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Smx Advanced 2014 Session #Smx #23B - Amazing Paid Search Tactics & Toolspresentation Debunking Adwords Myths And Other Dogma By Larry Kim @Larrykim Of Wordstream For more articles by Larry Kim visit


  • 1. CONFIDENTIAL DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 1 Debunking AdWords Myths and Other Dogma Larry Kim, Founder/CTO, WordStream June 12, 2014 @larrykim

2. Win a $25 Gift Certificate!! Include @larrykim and #smx in your tweets so I can find them Funniest Tweet & Best Tip Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 3. Whats a Low CTR Strategy? a) Broader Keywords Navigational/Informational/ Ambiguous Intent (e.g.: Web Development) b) Fewer Clicks Discouraging people from clicking on ads, or going after lower ad positions Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 4. CONFIDENTIAL DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 5 Pick the Red or Blue Pill Warning: Data Ahead! 5. Low CTR Used to Generate High Profits! Google Has Changed Old Strategies Need to be Revisited! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 6. Google Expects WAY More of Your Ads! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 7. Quality Score Based on Beating Expected CTR! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 8. Google Has Changed How Ad Auction Works Today, average score is 5/10. Previously was 7/10 Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 9. CONFIDENTIAL DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 10 10. CONFIDENTIAL DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 11 Low Quality Score Penalty on CPC is Brutal 11. Impression Share vs. Quality Score Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 12. But High QS Not Possible In My Industry! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 13. B2B Industry Quality Scores Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 14. Finance Industry Quality Scores Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 15. Ecommerce Industry Quality Scores Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 16. Why Cost Per Click Matters Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 17. But Position 3 Converts Better for Me!! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 18. Conv. Rate vs. Average Search Position Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 19. But My High CTR Ads Have High CPAs! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 20. How Do I Raise My Conversion Rates?! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 21. @larrykim Landing Page Unicorns?! (+3x Avg. Conversion Rate!) 22. 1. Change The Offer Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 23. The New Offer: Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 24. Epiphany: Low QS Keywords Kill Your Account 25. Example Crap Account Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 26. Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream OMG Where Are My High QS Keywords!! 27. Example Awesome Account Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 28. Even Low CTR Keywords Get High QS!!! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 29. But I REALLY NEED my Low CTR Keywords! Use RLSA! Informal Google Analysis of Regular Search Ads vs. RLSA Search Ads: 2.5x Avg. CTR, Avg. CPC ~1.5x higher Quality Score. Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 30. So How The Heck do I Scale Paid Search? Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 31. Quick Recap 1. Above Average CTR Keyword/Ads = Great Success. 2. Below Average CTR Keyword/Ads = Train Wreck 3. So Delete the bottom third of your account and re-deploy that spend to remarketing Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 32. Average CPAs for Search & Display, by Industry Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 33. A Quick Note On Averages! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 34. Summary Its hard to win at AdWords with Below Avg. CTRs Look to Display Remarketing to Scale AdWords Campaigns Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream 35. THANK YOU SMX!! Download Slides From Here: Lets Connect! ( Linkedin: Twitter: @larrykim G+: +larrykim1 Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream