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This presentation is to provide the basic and significant information about the gossip which lead to disrespectful behavior if not paying attention it seriously.


To understand and aware the negative effects of gossip and rumor. To know the meaning of gossip on how it affects to our lives. To learn how to avoid bad gossip that lead to disrespectful behavior. To help encourage with other people become aware about stopping to gossip and rumor.


What is a gossip? What is gossiper? The 3 powers that influence by Gossip Gossip VS Rumor Five Different types of gossip Why do Deaf people gossip? The negative and harmful effects of gossip Statistics on levels of BAPDST students against Gossip What the Bible says about Gossip? Some Deaf students believe that gossip can be positive What are some positive benefits of gossip More explanation

How to Deal with GossipHow should we respond or deal when someone begins to gossip? Summary and Conclusion Golden Rule


What is a Gossip?

Gossip is idle talk (not important, useless talk, valueless) or rumor ( not true information ,especially about the personal or private affairs (life) of others.

What is Gossiper?

A person who habitually reveals personal or shocking fact about others.

Three Powers that influence by gossip





A gossiper tells negative information about a person. Negative Gossip.


a gossiper tells positive information about a person. the people might believe the gossiper spread positive information about them. Positive gossip.


a gossiper seems to have very detailed knowledge of either in organization's values or work environment.

Gossip VS Rumor

They are the sameGossip is based in fact, but rumors are based in theory (not prove to be true) Gossip talk about shocking and personal story, but rumor make story that have no evidence or lack of true information.

5 Different Types of Gossip:Slander

CyberGossip Different Types of Gossip



Jokes or Wild Stories


Slander is when people spread rumors or lies about a person in order to intention to cause pain or damage. It comes from the word Devil. means malicious talk; to spread damaging information; to speak very bad words


Dishing is another word for gossiping, and a kind of general spreading of rumors and gossip that people dont usually think twice about.

Jokes or Wild Stories

Sometimes rumors start out as silly jokes, then get spread around and changed over and over again. When lots of people are telling the same tale, it makes it seem more like the truth.


Many rumors are just about people getting things wrong, or believing in exaggerations.


The Internet has made it easy to spread a rumor to lots of people with lightning-fast speed. Cybergossip can involve any of the other types mentioned here.

Jealous/envybad friends influence lack of awareness deep Gossip meaning

Parents no teach /warm deaf people Avoid gossip

Out of boredom

Differ concept /mind from signing

Why do Deaf people Gossip?Out of curiousty

no value learn

miscommunication/ wrong feedback

No respect

Invented (add words)

The negative and harmful effects of gossipLost value and wasted time, Break relationships Raises doubts and causes mistrust Can ruin a person's good character Hurt feelings and good reputation Can make person shame Encourages conflict Separates and destroys friendships Creates isolation (loneliness) Can cause low self esteem

Statistis on levels of BAPDST students comment about gossip

25 20 15 Numbers of Deaf 10 interviewed 19


16 12 7 9 7 7 5

50 DLPC 1st level 2nd level 3rd level


25h level

Female Male

4th level

Year Level

What the Bible says about Gossip?

The Bible has a lot of important statements regarding gossip:Leviticus 19:16 Do not go about spreading slander among your people. Do not do anything that endangers your neighbors life. I am the Lord. (NIV) Proverbs 11:13 A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret. (NIV)

Matthew 7:1 Do not judge, or you too will be judged. (NIV)

Some Deaf students believe that Gossip can be positive

43% 57% positive negative

What are some positive benefits of gossip?Encourage and build a good community with shared interest and information Build social responsibility and value It helps us bond with our friends It teaches us lessons It keeps us in line. (under control and appropriate behavior) Helps individuals learns social information about other individuals in the organization.


Gossip always happen around you school or community. Its totally normal because everyone gossip even parents, celebrities, politicians and Deaf community. Its part of how we communicate and stay connected with other peoples lives.

Sometimes not hurt but other time can very hurtful to individuals, friendship or whole group of people. CONTROL YOURSELF. YOURE RESPONSIBLE ADULT, arent you? STOP IT and GROW UP. FOCUS ON THE GOOD THINGS IN ALL OUR LIVES.

How to Deal with GossipStep 1 Direct with gossiper to stop gossip (confront) Step 6 Tell your secrets only To trusted friends Step 2 Dont participate

Step 5 Let it go

Step 3 Change the subject

Step 4 Avoid (prevent gossip)

Help to solve the problem on gossip:

Make the rumor stop with you

Help to solve the problem on gossip:

Get the facts

Help to solve the problem on gossip:

Dont be an audience

Help to solve the problem on gossip:

Be a peacemaker

Help to solve the problem on gossip:

Respect others privacy

Summary and conclusion:

The people must respect other people. If you destroy persons life, you are in disrespectful behavior and your good character will be also destroy. So dont gossip! All it does is cause hurt and damage. God rewards the just and the righteous, so do as God requests and avoid gossip - stay trustworthy.

Remember: The person who gossip to you about others, will also gossip to others about you.

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