cynical comments on any other topics that don’t fit into the above segments. My additional responsibilities include:

• Filming and recording: Most segments of the show are prerecorded using various cameras; the recordings are then edited together using Vegas software.

• Audio dubbing: When audio is recorded separately from the video segments I prefer to use Sound Forge to record the narrative, edit out silent pauses, miss-speaks, and other bloopers, then I use Acid Pro to mix in background audio, and other sound effects.

• Mixing Visual Effects: Again this is done primarily through Vegas software but I sometimes incorporate effects created through Animation Shop, flash effects created using Fire Starter, Effects Factory, and Headline Factory, as well as java effects designed for HTML and web usage. How do I get java effects into video? That’s a trade secret.

• Wardrobe: Yes as a Designer and Stylist I do coordinate my own wardrobe for the show.

• Music selection: For music featured on the Bewitching Hour I have a few simple rules: It must be original and unique, it should be by an indie or upcoming artist, it must be good. If you have music you would like to have considered for The Bewitching Hour link me to it on Skype or email [email protected].

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• General Troubleshooting: Sometimes problems arise in the production process; you need to know how to handle them. Having backup footage to go to is often a good idea.

• Finished Editing: I list this separately only because the show is often recorded in segments, editing those segments together into one production uses the same software and techniques listed above.

• General Programming: In addition to hosting and producing my show, I was named the Program Director of Gemjin TV when Gemjin Broadcasting added the TV station.

For information on advertising on the Bewitching Hour which has thousands of viewers in over 60 countries, Skype davidgduke or email [email protected]. If we are already working with your business to produce advertising, six months of advertising on this show is included. For more information on DGD produced advertising see the section on DGD Media (page 10) in this publication. On September 21st and 28th of 2012 the Bewitching Hour aired its 100th episode in two parts, when we start season three sometime around Halloween of 2012, we might change the day and time of airing. The current broadcast schedule is Friday’s at 7:00pm EST. To the right is the icon/logo for the Bewitching Hour created using Poser and Paint Shop. More information on this will be presented in the section on DGD Media productions (page 10), and the section on the Digital Reality Gallery (next page).

Although this sow is no longer in full production, as I had to take a break from the schedule, you may still see new episodes of the above listed segments on the DGD Media portfolio site.

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David G. Fashions And Home Custom Designed Fashions and Home Furnishings http://community.ovationtv.com/david_g_duke

I have had an interest in fashion as long as I can remember; in October of 1988 I started sketching design ideas. It wasn’t till the early 90s, around 1992 or 1993 that I started making the cloths I was sketching. Then in August 1997 I had to opportunity to apprentice under a master tailor and improve my sewing skills. Around 2011 a fellow designer started calling me David G. and that is how the label got its name. David G. offers custom designed, one-of-a-kind clothing for men and women, the person that would wear my clothing is someone who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, blaze their own trail, and set the trends for others to attempt to emulate. My biggest influence, especially in the men’s wear line is the fashions of past centuries, my aesthetic is to take those awesome pieces from fashion history, drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and mix them up with modern pieces to create a bold new look. I had noticed that men’s wear got a bit boring over the past few hundred years and I knew some one had to take the initiative to change that. I turned my head to the right. Looked in a mirror, and said there’s the man to do it. My women’s wear line draws influences from the same sources as my men’s wear, and is based on the idea of bringing back the classic elegance of women’s fashion and away from the over casual looks we see too much of today. David G. also offers custom designed accessories, and home furnishings, as-well-as custom tailoring, to get the perfect fit on any body. David G is more than a designer, or a tailor I am the complete fashion package.

Products and Services Offered: • Stylist: Always look your best for any occasion with David G as your personal stylist; we

are also available for wardrobe styling on movie or TV productions.

• Zipper Repair: We can repair or replace just about any zipper on clothing and


• Pattern Making: When you work at the level of innovation that I do you need to know how to make a pattern, your not original if you’re using someone else’s pattern.

• Hand and Machine Sewing: Quality hand stitching is the hallmark of fine couture, and you see this in many of my creations, from hand stitched button holes, to cuffs, collars, and trimming.

• Interior Design: Create that unique space customized to your needs and your personality. Then let David G fill it with one-of-a-kind custom designed home furnishings.

• Leather Repair: We can repair and restore most leather fashions and accessories.

Page 13: David G Duke


• Customized Accessories: David G can design and create that perfect accessory or customize the ones you already have. We specialize in customizing bags, instrument cases and straps, belts, and many other accessories for men and women.

• Home Furnishing Designs: Custom designed home furnishings and accessories from pillows, to curtains, to furniture. For more information see the section on the Trash to Treasure store (next page)

Many David G creations can be seen online at our new store located at www.ustrendy/dgd-media. Soon we will be adding a new line of clothing inspired by work cloths and geared toward those hard working people that are the backbone of our economy and our country.

Shirt, Vest, and tie by David G.

Page 14: David G Duke


Trash to Treasure Store www.davidgduke.etsy.com

Creating, marketing, and designing home furnishings and fashion accessories from recycled materials, and fabric remnants. David G Duke makes going green chic with this collection of one-of-a-kind designs. The Trash to Treasure store can be found online at the above address. Place mats, throw pillows, coasters, pot holders, candle sticks, pencil cups, book ends, and picture frames are just a few examples of what you might find in the home furnishings section of the Trash to Treasure store. There are also many unique home furnishings in the digital reality gallery. In the fashion accessories section you might find bags, purses, binders, organizers, belts, scarves, gloves, jewelry, belt buckles, eye glass cases, and many other unique accessories. Accessories found in this collection can be for men, women, or children. Note: many of the fashion accessories have been moved to the David G fashion store at www.ustrendy.com/dgd-media and may not be searchable on the Trash to Treasure store site. Many items in this collection are hand crafted, one-of-a-kind items, that can ad a unique look to your home or office, or help you create a look that stands out from the crowd. In both the fashion accessories line and the home furnishings line custom orders are available, Skype davidgduke or email [email protected] to learn more about this.

Related Skills and Responsibilities: • Hand Sewing: Creating functional and decorative stitching using threads,

yarns, or embroidery flosses.

• Accessory Design: Innovating and implementing new ideas in fashion accessories and home furnishings.

• Pricing: Determining pricing for each item that is both affordable to the consumer and profitable to the seller.

• Creative Writing: Writing descriptions of individual products in a way that catches the reader’s attention and captivates their interest.

• Marketing: Promotion of products through print media advertising, social networking, and other media.

• Record Keeping/Inventory: Keeping track of what items have been sold, and what I have on hand. Maintaining records of materials and patterns for the creation of new products using Microsoft Office.

My use of recycled materials started when I was just starting as a Tailor and custom Designer; I didn’t have a lot of money to buy new materials with so I had to work with what I could get my hands on. From there it evolved into a separate collection as the country got more-and-more into the recycling craze. Now it has become a way to minimize expenses and get maximum use from the materials I have. Custom clothing may be hard to sell as you need to fit it to the client, but accessories and home furnishings have a much higher turnaround, as there is less concern about size, and fit.

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Page 16: David G Duke


Other Work Experiences: This section is to allow reference to my past jobs and other work experiences. Some of the older dates are approximated dates as I no longer have record of the exact start and end dates on these jobs. Entries listed as “Ongoing” refer to regular clients that I work with in one capacity or another. Many dates listed prior to August 1997 are approximated dates as I don’t have too many records going back that far.

Ongoing Graphics Designer for Exclusive Fashion and Furs. Designs have included full page advertising, logos, and icons, both for the company and its founder and CEO Polo the Fur King. Visit polo online at http://polotfk.blogspot.com/

Ongoing Graphics Designer for the Chip Esajian Victory Store. In his book “The Victorious Mindset” Chip Esajian has many inspirational statements that he calls “Power Quotes” my job at the Victory Store is to transform those quotes into eye-catching graphics for T-shirts, mouse pads and more.


April 2002 To February 2003 Cashier - Dollar General Manlius, New York. I list this one for the retail experience only, which included the typical retail responsibilities of Cash Handling, Customer Service, and Stock Replenishment. You may contact this employer if you wish, but take what they say with a grain of salt, we did not part on good terms.

August 2001 to November 2001

Accounts Receivable Clerk - Coyne Textile Services Syracuse, New York. This was a temporary job that I acquired when my sister worked there and suddenly found the department to be short staffed. It was a department of six people, two were on vacation, and one quit suddenly. Duties included Data Entry, and Information Recovery (Research)

August 1997 to October 2000 Tailor Apprentice - Eleganza Custom Tailoring Syracuse, New York

This is as much an educational experience as well as work experience as it was here that I learned most of the sewing and tailoring skills (I had some basic skills going into this job) listed in the section on David G. Fashions (page 12). In addition to those, my other responsibilities at Eleganza included: Taking Measurements, Marking Alteration Lines, Customer Service,

Page 17: David G Duke


Hot Stamping, Leather Repair, and brainstorming and implementing new services.

September 1996 to January 1997 Assistant Manager – Grandoe Gloves Gloversville, New York A temporary holiday season job managing a Grandoe Gloves kiosk in Destiny USA Mall. Duties included, Cash Handling, Customer Service, Daily Cash Reports, reading Plan-O-Grams, and Stock Replenishment

August 1995 to November 1995 Key Holder/ Assistant Manager – Halloween Adventures. Syracuse, New York Another seasonal position that included the same general retail responsibilities as the above listing but also allowed me to exercise my skills as a stylist, Visual merchandiser, and wardrobe consultant.

September 1994 to December 1994 Cashier/Sales Associate – Burlington Coat Factory Fayetteville, New York

May 1988 to August 1994 Sales Associate – General Nutrition Center Syracuse, New York My first retail job and the place I learned most of the skills listed in the above retail jobs.

Times between jobs were spent looking for further employment, building the David G fashion line, and learning and perfecting new skills to better serve my employers and clients.

Educational Experiences Associates Degree

Fashion Merchandising Management Bryant and Stratton

Apprentice Tailor Frank Barbuto

Apprentice Cobbler Duane Howard & Wilson Reeves

Page 18: David G Duke


Skills Summary This skills summary is intended to be a simple quick reference listing of my work related skills and talents. The list is in no particular order and I might have missed a few, if you don’t see a specific skill listed here feel free to ask me about it. Fashion Design & Styling

Making & Cutting Patterns

Hand & Machine Sewing

Zipper & Leather Repair

Taking Measurements

Marking Alteration Lines

Garment Alterations

Accessory Design


Visual Merchandising

Cash Handling

Customer Service

Up-selling OMS

Reading Plan-o-Grams

Loss Prevention


Stock Replenishment

Record Keeping/Inventory

Interior Design

Graphic Design

Page Layout

Photo Restoration

Rendering Story Boards

HTML Design

Voice Actor

OVT & OCR Scanning

Audio/Video Editing

As I am always looking to learn new skills to better serve my clients this list will continue to grow in the near future.

Page 19: David G Duke


Software Proficiencies This page contains a listing of the software titles I have experience in using. Again this list is for quick reference, and in no specific order. If you have questions about other title not mentioned here feel free to ask.

Image Mapper ++

Fire Starter

Button Factory

Effects Factory

Headline Factory


Coffee Cup HTML

Activ E-book Compiler

Camtasia Producer

Adobe Photo Shop

Adobe Image Ready

Adobe Illustrator

Axialis Screen Saver

Paint Shop Pro

Poser Pro

Microsoft Office

Primo PDF

Animation Shop 3

AVS Video Converter

Vegas Studio

Sound Forge

Acid Pro

Sibelius 3

Intelliscore Polyphonic


DVD Architect

Camtasia Recorder

Total Recorder

I am always learning new software and endeavoring to stay abreast of the latest developments, this list may grow in the near future.

Page 20: David G Duke


DGD Web Sites David G Duke Online Bio www.beyond.com/davidgduke

DGD Media Primary Portfolio http://community.ovationtv.com/dgd_media

DGD Publishing www.issuu.com/dgd_media

Trash to Treasure Store www.davidgduke.etsy.com

Gemjin TV www.gemjin.com/tv.htm

Digital Reality Gallery www.zazzle.com/dgd_media

David G Duke Music Page www.soundclick.com/davidgduke

David G Duke Voice Actor www.soundclick.com/dgd_media

David G Fashions http://community.ovationtv.com/david_g_duke

David G Fashion Store www.ustrendy.com/dgd-media

Page 21: David G Duke


DavidDavidDavidDavid G.G.G.G. DukeDukeDukeDuke Email: [email protected] Skype: davidgduke

Summary: I have over 15 years of proven, results oriented, experience in the fields of Retail, Fashion, Media, Arts and Entertainment. Combining that with a diverse background of skills and experiences, and the willingness to multitask on any job, enables me to offer new ideas on saving money and improving the over all financial health of your company. Because of my willingness to multitask, I can guarantee work is done quickly and safely, and my varied array of skills and talents often means I can work in more than one capacity for my employers, thus saving them money on payroll expenses, thus leading to healthier profits.

Related Skills: Fashion/Tailoring: Retail: Media & Arts:

• Fashion Design & Styling

• Making & Cutting Patterns

• Hand & Machine Sewing

• Zipper & Leather Repair

• Taking Measurements

• Marking Alteration Lines

• Garment Alterations & Pressing

• Accessory Design

• Visual Merchandising

• Cash Handling

• Customer Service

• Up-selling OMS

• Reading Plan-o-Grams

• Loss Prevention

• Payroll

• Stock Replenishment

• Interior Design

• Graphic Design

• Page Layout

• Photo Restoration

• Rendering Story Boards

• HTML Design

• Voice Actor

• OVT & OCR Scanning

• Audio/video Editing

Windows Software Titles: Web Design: Business & Arts: Media Production:

• Image Mapper ++

• Fire Starter

• Button Factory

• Effects Factory

• Headline Factory

• Ace HTML

• Adobe Photo Shop

• Image ready

• Illustrator

• Axialis Screen Saver

• Paint Shop Pro

• Poser Pro

• Microsoft Office

• Vegas Studio

• Sound Forge

• Acid Pro

• Sibelius 3

• Intelliscore Polyphonic

• VSO Photo DVD

• DVD Architect

Work Experience: General Laborer Freelance Designer/Artist Accounts Receivable Clerk Tailor Apprentice, Custom

Madison County

David G Duke International

Coyne Textile Services

Eleganza Custom Tailoring

August 2012 to Date

September 1999 to Date

August 2001 to November 2001

August 1997 to October 2000

For a more detailed resume, including references and links to work samples, please visit www.beyond.com/davidgduke

Page 22: David G Duke