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December 2011 Issue Local Market Charts & Trends Page 2-3 New Homes vs Older Homes Page 4 Eagle Home Reviews Page 8 Boise Home Reviews Page 7 Luxury Home Foreclosures Page 12 The American Dream?!? Page 23 PRSRT STD US Postage Paid Boise ID Permit #649 Brought To You By: Front Street Brokers Luxury Home Sales & Investments Ph 208.740.5000, Fx 208.441.0292 877 W Front Street, Boise Id 83702 Front Street Brokers Luxury Home Sales & Investments 877 Front Street, Boise Idaho 83702 Office 208-740-5000 Front Street 89.9FM Boise Real Estate Radio Show Fridays 12-1pm Boise Named in Top 10 Cities to Rebound in 2012 BREN Staff Writer recently released their ―Top 10 Turnaround Towns,‖ a list of the ten cities most likely to begin serious recov- ery of their realty prices in 2012. Cities were identified by comparing local un- employment data, price appreciation, median age of inventory, and supply of available homes. Florida, bolstered by large foreign in- vestments, dominated the list. But two cities in the western region also made it on: Phoenix, Arizona and Boise, Idaho. reported that Boise has seen a dramatic inventory reduction of over 40%, and a list price increase of 14% year to date. The median age of inven- tory has dropped 23% in a year, which means homes are selling faster and for more money. Another positive sign for the Boise Housing Market is rapid re- duction in foreclosures on the market. Mike Turner, Boise real estate agent and owner of Front Street Brokers says, ―I can tell you first hand that any decent foreclosure hitting the Treasure Valley has multiple offers within days or even hours of being listed, and these bidding wars often push the selling price well above the list price.‖ He also notes that, ―The supply of homes under $100,000 in Ada County used to dominate the foreclosure supply but is now almost non-existent. The majority of remaining properties are short sales with offers pending.― Phoenix and other metro areas on the list are experiencing similar trends as the Boise market. It is very likely, with all this posi- tive momentum, that these markets will be the first to see significant realty price appre- ciation in 2012. See Boise real estate charts

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See Boise real estate charts  New Homes vs Older Homes December 2011 Issue Luxury Home Foreclosures Local Market Charts & Trends Brought To You By: Phoenix and other metro areas on the list are experiencing similar trends as the Boise market. It is very likely, with all this posi- tive momentum, that these markets will be the first to see significant realty price appre- ciation in 2012. Front Street Brokers PRSRT STD US Postage Paid Boise ID Permit #649 Front Street Brokers


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December 2011 Issue

Local Market Charts & Trends

Page 2-3

New Homes vs Older Homes

Page 4

Eagle Home Reviews

Page 8

Boise Home Reviews

Page 7

Luxury Home Foreclosures

Page 12

The American Dream?!?

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US Postage Paid Boise ID

Permit #649

Brought To You By: Front Street Brokers Luxury Home Sales & Investments Ph 208.740.5000, Fx 208.441.0292 877 W Front Street, Boise Id 83702

Front Street Brokers Luxury Home Sales & Investments 877 Front Street, Boise Idaho 83702 Office 208-740-5000

Front Street


Boise Real Estate Radio Show Fridays 12-1pm

Boise Named in Top 10 Cities to Rebound in 2012 BREN Staff Writer recently released their ―Top

10 Turnaround Towns,‖ a list of the ten

cities most likely to begin serious recov-

ery of their realty prices in 2012. Cities

were identified by comparing local un-

employment data, price appreciation,

median age of inventory, and supply of

available homes.

Florida, bolstered by large foreign in-vestments, dominated the list. But two

cities in the western region also made it

on: Phoenix, Arizona and Boise, Idaho. reported that Boise has seen

a dramatic inventory reduction of over

40%, and a list price increase of 14%

year to date. The median age of inven-

tory has dropped 23% in a year, which

means homes are selling faster and for

more money. Another positive sign for

the Boise Housing Market is rapid re-

duction in foreclosures on the market.

Mike Turner, Boise real estate agent and

owner of Front Street Brokers says, ―I

can tell you first hand that any decent

foreclosure hitting the Treasure Valley

has multiple offers within days or even

hours of being listed, and these bidding

wars often push the selling price well

above the list price.‖ He also notes that,

―The supply of homes under $100,000

in Ada County used to dominate the

foreclosure supply but is now almost

non-existent. The majority of remaining properties are short sales with offers


Phoenix and other metro areas on the list

are experiencing

similar trends as

the Boise market.

It is very likely,

with all this posi-

tive momentum,

that these markets will be the first to

see significant

realty price appre-

ciation in 2012.

See Boise real estate charts

Page 2: Dec2011 newsletter

By Mike Turner

Front Street Brokers

Do you remember the Law of Supply

and Demand from economics class in school? When supply goes down and

demand goes up it will equal higher

prices, and vice versus.

With Real Estate, a good and healthy

year is considered to be when there is

about 6 months of supply of homes on

the market, meaning the total number

sold in a month should equal approxi-

mately 1/6 of the available inventory.

If the inventory levels drop below 6 months it is consider a seller‘s market

and above 6 months is considered a buy-

er‘s market. The national average is

about 8 months of inventory, therefore

on the whole the real estate market in

America is still a buyer‘s market (no

surprise there).

Boise, Idaho on the other hand is experi-

encing and odd phenomenon, where it

has gone from being close to 16 months

of inventory during the crash to being

under 6 months of inventory for most of 2011. Boise has even seen some Year

to Date price increases from this inven-

tory shortage and is positioned to do

very well in 2012.

This rapid reduction in inventory is hap-

pening in a few metro markets around

the nation that got hit very hard by the

real estate crash (like some parts of Flor-

ida, and Phoenix, AZ), which lead ini-

tially to massive price drops for those

markets. However some of these mar-kets are seeing an early rebound because

they are located in high demand areas

for buyers and the home prices are just

too attractive to pass up.

Boise is also located in a state where the

foreclosure process is much faster

than other states, and there-

fore, the back log of fore-

closures is less prominent

like it is in other states,

which are more likely to be held back more significant-

ly in 2012 by new foreclo-

sures entering the market.

Boise is easily one of the

hottest markets to watch in

2012 to see how home

prices will adjust to ac-

commodate their rapid

reduction in supply.

For weekly market updates

and more details about

these charts, subscribe at

2011 is the Year of Decreasing Supply for the Boise Real Estate Market.

The Gap Forming Between Current

Prices and Available Homes On the

Market Should Help Push Home

Prices Up Soon.

Boise Area Real Estate Market

Has Gone From 16 Months Of

Inventory Down To Below 4

Months, which is easily one of the

lowest levels in the country.

The National Average For

Monthly Inventory On

Market is above 8 months.

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2011 is the Year of Decreasing Supply for the Boise Real Estate Market.


Page 4: Dec2011 newsletter

Should you Remodel or Build New? By Jamie Walker Cilley

Front Street Brokers

According to Remodeling Magazine‘s Cost

vs. Value Report for 2010-2011, it‘s very

rare to recoup the cost of a remodeling pro-


The average cost of a kitchen remodel in

Boise, Idaho is just over $56,000. This in-

cludes updating a 200 square foot kitchen

with 30 linear feet of wood cabinets; a 3×5

foot island; laminate countertops; double

stainless-steel sink; new energy-efficient ap-

pliances and new flooring and paint through-

out. The average value of your new kitchen

when you decide to sell your home? Only

$37,000 – that‘s a loss of $19,000!

A bathroom remodel costing nearly $16,000

is only valued at $9,200 at time of sale. Up-

date an existing 5×7 foot bathroom: Replace

all fixtures to include a porcelain-on-steel tub

with ceramic tile surround; standard white

toilet; solid-surface vanity counter with inte-

gral sink and ceramic tile floor – recoup only

58% of what you just spent!

It might sound extravagant to buy a new

home just because you don‘t like your kitch-

en, but when you take into consideration the

cost, time and aggravation of remodeling, a

newly constructed home makes perfect


A new home gives you the space, the design

and all the custom features that you want –

right from the start. Unlike remodeling a

used home, your customized new home will

nearly always have a greater resale value

than the original cost.

Additionally, you benefit from lower running

costs due to energy-efficient construction

and gain peace of mind with your new home

warranties. See Jamie‘s ―Reasons to Buy

New‖ list below for more advantages to

consider when deciding whether to remodel

or buy a new home.


Brand new homes are one of the easiest ways for any home buyer to get on the

property ladder and start generating substantial equity over the first few years.

New homes are safer than older homes! They feature improved safety features, bet-

ter wiring systems, and must be built according to today’s strict building codes and standards.

New homes are healthier because most hazardous materials have been eliminated

from home building products.

Due to better windows, more efficient heating and cooling equipment, better control

of air infiltration and greater use of new insulation technologies, new homes are twice as energy efficient as homes built prior to 1980.

New homes are less expensive to maintain than older homes. Peace of mind knowing

that you won’t take on immediate unexpected costs to replace a broken appliance or

a leaky roof.

New homes often sell at higher resale values than older homes and carry better war-


A new home in a new community allows you to make friends quickly. Everyone in the

neighborhood has recently relocated allowing you to establish immediate bonds and create long lasting friendships.

Pride in being the first owner of a new home that is an expression of your impeccable

style, lifestyle and opinions.

No need to worry about replacing shag green carpeting or outdated burnt-orange

counter tops! You choose exactly what you want and begin enjoying your selections

the minute you move in!

You’re tech-savvy and so is your home! Today’s new homes are being wired to take

full advantage of the latest communication, security, home office and entertainment


New homes feature open floor plans that fit the way families live today.

Front Street Brokers is

proud to welcome Jamie

Walker Cilley as their New

Home Sales and Marketing

Director. Jamie has been an active realtor since 1993

and an active broker since 2001. She brings

with her years of experience and expertise in

new home construction and sales. A native

of Idaho, she loves spending time outdoors

with her husband and daughter. Jamie would

love to work with you! 208-830-4631

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BREN Staff Writer

For the first time since May of 2007, Boise has seen a year-over-year increase in its

home prices. Every other local market indi-

cator has been steadily positive, so it was only a matter of time before home prices

would start to climb again. With prices currently up 11% year-to-date, this is the

good news most Ada County residents have

been waiting years for.

Other good news numbers: A 50% decrease of on-market foreclosures in the last year,

and a decrease of over 50% in available

homes on the market since its peak.

Can the Boise real estate market realistical-ly say the worst is behind it? Based on these

numbers, ―Yes‖ is a pretty safe answer. Despite high unemployment, the supply of

homes continues to drop steadily and de-

mand keeps increasing.

Now to get the good news out! Mike

Turner, owner and CEO of Front Street Brokers in Boise says, ―Most people I

speak with about the real estate market still

assume Boise has a large amount of fore-closures on the market, and that is simply

no longer true. I think we‘re protected from the worst threat to any recovering

real estate market which would be banks unloading large amounts of backlogged

foreclosures. I think such a supply simply

doesn‘t exist here.‖

Take some comfort in these good news

numbers. Supply and demand are going to catch up to one another in the very near

future, and then we can really start to move forward again.

Good News Numbers for the Boise Real Estate Market

We understand, sometimes you just need to BUILD to get what you want.

The good news at Front Street Brokers is that we have a New Construction Division that is dedicated

to helping you find the best lot and builder match. We know the builders in town that you should speak

with depending on the size, scope, design and budget of your project. We can help you AVOID making

the wrong decision with a builder which can cost you big money and create a nightmare experience.

Here is how you benefit:

1. Finding the Right Lot and Builder: Let our New Construction Team help match you with the

right Builder and Lot, and make sure you are getting the best price for the lot and home you desire.

This includes setting different interviews with a handful of builders we highly recommend and helping you narrow down the best fit for you.

2. Assistance with Financing: Finding good financing options for lots and/or construction loans in today‘s market is very challenging. How-

ever the agents in our New Construction Division have consulted with dozens of banks and can lead you to the best sources for Lot and

Construction Loans available.

3. Have an Ally During the Building Process: As your partner we will have your back and can monitor the project start to finish, and if

needed we can discuss issues with the builder with you or on your behalf in case you are not local at the time of the build job.

There is NO COST for our services.

Let us help you have the best experience building your NEW HOME.

** Call Jamie Walker Cilley with Front Street Brokers to discuss your Building Ideas. She can help point you in the right direction and see what is possible

with your budget. Phone: 208-740-5000. Visit to search for Foreclosed Lots and More!

Before You Build—Talk To Us

Next Issue We Will Spotlight Local Builders

Who We Recommend and Why

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By Jared Cozby Front Street Brokers

I’m not a fan of Winter. You can blame it on growing up in Alaska

where it never seemed to be not winter, but I just don’t like being cold, period. And guess what? Neither does your house! But with cold in Idaho being unavoidable, here are some important steps you should take to protect your home during these winter months: 1. FURNACE INSPECTION: It is important to have your furnace pro-fessionally cleaned and serviced before it gets cold. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a cold house and having to wait hours, some-times days, for a repairman to come. Routine maintenance decreases

your chance of this. You may also want to have your ductwork inspect-ed at the same time (or crawl around under the house yourself and do it). Points of disconnection can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost heat. 2. CHECK FOR LEAKS: Air leaks are a common source of heat loss: Gaps in doorways and windows, even hairline ones, let a lot of cold air in. Stand in front of your door. Can you see daylight around the edges? If so—you’ve got a problem. Leaks can be easily and cheaply fixed with weather stripping for doors and caulk for windows, and will save you a

bundle. 3. GET THE FIREPLACE READY: If you have a fireplace, you need to have it cleaned every few years. If you are burning wood throughout the winter, creosote will build up and can cause a chimney fire—the leading cause of house fires in the winter. Also have your chimney in-spected for cracks which can let cold air in. 4. INSPECT THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR HOME: Walk around your house and check for cracks in the foundation or holes in the foundation

vents. Rodents are looking for a place to call home for the winter and your crawl space or basement is the perfect place. Cracks are also a

point for water intrusion. Next, check your roof for loose or missing shingles. With winter storms that bring high winds and snow weight, making sure your roof is secure will prevent further damage. 5. GET RID OF THE WATER: If it’s sitting in your pipes, it’s going to

turn to ice. Start by blowing out your sprinklers if you have them. If they break due to freezing, they are going to leak and flood your house and crawl space in Spring time. Next, detach all hoses from hose bibs. If left connected, the hoses will freeze and ice will follow the source into your hose bib which will also freeze and crack. Installing “freeze free” hose bibs is also an excellent way to protect your exterior faucets. Fi-nally, if you have an older home with an exposed water line, make sure it’s insulated or (better yet) has heat tape to ensure it stays warm. 6. PREPARE LANDSCAPING AND OUTDOOR SURFACES: Trimming

your trees is not only good to keep the tree looking nice, but also im-portant to keep brittle, hibernating branches from falling on your roof during a winter storm. Nothing about that is good. 7. BE PREPARED FOR THE UNEXPECTED: You don’t know when the power might go out, but chances are it will happen at least once this winter. Be ready with flashlights, fresh batteries, candles, and other items to keep your family visible. I also suggest checking smoke detec-tor batteries and installing a carbon monoxide detector as well. Always

better safe than sorry. Hope these tips help you and your home to have an enjoyable, or at least a bearable Winter, and a repair-free Spring!

Jared Cozby has been with Front Street Brokers since 2007. He co-hosts the Boise Real Estate Radio

Show. When not working (which is rare) he can be found on the golf course, though the majority of his free time is spent in the company of his wife and

their son.

Page 7: Dec2011 newsletter

If you have any problems with the links PLEASE call us so we can fix the problem for you. 208-740-5000

Boise home reviews

See new home reviews every week at

Our clients see the reviews before anyone else. Become a client and benefit from the best Buyers Agents in town.


4814 W. ROBERTS RD. BOISE: I‘ve got to say of all the new properties that have sprung up on the market this week, this is the one that got me most excited. I can‟t believe all that is being offered for the $789,000 asking price! I would have guessed this home to be priced easily at a million. 4,450 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, positioned right next to the

Hillcrest Country Club clubhouse (some of the finest golfing and amenities in the state just steps away from your front door). It‘s on a half acre lot, with Boise Bench rim views that are going to make you say, ―Whoa! I get to live here?!‖ This house was built in 1951, so it‘s in an immaculately cared for, established subdivision BUT the home was completely gutted and remodeled a few years ago, so it‘s like getting a brand new home in an area where there haven‘t been new homes offered for 50 years. The kitchen looks straight out of Gourmet magazine, thoughtfully divided into cooking

and bar/entertaining area. Nothing is too heavy-

handed in this home. Warm, contemporary, unique finishes that will stand out against those brown on brown McMansions dotting the out-skirts of town. A TON of money and thought was put into the remodel and care of this place. The yard has gorgeous landscaping, a raised pond, large garden space, and mature trees surrounding a gently sloped yard. Listing Courtesy of

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson.




BATHS: 4.5

4,400 Sq ft

What Mike Turner Thinks

Boise Bench

with Rim



Country Club




2328 W. TOWERVIEW LN, BOISE: If you listen to NPR, you have to recognize the name Chef Doughty, host of Food for Thought (I‘ve listened for years!) and pillar in the Boise culinary com-

munity. This is a home with a kitchen designed by her up for sale, and as you can imagine–it‘s eve-ry bit as chef-spectacular as you‘d expect. But the rest of the home is equally as impressive. Pri-vately situated on a .73 acre knoll in Somerset‘s only gated cul-de-sac, this house has one of the most beautiful views of the city and foothills. You can even enjoy it from the hot tub on your deck. Nicely landscaped with a fenced yard for children and pets. 3 car garage, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths in a spacious 3,440 sq ft. This includes a daylight basement with 500 square feet that is currently being used as a mother-in-law quarters, but homeowners are offer-

ing a $10,000 allotment to convert the space. This feels like a million dollar property coming in for

well under a million. Listing Courtesy of Silvercreek Realty.

What Mike Turner Thinks




BOISE RIDGE What Mike Turner Thinks

289 SUMMIT RIDGE: I admit this North Boise ridge home‘s style might not be everyone‘s cup of tea, but if you‘re one seeking something truly unique, and appreciate striking, modern design

this is for you. Set on a ridge in North Boise Heights Subdivision, this home can be best de-scribed as ―cozy industrial.‖ Think of a place James Bond might live and you‘ve got the feel for it! Heavy use of glass, steel, raw wood, and cement is softened by the unbelievable amount of natural light pouring in, and the sweeping views from

every angle. The house wraps courtyard-style around a contemporary pool and patio, and fea-tures several great gallery-style walls to display your art or photography collection. Vacant lot next door owned by three neighbors in order to maintain the view. I guarantee this is going to be one super-stylish owner‘s Boise dream home. Listing courtesy of Keller Williams Boise.

King of The Hill—12 Acre Luxury Home Estate in Star Idaho

Not a lot of people search properties in Star, but only a 5 minute drive from Eagle and in the Eagle school district–this is really more like an Eagle

home. Originally 1.3 million dollars now selling at $599,000. It sits on top of its own hill with incredible 360 degree views of Boise, Bogus Basin, and surrounding foothills. It comes with 12.5 acres (a steal at this price!). Only 1 acre of those is landscaped and needs care, the other 11.5 are a buffer to make sure that your exquisite panoramic views are preserved. 4,829 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 3 car garage. It has a lot of unique fea-tures and upgrades including a fireplace in the kitchen/nook area, media room with projection screen, and TWO walk-in closets in the master bedroom. Also near a

golf course so you can be out playing early every Satur-day morning. If you‘re lucky enough to snag it, you‘ll feel like you‘re on top of the world in more ways than one. Listed by Century 21 First Place Realty.

What Mike Turner Thinks

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Eagle home reviews

Here’s your chance to get a home in one

of Eagle’s most coveted subdivisions. Two Rivers is an amazing place to live with its extensive landscaping, clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, water features, etc. This home has a great waterfront view, backing up to a park-like, landscaped pond, and there‘s a cool second floor balcony off the master bedroom that really takes advantage of it! This is a for-

mer Parade Home so there is a lot of thought put into customized, upgraded finishes– gour-met kitchen, ceiling treatments, large amount of built-ins. 3,961 sq ft. 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 3 car garage. Here‘s the best part: This home was originally listed at $650,000. Now on

short sale for $450,000. I think as long as you‘re not competing with several other people, you could put in an offer significantly lower than the list price and see what happens. There are two liens on this property so a quick close is unlikely. Listing Courtesy of Realty Defenders, LLC

Right on the river in Eagle’s beautiful Island Woods subdivision, set on just under a 1/2 acre, this home was built in 2000 but looks like it‘s 200 years old–a really strong, timeless, old European mansion style that I think is unique compared to other homes being offered at the same price.

5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 5,696 sq ft.. Great room with built-in-flanked fireplace and stunning two story wrap around wall of windows poised to take in the water view. Large room above the garage with a separate entrance that could be a nanny or in-law quarters. Outside, every-thing is meticulously landscaped with large trees and decorative hedges. A low, tasteful iron fence divides the grass from the river so your view is still preserved, but you‘ll feel safe send-ing your kids out to play in the backyard. This home went off the market two years ago at $999,000 and came back on for the same price. Is it the best deal in town? No. Is it one of the

nicest homes in Eagle under 1 Million?

Yes. Listing Courtesy of Woodhouse Group.

Two Rivers Eagle Estate—Quality Built—Great Layout You could move to a manor in the European countryside, or just feel like you did in

this gorgeous home in Eagle’s desirable Two Rivers Subdivision.

Located on a private, gated street, this 4,706 sq ft home has everything: 4 bedrooms,

4.5 baths, river views from the backyard, double ovens and dishwashers in the gour-

met kitchen, an exercise room, tile roof, and outdoor kitchen. It swept the Parade of

Homes awards winning first place for its kitchen, master suite, and interior finishes. When you see the inside, you‘ll understand why! It sits on a generous, beautifully

landscaped half acre lot within walking distance of the community swimming pool.

The owner, a licensed realtor, has kept up the property beautifully inside and out. I

would tell you if there were any downsides to this home, but I can‘t find any.

More information on this and other properties available at :

Listing Courtesy of Silvercreek

Realty Group.

New home on the market in Eagle’s

Castlebury Subdivision. It has all the

European luxury touches of a Tuscan

estate: Custom tile floors throughout, a

floor-to-ceiling interior water feature, lots of molding, arches, windows, and

stone work. There are also modern amen-

ities like a theater room with wet bar.

But I think my favorite feature

(and one I haven‘t seen on any

other house) is the huge 460

square foot sunroom called a lanai.

I picture great, unique, sun-filled Thanksgiving and Christmas din-

ners out here; and enjoying sum-

mer sunsets while staying cool

underneath the ceiling fans and

protected from the mosquitoes. You really have to see it to believe it.

The house is set on an acre, 5,474 square feet (most of it on one level). 6 bed-

rooms, 3.5 baths, 3 car garage. It‘s currently being offered at $599,000 but I think

there might be some wiggle room in that price. It‘s not in foreclosure or on short

sale, but the owners picked it up on a foreclosure in the $400,000 range, so they

might be willing to take less than they‘re asking. Listing Courtesy of Silvercreek

Realty Group.

1063 Island Glenn


1837 S.


351 W. Rivermont

3473 Donnington What Mike Thinks

What Mike Thinks

What Mike Thinks

What Mike Thinks

For More Information About These Homes or Any Other Eagle Idaho Homes Call Mike at 208-740-5000

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There is a hidden gem on the mar-

ket flying under the radar and it is an unbelievable deal! First of all, I have to

highlight the fact that this home and land started off at 1.2 million and are now listed at

$500,000. That is the equivalent to 60% off at a designer store, and I‘m sure people would be jumping all over this if there were better pictures and marketing of the home and its surround-ings. The property is located in Star, right on the border of Eagle, only 11 minutes out of Boise, but a world away in it what it‘s offering: Nearly 7 acres of your own riverfront property. Walk-ing paths, fishing, hunting, even swimming in the summer and ice skating in the winter, all avail-able right out your back door. The house itself was built in 1995 and has a lot of nice features. There are vaulted wood beam ceilings, a floor to ceiling river rock fireplace, wood floors, surround sound inside

and out. A great wrap around deck with hot tub looking out over your yard with garden space, mature trees, and river view. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 3,121 sq ft. There‘s also a detached shop/shed with wiring and a wood-stove. The current owners use it as an art and yoga studio but it could also make a nice work-at-

home-but-not-in-the-home of-fice. There are no CC and R‘s on this place, so bring and park whatever you want, and just enjoy the type of country, river-front life you would imagine in a setting like this. Find out

more…Call Mike at 740-5000.

Listed by Windermere/Richard B. Smith

More Waterfront and Acreage Properties can be found by visiting and using

our “search” feature. Mike Turner and his team of agents offers honest, entertaining reviews of luxury and other Boise homes for sale. Come have a look!

Riverfront acreage properties

7 Acres on the Boise River for a Steal BANK OWNED ON THE BOISE


10499 W. SULTANA LN: This is one of those homes I feel a little conflicted about. On one hand, it‘s amongst the most gorgeous lots and settings I‘ve seen. It‘s in NW Boise, right on the border between Boise and Eagle, about 10 minutes from downtown. Surrounded by a variety of mature trees, with the river on one side and a pond on the other,

a waterfall in the front yard, and 2.5 acres of privacy in a gated community–you could fish for trout in your backyard and never tire of the view. However, the home itself is a little dated (built in 1992) and not really enough square footage or remodeling done for the $995,000 asking price, especially when it‘s bank-owned. It last sold for 1.3 million in 2003, so it‘s down in price, but not as far as I would expect it to be. I‘ll tell you what I think the best plan would be in a minute–first let me give you the rundown on the house itself: 2,876 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, theater room with wet bar, and a huge shop with RV bay. It has really dramatic cabin-style features, including soaring ceilings covered

in light logs and a custom log banister. The style might not be for everyone, but if you love that McCall look, then you‘ll love this home. I think it could also be updated or style-altered nicely and for not a lot of money, and again–the lot can‘t be beat. Now here‘s my idea: You could wait for the bank to come down on

the price, which I‘m sure it will do eventually, and then possibly end up in a bid-ding war. Or you could put in a lower offer now and see what happens. Give me a call, Mike Turner, Front Street Brokers, 208-740-

5000. Listing Courtesy of Group One Eagle.

What Mike Thinks

What Mike Thinks

Page 10: Dec2011 newsletter

2011 Donation Update

If you appreciate Front Street Brokers‘ business practices, please

help us keep the giving going by referring your friends and fam-

ily. Our realtors have committed to donating a percentage of

their commissions to a local charity of the home buyer‘s choice.

We‘re all in this together.

Nonprofits that have benefitted from our Front Street Broker

client/agent partnerships in 2011:

Meridian Senior Center $125 Friends of Zoo Boise $150

Women‘s and Children‘s Alliance $475 Boise Rescue Mission $300

Make A Wish Foundation $300 Idaho Humane Society $775

Boise Police Shop w/a Cop $550

Idaho Food Bank $400

Ronald McDonald House $200

Habitat For Humanity $125

Boise Community Radio $100

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The Dish on Bonefish By Amanda Turner

855 W. Broad Street, Boise

(208) 433-1234

A few months back, the folks around the corner at Bonefish Grill

tried to bribe us. They wandered into our office with bags full of gifts.

Coffee mugs elegantly stuffed with chocolate truffles and coupons for free

appetizers. Here‘s what I can tell you about bribery: It works.

Sometimes it takes a free appetizer to get me in the door. And hav-

ing been born and raised in Alaska, Mike is an admitted seafood snob. But

the folks at Bonefish are sly. The free coupons they distributed were for

Bang Bang Shrimp. It‘s creamy, spicy, crispy shrimp nirvana, to which our

entire office is now addicted.

I rarely make it past the appetizers, because in addition to Bang

Bang Shrimp, the Mussels Josephine and Bacon-Wrapped Sea Scallops

routinely grab my attention. I did venture into their entrees on one occasion

and met up with the Imperial Longfin, which is pan-seared, baked and

stuffed with shrimp, scallops, crab meat and lemon caper butter. My fear,

of course, was that it would be over-cooked, the most heinous of crimes

against seafood. It was perfect. For drinks, I‘m partial to the St. Supery

Merlot, though the bar can easily accommodate whatever your thirst might

be. One of these days I‘m ordering the sangria.

There is no rule that says you have to drink alcohol or sample sea-

food at Bonefish. If you‘re a seafood snob like my husband and not yet

willing to give Bonefish the benefit of the doubt, you can order the Kobe

Beef Burger or the Fontina Chop, a boneless pork chop with Fontina

cheese, garlic, prosciutto & mushroom marsala wine sauce. Even Mike

likes the Bang Bang Shrimp, though. It‘s the heroin of the sea.

If you sit in the bar area in the evening, don‘t be in a hurry. Even-

ing patrons often have to arrive with patience while the bartender scrambles

to serve a packed house. Aside from a small wait, chances are that Bone-

fish will have you hooked.

*Learn more about Amanda and her writing at

Boise Restaurant Review! Amanda Turner City of Boise Artist-in-Residence



December 1, 2011 – STEALING TIME: Prioritizing writing in

the chaos of life

Guest Author: Gretchen Anderson

From kids and dogs to jobs and laundry, there are a million obsta-

cles to completing your book. This workshop provides tips for

taking and making time for writing. Change how you think about

time, alter your actions to fill it, and finish writing your book.


Form a workshop that works

Special Guest: Greg Likins

Tips on how to establish and maintain a productive writers

group. Can‘t find a writing group that‘s a good fit? Maybe it‘s

time to make your own. Learn the who, what, when, where, why

and how of creating a highly productive, mutually beneficial group.

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When looking to invest in prop-

erty, clients typically ask me

what I would buy, single family

or multi unit. My answer is al-

ways "it depends." Each inves-

tor has their own goal when in-

vesting in real estate, so there

really isn't a right and wrong

when it comes to the type of

property to invest in. I do, how-

ever, want to advocate investing

in Single Family Residential in

this market. Below are my justi-

fications for investing in single

family residential homes:

- Long Term Tenants. Most

renters live in multi unit proper-

ties transitionally. Meaning,

they financially aren't ready for

a single family property or they

are at a location short term. The

goal of most renters is to live in

a single family property. Once

they get to that property, they

don't move as often. Less tenant

turnover is less money out of an

investor's pocket.

- More Inventory. Inventory

levels for multi unit housing are

at an all time low right now,

with very few "good deals" on

the market. When a good deal

does hit the market it's like drop-

ping a ham into a tank of pira-

nhas. There are a LOT of inves-

tors in the market right now and

a lot of those investors are fo-

cusing on multi unit housing, so

when a good multi unit hits the

market, expect multiple offers

and for the property to go

quick. As we are going into the

slow season for owner occupied

buyers, it means a better oppor-

tunity for an investor to pick up

a decent single family home

without as much competition.

-More Potential Renters. This

economy has put a lot of people

out of home ownership and into

rental status, there is no denying

that. Most of the people losing

their homes would like to keep

their quality of

life as close to

the same as pos-

sible. That

means moving

into a similar

home. They

may live in a

smaller house or

a house with

fewer amenities,

but they aren‘t

moving from a 4

bed/ 2.5 bath

into an apart-

ment, they will

still require the

single family

home. There

are lots of those tenants right


- Easier to SELL. Sell? I

thought we were talking about

buying? We are, but when you

look at investing in real estate,

you always have to look at your

exit strategy. Most investors do

have the goal of selling the

property at some point down the

road. Single family is typically

easier to sell as there is a bigger

buyer pool. You have other in-

vestors, first time home buyers,

move up buyers, etc. If you are

selling a 4-plex, you limit your-

self to mostly investor buyers.

- Get More Money on the

Sale. Investors will only pay a

certain dollar figure on a proper-

ty depending on the CAP

rate. With single family, you

can sell to an owner occupied

buyer who will purchase with

more emotions and pay more.

There are arguments for pur-

chasing multi units, but in this

current market I recommend sin-

gle family properties. If you

would like more information or

to discuss your investment

needs, please contact Jared

Cozby at Jared or

(208) 740-5000.

Investing in this Market: Single Family is Key

Jared Cozby Front Street Brokers

(208) 740-5000


Front Street Brokers would like to

welcome our new neighbors, Social

Good Network. Like us, they‘re a

company that believes in for profit

companies benefitting nonprofit or-ganizations.

Social Good Network is an online shopping portal that makes charitable

giving simple, social and sustainable.

By partnering with nonprofits and

major retailers, they've created an

online community that lets its users

earn donations for great causes, simply

by shopping from their website. It

doesn't cost any more than buying

directly from the retailer, but eligible

purchases put money into a personal-

ized Giving Account that you can then direct to your favorite nonprofits. It‘s

free and easy to sign up. Check out

some of the great local nonprofits fea-

turing projects they‘re working on and

why they need your support, then sign

up and do a little Christmas shopping

without having to fight lines. And

welcome, SGN—we‘re happy to have

you in our neighborhood!

By Jennifer Sanders Peterson

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JARED COZBY’S REVIEW OF 2365 W. GRAND TE-TON DR, MERIDIAN: As soon as this property showed up in my inbox, I knew I needed to get the word out because it wouldn‘t last long. Located in Meridian‘s desirable Lochsa

Falls subdivision, this home was built for $517,000 in 2007 and now bank-owned is being offered at only $289,000. This home has 3,545 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths–most of the living on the main level with a bonus room, bedroom, and bathroom up above (throw your teenagers up there!). I was struck by the extensive use of high end stone and tile work in this house, as well as the beautiful hand-scraped walnut floors–all lending to an almost castle-like feel, but softened by the

light let in through the extensive banks of windows. Very Small Low Maintenance Yard, which is good for some, but a negative for others. Great schools, great subdivision, but the lots are on the smaller side of what is available today. I think this one is going to generate a lot of activity because of its extensive high end finishes, so give me a call today so you can get in on it if this sounds and looks like your dream home. Jared Cozby, Front Street Brokers, 208-740-5000

Listing Courtesy of Keller Williams.

Luxury foreclosures







MIKE TURNER’S REVIEW OF 4182 BRAVEHEART, EAGLE: This property recently went from short sale into foreclosure and at $429,000, it sure is priced like one! 4,212 sq ft with all the material and appliance upgrades you‘d

expect in a luxury home. 5 bedroom, 4 bath, 3 car garage in the Loch Lomond Subdivision at the end of a quiet, private street. But what I find incredible is that it sits on almost 2

ACRES! That‘s where it‘s hard to believe the price. Alt-hough brand new on the market, this home hasn‘t had nearly the traffic I think it should have and my guess would be because there are only 5 poor quality photos of the home which don‘t do it justice AT ALL. Have a look at my video

review which has some more information (including all 5 of the lame pictures). And then give me a call and let‘s go have a look at it. At this price, someone is going to figure out what a steal it is and nab it. Mike Turner, Front Street Bro-kers. 208-740-5000. Listing Courtesy of Silvercreek Realty Group.




MIKE TURNER’S REVIEW OF 3988 QUAIL HILL CT, BOISE: What a great opportunity this NW Boise home is! Located in the desirable Quail Ridge Subdivision, this home sold new in 2006 for $600,000. Now bank owned, it‘s

asking price is only $379,900. So there‘s a chance to get in, enjoy this fabulous home, and have tons of equity build up over the next few years. Very well cared for inside and out. This home has 3,000 square feet, 4 large bedrooms with spacious closets, 3.5 baths, bonus room, and 3 car garage.

And you won’t believe the views of the canyon and city! They‘re especially appreciated from the window-wrapped great room and the large, covered flagstone patio. Lots of

hardwood, granite, tile, and upgraded finishes and cabinetry. The lot is on the smaller side (.28 of an acre) but it‘s very nicely landscaped and perfect for someone who would prefer an easy-to-maintain space over a big yard. Give me a call and let‘s see if we can make this home work for you! More information available at or call 208-740-5000 Listing Courtesy of RE/MAX Capital City.

See the best LUXURY HOME FORECLOSURES in Idaho by downloading our free report at:

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Idaho luxury Home Deals

Homes that have been discounted up to 65%

Get Monthly Market Reports and Weekly Email Alerts

Free Service To You If You Are In The Market For A Deal Of A Lifetime

Then Take Action Now, Download Our Free Report and Analysis Instantly

applicant, it‘s probably better

that you don‘t.

As you know, there are things

you can and can‘t ask on a hous-

ing application. You can deter-

mine not to rent to someone

based on their credit history,

income, or criminal past but you

can‘t turn someone down be-cause of their race, religious be-

liefs, gender, disabilities, or even

their questionable party pictures.

So what might happen if you go to an applicant‘s social media

page and see their race, religion,

political views or even sexual

orientation? And (especially)

what if they‘re contrary to

yours? In viewing the page, you

just made information available

to yourself that you‘re not aloud

to ask about on a housing appli-

cation. As I mentioned previous-

ly, a turned-down tenant would have a difficult case to prove but

if they get the right attorney and/

or fair housing official, then you

will at least have a major and

potentially expensive inconven-

ience on your hands. My best

advice is to steer clear of social

media investigations and let only

information given on the housing

application guide your decision.

The rest is better left not


Keep up to date with special events, new listings, market

information and much more! Mike Turner Front Street Brokers

Luxury Home Sales

(208) 740-5000




Front Street Brokers

The daughter of a friend of

mine is in her first year at Boi-

se State University. Currently,

she‘s living in a dorm room,

but she and her parents are

already discussing her living

arrangements for next year,

when she will most likely

move into an apartment some place near the Boise Campus.

As with most college-aged

kids, the young lady has a Fa-

cebook account. Recently, her

mother told me she began de-

leting some posts and pictures

from her account and sharing

less information. She had done

the same thing a year ago when

she was applying to colleges –

worried that schools would be paying close attention to appli-

cants‘ social media presence.

Now she‘s concerned that con-

tent on her page might hurt her

chances with respect to secur-

ing an apartment lease next


Interestingly, this wasn‘t the

first time I‘d heard of this con-

cern. There was an article I

saw online about a woman

with good income, excellent

credit, and a stellar record as a

tenant who was turned down

for an apartment. She was pret-ty sure the landlord had looked

at her Facebook page, where

people can see that she is a

political activist and practices


Those things aren‘t the same as

my friend‘s daughter‘s con-

cerns over pictures of college

parties or foul language on her

page, but the idea is the same. In a society where it‘s estimat-

ed that nearly 20 percent of

companies research job appli-

cants on social media sites, you

can bet that landlords and

property managers are check-

ing out prospective tenants

online, too.

The flip side of the situation, however, is that landlords

cannot discriminate against

prospective tenants based on

things including race, reli-

gion, or political views. How-

ever, social media usually

reveals these things and social

media sites are being looked

at by landlords. If they then

base their decision not to rent

based on any of those criteria,

they are breaking the law.

The problem is, for as tough

as Fair Housing laws are—

you‘d still have to prove it.

You would have to show that

the landlord saw your social

media page and prove what he

or she found was the reason

you were discriminated

against. That would be diffi-

cult to do without a lot of speculation.

Of course, the best way to

avoid the situation entirely is

to be aware that landlords

look online as part of their

research, so don‘t post things

you wouldn‘t want any poten-

tial landlords (or employers,

loan officers, schools, etc.) to

see. For example, you might

not want to reveal via your social media pages that you

have seven cats. You proba-

bly don‘t want pictures up

that show loud, wild parties

going on. You shouldn‘t list

“How to Make Pipe Bombs in

Your Kitchen,‖ among your

favorite books. You get the


And what if you are a land-lord? Although you want the

most responsible person in

your property, and as tempt-

ing as it is to use social media

sites as ways to investigate an

Page 14: Dec2011 newsletter

Mike’s List

Window Cleaning

Picture Perfect Window Cleaning


―Tom has been providing quality work since 1988. He also

does screen cleaning, gutter cleaning, Pressure Washing and

Christmas light hanging.‖

Mortgage Banker Daniel Fullmer NMLS#3710

Affinity Mortgage


―Dan is a frequent guest on my radio show and my go-to

source for my mortgage questions and loans. Definitely con-

tact Dan when you need a loan.‖

Roofing Company Idaho Roofing Contractors, Inc

Levi Phillips


―Levi has been helping my clients with their roofing needs

for years. Definitely give him a call.‖

Home Inspections Davin Strand

Bent Nail Home Inspections


―Davin has been our recommended

inspector for our real estate firm for years for good reason.

He is the best.‖

Hot Tub Cleaning Spa Clean


―My brother owns this company, and he does an excellent

job. If you own a hot tub, definitely try it out. He deep

cleans the hot tub (including the jets), so it will stay clean

much longer, and makes it like new.‖

Property Management Matt Rubio

Boise Rental Management


―I refer investors to my brother-in-law‘s property manage-

ment company. Not only is Matt the kind of guy you want in

your corner, he is all business with tenants and helps you

keep your investments profitable.‖

STOP Randomly picking companies out of the phone book, Craigslist, or Google. If you are looking for help, whether it‘s someone to fix your sprinklers or an attorney to draft your

will, then do yourself a favor and ask Mike who he likes to use. Below is quick list of some of

his favorite local companies he uses and recommends. Don’t take a chance with your money

and time. Call 740-5000 or Email [email protected] for a recommendation or pick any company from this list.

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Financial Services & Insurance

Lane A. Fullmer, CLU

465-6666 [email protected]

We Need your


80% of our business is from referrals

If you appreciate this newspaper and want your friends and family to work with the most knowl-edgeable real estate brokerage in town who are

also committed to community involvement, send them to Front Street Brokers.


877 W Front St, Boise ID 208.740.5000

By: Jared Cozby

Front Street Brokers

As part of the government TARP fund, money was allocated to cities

across America to help with the foreclosure crisis. The money each city

received was determined by the number of foreclosures per capita. The-

se funds were then to be used for cities to purchase foreclosed homes

that were most in need of rehabilitative work to become ―livable.‖ Boise

was one of those recipients and now has a Neighborhood Stabilization

Program (NSP) available, helping homebuyers get into an affordable

property and helping neighborhoods to cut down on the amount of

―eyesores‖ that uncared for foreclosures create. What does it mean for

you? It means if you qualify, you can you purchase a move-in ready

home with some amazing financing options.

Here‘s how it works: With the NSP program, the city of Boise gives you

a ―silent‖ second loan up to 20% of the purchase price of the home. That

means 100% financing is available. Although there is a second loan,

there are no monthly payments due on that loan, it‘s only due and paya-

ble when you sell the home. This program allows buyers to purchase

much more home for their money and to purchase a home with no down

payment. Below is a great example of what you can get with the City of

Boise‘s NSP program:

Without the NSP program, this buyer would have only been able to af-

ford a home with a purchase price of $75,000. With it, he now owns his

own home and with less of a monthly payment than he was paying for an

apartment rental.

There is currently only ONE property available through the City of Boi-

se‘s NSP program but more properties coming in 2012. Please contact

Jared Cozby at 208-740-5000 to get information about the properties

coming available. These properties go quick!

Purchase Price: $92,000 3 BEDROOM, 1 BATH, 1,100 Sq ft Silent Second Loan: $18,400 Monthly Payment: $532 SOLD in DAYS!



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By Mike Turner Front Street Brokers

Luxury Home Sales

I get weekly phone calls from people trying to decide

if they should short sale their home. The only problem

being, they don‟t know what a short sale is. I believe

they represent a large section of the Boise area who

continue to be confused about the nature of short

sales—who should use them, when, and why.

What is a short sale? First off, the term ―short‖

in short sale does not mean quick or fast. If you have

ever tried to purchase a short sale foreclosure you

already know this. Short means selling the home short of what is owed on the mortgage. For example,

if your mortgage is $200,000 but the current market

for your home is at $150,000, then lenders will often

allow you to sell your home for the $150,000, so you

end up shorting your mortgage by $50,000.

How do you know if you qualify for a

short sale? Just about anyone who can prove to the

lender a hardship as to why they can no longer afford

their original mortgage, can qualify. Hardships are

typically some sort of loss of monthly income, but I

have seen lenders approve short sales for a variety of


Is a short sale right for

you? Here are two points to consider:

Have you exhausted all other alter-

natives with your lender, such as

loan modifications and refinance options? Coming in December

2011, there will be new refinance

options available to homeowners

with negative equity which allow

them to refinance at a lower rate. If

you‘re current on your mortgage

payments, this might be a better option than a

short sale.

How important is maintaining your good credit?

The impact to your credit and your ability to get

financing in the future is often much improved

with a short sale compared to just letting the

home go back to the lender.

If you feel you fit the criteria for a short sale, it would be worth sitting down with me or another broker and

laying out a plan of action. Dealing with a home‘s

sale, especially one you‘re unpre-

pared for, makes for a stressful

time, and a qualified professional

can ease a lot of the anxiety.

For more information, and answers

to your questions contact my office

at Front Street Brokers 208-740-



The Boise housing market continues to improve: Home

prices up compared to last year; Foreclosures down

50% from 2010.

The biggest threat to all this positive momentum is the

so called ―Wave of Foreclosures‖ predicted by housing

analysts to hit the market this spring. If it does, it could

force area home prices down even further.

However, before we all start to panic, let me share a

side of the story that nobody is talking about:

First, I have to point out that these same industry ex-

perts have been predicting a huge wave of foreclosures

every year for the last three years. Even as recently as

January Realty Trac made big news by announcing that

2011 would have record numbers of foreclosures hit

the market, when in fact, the Boise market saw foreclo-

sures decrease significantly.

Under enhanced scrutiny for the inaccuracy of their

paperwork, the bank‘s ability to foreclose on homes in

certain areas such as California, New York, and New

Jersey, has been slowed significantly due to the com-

plicated nature of these state‘s foreclosure laws. In

such areas it may take many months, if not years, long-

er to complete a foreclosure than it does in Idaho. We,

in comparison, have seen the majority supply of our foreclosed homes already processed and sent to mar-

ket, and are therefore unlikely to be devastated by any

significant shadow inventory.

Therefore, I am going against the grain to pre-dict that the Boise market will not only see

fewer foreclosures in 2012 than we did in

2011, but that home prices will actually in-

crease 5-10%. Though we may see a slight

uptick in foreclosures in early 2012, it won‘t

be enough to drop the market back down.

Boise is the only metro market I know of ex-

periencing an extreme shortage of homes on

the market, where current inventory levels are

close to those seen in 1999. There is far great-

er demand for foreclosed homes than there are

ones available, which should help protect our

market from a direct hit of the predicted foreclosure


Mike Turner is the Founder and CEO of Front Street Brokers, Host

of the Boise Real Estate Radio Show, and Editor of the Boise Real

Estate Newspaper. Mike specializes in Luxury Home Sales in Idaho,

and is widely known for his comprehensive knowledge of local mar-

ket trends and opportunities.


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Private (Pocket) Listings

Property Details:

Huge Drive-through Shop, 2.5 Acres Beautifully Landscaped (over a hundred trees

planted). Awesome, unobstructed views of the Owhyee mountains. 5+ Bedrooms, 3.5

Baths, 7650 sq ft., 6 car garage. Sellers

have it priced to sell but want to keep their privacy so they are not on the open market.

I thought it might take forever to drive to Wilder; however, it only took 35 min from

my house in Boise, and there were scenic views to enjoy on the way. As I pulled

into the small subdivision (there are only 3 or 4 houses on the street), I was first

blown away by the lush landscaping. Everywhere I looked were blooming flowers

and green trees. A huge amount of money invested by the owners on the exterior of

this home. There is even a small putting green, and grape vines.

The huge shop is wired and ready to

go—even has room for an apartment

or office. Plenty of space for an RV

and/or a boat. Inside there‘s a great gathering-style

kitchen. Top of the line insulation has

saved the owners a ton of money on

heating and cooling costs. This would

be a great home for a family wanting

to enjoy that wide open country

life, or a couple looking to retire and enjoy a lot of large family

visits and gatherings.

Read More of Mike’s Review


What Mike Thinks

Property Details:

Price: $549,000, 5 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths, 3 Car Garage, 4115 sq ft,.

Immaculate home with no expense spared. Great 5 bedroom family home yet

very luxurious and great for entertaining - bonefide theater room. Back yard is

your own private paradise with pool, spa, outdoor kitchen on a lot that backs up

to an open area. OWNER WILL CARRY: Seller's loan is assumable and/or

they are willing to carry a 2nd or the majority of it. Lot's of options. THIS IS A PRIVATE LISTING WITH FRONT STREET BROKERS, NOT ON

THE MLS. Call Mike or Sandi at 208-740-5000

What Mike Thinks

Interested in having your home privately listed ?– No Yard Sign, No Short Notice Showings from

Random Agents, No Nosy Neighbors, No Commitments, Keep Your Privacy, But Get Your Home SOLD.

Contact Mike Turner with Front Street Brokers at 208-740-5000 for more details.

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Front Street Brokers

If you are a homeowner current on

your mortgage payments but still struggling to keep up, help may be on

the way.

President Obama recently bypassed

congress and made an executive order mandating that Fannie Mae and Fred-

die Mac start helping homeowners

refinance to a lower rate, no matter

how much negative equity they have

on their home, so long as their mort-

gage payments are current. The ad-

ministration downplayed the order,

claiming it will only help about a mil-

lion people, but I feel it has the poten-

tial to help three times that amount if

they knew about it. The problem thus

far is that no one is talking about it!

This reform allows borrowers to re-

finance without an appraisal and wrap

closing costs into their loan. In hard hit areas like Boise and the surround-

ing Treasure Valley where property

values have fallen close to 40%, this

could help thousands of residents stay

in their homes.

Lenders should be able to

start processing these new

loans by mid-December, so

be sure to contact your lend-

er by Dec 1st to see how you could benefit from this new

reform. More manageable

payments for homeowners

mean more money going

back into the economy, less

into the banks, and another

step towards economic turn-

around. That‘s good news

everyone should know


For more information on this NEW REFI program, contact us at Front Street Brokers, 208-740-5000


ON YOU TUBE! View virtual tours and video reviews of

area homes for sale. Visit us at



Boise Real Estate News is read by

professionals, homeowners, and those

in the market for a new home.

Reach this audience today!

For a price sheet and circulation details

CALL 208-740-5000

Or send email inquiries to [email protected]


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Reduce The Principal on Your Jumbo Loan?

Here’s the profile: You bought a home a few years ago. Now you find yourself

upside down in a huge loan. You can technically afford to make the payments,

but you are staring down the barrel of not knowing when or if you will ever have

equity in your home again. You don‘t want to short sale, because you probably

don‘t qualify, and you don‘t want to ruin your credit. Maybe you really like your

home, but are torn given the financial realities. What are your options?

There is a new niche in the real estate and lending world. It is very likely that we

can help by negotiating the principle balance on your jumbo loan and get your

equity back. You must be current on payments, and be able to qualify for a tradi-

tional loan. Your loan must have a principal balance of at least $425,000, no max-

imum. Residential or commercial. Whenever there is a need, the market will pro-vide a solution. Give me a call to discuss your loan situation and we can quickly

see if we can help you.

Gavin McCaleb 208-740-5000


By Gavin McCaleb Front Street Brokers

Some investors sat on the sidelines this year, watching and waiting. Those who have successfully invested in real estate know that it can be a very pre-dictable and reliable way to increase their wealth. As with any investment, there are risks. And like anything else, the more you quantify and control the risks, the more confidence you can have in your investment. The huge opportunity in today’s mar-ket is with our Lease Option Invest-ment Program. Lease Options are not new. They have always been part of the real estate landscape. It just so happens that right now these deals are very desirable to investors. The first reason is pretty obvious. Homes are priced right again. They are priced at a point relative to the rental mar-kets that you can cash flow pretty handsomely. But many investors don’t want to deal with renters or being a landlord. That’s why lease options are a better deal. Because these aren’t just renters. Think of them as slow buyers. They are slowly buying the house from you, while maintaining it and growing more attached to it. Let me profile the ideal buyer. Right

now there is a large buyer pool that is very valuable to a lease option inves-tor. These buyers have something negative on their credit report within the last couple of years. Maybe they had a foreclosure, a short sale, or a bankruptcy. They don’t qualify for a traditional loan. But many are back on their feet and well on their way to new levels of success. They have good, steady jobs, they have cash to make a down payment, and once placed in a home they have a huge incentive to stay current on payments, they want to be able to take advantage of the incredible pricing we see in today’s market. We give them a lock on a very attractive option price on a home that they chose and that they are tak-ing care of. Our leases are structured so that these tenants are responsible for ongoing maintenance and all mi-nor repairs, making them feel like the owners they are. All our buyers are screened by a loan officer to see what steps are neces-sary for them to qualify for a tradition-al loan. We can keep track of their progress to help them to meet their goal of obtaining long term financing before the end of their option term. So how does an investor take ad-vantage of this situation? Simple. You

purchase a house that one of our pre-screened buyers has chosen. They pay an option fee, plus they pay rent at a slight premium above market rent. Then, at the end of the option term, when they exercise the option, you realize additional gain above what you purchased the home for. If they fail to exercise the option, you can lease it to another tenant - Col-lecting another option premium - just keep it as a rental, or sell it. All of the-se options are very realistic given the pricing we are seeing right now. This is perfect if you have a self-directed IRA or other funds that you just have parked in a low yield “safe” investment account. This is not an investment fund or a security of any kind, it’s just you matched one-to-one with a property that you hold title to. We can manage it, or you can man-age it. We have a list of approved and screened buyers and are always look-ing for more investor partners. If you are interested or want more infor-mation, contact me and I can show you some examples and we can talk about specific numbers. Gavin McCaleb. Call me at 208-890-0591, or email me at [email protected]

If you want to succeed with your

Boise short sale, you really need

someone to represent you. This is

not because you are incapable of

grasping the process. You could

market your home For Sale By

Owner and get a short sale ap-

proved. But what‘s the point?

When the bank takes a discount,

you‘re not allowed to make any

money, so why would you want to

do all the work if you can‘t get


How do you choose a good Boise Realtor to help with your short sale? I‘ve narrowed

it down to two basic criteria. 1. A

good Realtor knows what they are

doing. And I mean, they have a

successful track record, not just an

understanding of short sales from

reading articles on the internet.

And, 2. You have to feel comfort-

able with them. You want to feel

like you are welcome to call at any

time with a question, and actually

be able to talk to someone. You

want to know you are a priority

and your Boise short sale will be

taken care of in a way that you

understand and are pleased with.

If you have any questions about

how your specific situation might

fit into the Boise short sale frame-

work, please contact me. Or, if

you know that you, or someone

you know, is ready to get started

on a short sale listing, lets get roll-


All the information you need re-

garding your Boise short sale can

be found at

Gavin McCaleb

started in real

estate as an

investor in 2003

and since then

has personally

bought and sold

over 100 houses.

In 2004 he de-

veloped a com-

prehensive Short

Sale curriculum

that has been taught to thousands of inves-

tors nationwide. Over the years he has

negotiated literally hundreds of short sales,

working with most of the major national

and local lenders.

Gavin has lived in Boise for over 20

years. He appreciates the awesome recrea-

tional opportunities we have available here

and enjoys snowboarding in the winter and

golf in the summer. He and his wife have

two daughters.

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Sandi Rubio’s Review of 1112 W. Main St #302, Boise:

They saved the best for last! This is the only unit currently left

for sale in the Royal Plaza. Remodeled and absolutely move-

in ready for upscale downtown living. This condo has spa-

cious 10 ft ceilings, bamboo flooring, custom cabinetry and

lighting, and panoramic views of downtown and the foothills.

Just steps away from all the best restaurants, shopping, and

entertainment. Call me for more details today. Sandi Rubio,

Front Street Brokers, 208-740-5000.

Listed by Windermere Access Realty.


Secure Parking

Rooftop deck with barbecue area

On site exercise facility



-2 bedroom

-2 bath

-1625 sq ft


Sandi Rubio moved

here from Seattle, WA

with her husband, Matt

and two daughters, and

couldn‘t be happi-

er. She is ecstatic about

the fact that she is only

3 miles from the office,

yet only 16 miles from the top of Bogus

Basin. Where else but Boise can that


Sandi specializes in working with buyers,

with a focus on Luxury Homes, Condos,

and Investment Properties. Sandi also teach-

es Zumba, and other fitness classes around


Mobile: (425) 802-5711

[email protected]


rare combination of having privacy, space AND living in the coveted North End! This 5 bedroom/3 bath home is set on

a hill with Boise city views. It‘s full of great features but the best one would have to be its huge half acre of gently

sloped, landscaped lawn, complete with custom jungle gym, just fifty yards from walking trails.

Nearly 4,000 square feet of beautifully updated space,

you would never guess the home was built in 1980. Enjoy a

sun room, dining room with a fireplace, walk out daylight

basement (onto that great backyard!), and warm toes

thanks to the heated floor in the master bathroom. A few downfalls would be that at 13×10, the kitchen isn‘t as large

as you might expect in a home this size, but it‘s finished

with all high-end materials and appliances, and would be

very easy to expand if you wanted something larger. Also,

the 5th bedroom is not up to code but could make for a

great office, sitting room, or library if you have any con-

cerns about using it as a bedroom space. So, if you‘ve al-

ways wanted to live in the North End but still wanted room

to roam, I think you‘ll fall in love with this home. Give me

a call today to take a look! 208-740-5000 Listing Courtesy

Keller Williams Boise.


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Welcome Home


Fractional ownership at its best. 1/12 ownership starting at $68,000

No maintenance, just drive in and start your vacation

Rent out one of your weeks and pay for the entire

year’s dues

New million dollar luxury cabins

3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 3,200 square feet, office,

loft for the kids

Stay anytime the schedule is open, whether for a night

or a week, for one nominal cleaning fee

Have your family getaway cabin without the fuss




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By Mike Turner

Front Street Brokers

Since the nationwide housing market decline

began four or five years ago, there have been

plenty of media reports suggesting that the

American dream of home ownership has

changed. The dream being based on the ad-

vantages of homeownership, one of them being

price appreciation, which, combined with a

―forced savings‖ account of paying off a mort-

gage, made owning a home a great financial


The murmurs began almost as soon as home

prices dropped after the bubble burst. Maybe

owning a home isn‘t as big a part of the dream

as it once was. But surveys show that even in

the toughest of times, Americans still want to

own their own homes. It‘s still part of the

American Dream. And you know what? It still

should be. It used to be that people bought

homes and planned to live in them for a long

time. Homes always appreciated in value, and

paying off a long-term mortgage generally

meant owning a home free and clear right be-

fore retirement – so you could either live your

golden years with no house payment, or you

could sell and use the earnings in retirement.

The bubble changed people‘s expectations,

though. The rapid gains in home values – espe-

cially in the ―sand‖ states like Arizona and

California – led to speculation. Instead of long-

term investments that provided eventual retire-

ment security and tax savings along the way,

houses became cash machines, equity traded

for instant gratification. It was unsustainable,

of course. But the lesson the media says we

should take from the whole situation is that

maybe owning a home isn‘t such a good idea.

What the lesson really should be, however, is

that just like our expectations changed during

the bubble, they must change again now.

Homeownership still has benefits. It‘s just that

expectations have to go back to what they were

pre-bubble. If you were to buy a house now,

for example, you are probably going to have to

plan on living there at least six or seven years

before you will derive the full benefit of appre-

ciation plus principal pay-down. But with such

affordable purchase prices and low interest

rates, you are saving the money you might

have earned in times of steep price apprecia-


Appreciation will come back eventually, but it

will be the more modest sort, the kind we saw

before the big real estate run-up. Equity will be

available, just not as quickly as it was in the

middle of last decade when you could buy a

home and take cash out on a refinance or flip—

in a matter of months in some cases.

It‘s not a new idea. This is how people used to

see real estate. They also used to see a home as

a place to raise a family, establish roots in a

community, paint

the walls the colors

they wanted, enjoy

the pride of home-

ownership, and not

pay down a land-

lord‘s mortgage with

rent. Those things,

established as bene-

fits long ago before

the bubble, have not

changed. What

changed were the

market conditions

during the bubble.

As for people who

bought homes during

that period— yes, you‘ve probably seen a drop

in your home‘s value on paper. I read a great

article about the dream of homeownership in

the Arizona Republic, a newspaper from a state

that‘s been hit especially hard in the real estate

market. The article addressed the mind-set of

homeowners who bought there during the bub-

ble. From the article:

“Most homeowners who bought during the

boom will likely have to wait at least 10 years

to see their values rebound. But housing advo-

cates say for people to be happy and own a

home, they must stop focusing so much on the


„Almost everyone has lost money on a

house,‟ (Former Arizona Housing Director)

Fred Karnas said. „We have to move on.‟”

Yes, we do, and that moving on includes a kind

of moving back, too. To the expectations

homeownership used to comprise. And really,

a return to more sensible times is a good thing


THE AMERICAN DREAM Don’t Change It, Just Adjust the Expectation


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This news publication is brought to you by Front Street Brokers.

We specialize in helping buyers find and negotiate the best deals on the market, and we have a long reputation of unique and creative real estate services that give our clients an edge in today‘s market. We hope you find this newspaper informative and you will see the difference you can get in a real estate brokerage who is willing to go the true extra mile for

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Front Street Brokers specialize in luxury home sales and investment properties, and

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MIkE TURNERS REVIEW OF 1024 W PARKHILL DR, BOISE: This one-of-a-kind North Boise modern home with exotic flair reminds me of

a custom-made suit: It won‘t fit everyone, but it‘s going to be absolutely per-

fect for the right person. It sits on a hill offering unbelievable views of Hull‘s

Gulch and all of downtown Boise. The extensive use of high end materials is like nothing being built today:

warm, rich hardwoods blend into sleek marble floors and bump against rough

-hewn stone and smooth steel and glass. Other ―wow!‖ features include the unique red-laquered fireplace in the family room/lounge, floating staircase,

wine cellar, and two retractable glass walls that open up the master suite di-

rectly to the outside, and those views that just won‘t quit. And I haven‘t even mentioned the outside yet! The huge 3/4 acre lot feels intimate, broken up into

several dramatic, private gathering areas, including an outdoor kitchen with

wood burning oven. 3935 sq ft.

of dramatic living space. 3 bed-rooms, 3.5 baths, six car garage,

everything freshly remodeled in

2006. I guarantee you won‘t find another home with another

setting like this anywhere else.

For more information contact Mike at 208-740-5000.

Listing Courtesy of

Windermere/Sun Valley.