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    Delicate Chain and Link Earrings

    Vintage Glamour

    2 x MB895 3 way branch connectors 6 x FS012 crystal chatons 2 x FN016 silver headpins 6 x FN141 4mm silver jump rings 4 x 2.5cm long pieces of silver curb chain cut from FN165 silver chain 2 x CC1140 4x6mm oval crystal beads

    To Make

    Thread 1A onto a headpin. Trim and loop and attach to the open loop at the centre of the branch connector, beneath the �ower motif.

    Use 4mm jump rings to attach a length of chain to each of the end loops of the branch connector. Open another jump ring and pick up the end link of each of the two chains just attached, and a �shhook earwire. Close the jump ring to secure.

    Using PVA glue or similar, glue the chatons into the centre and the two sprig cups of each of the branch connectors.

    Lightweight vintage feel earrings and 3D crystal stacks all made from beautiful combinations of crystal, chain and links.

    Red Romance

    8 x FN016 silver headpins 2 x FN014 silver eyepins 8 x 1.5cm lengths of chain cut from a FN165 curb chain 16 x CC1245 4x6mm red crystal rondelles (A) 2 x CC1285 6x8mm red crystal rondelles (B) 4 x MB890 quatrefoil link 12 x FN141 4mm jump rings

    To Make

    These earrings are made by using the quatrefoil links as dividers to give a fabulous extra dimension to these earrings.

    Onto a headpin thread 1A. Take the headpin through one of the corner loops on a quatre- foil link, thread on 1A, then place a second quatrefoil link on top of this. Trim and loop. Repeat three times, with the other three corners of the quatrefoil links so that the beads and links form a 4x4 block.

    Open a 4mm jump ring and use it to attach one of the chain lengths to one of the loops just formed above the top quatrefoil link. Repeat with the other three links.

    Onto an eyepin thread 1B. Trim and loop.

    Open a jump ring. Thread on the open end links of the four chains attached to the beaded base, and one end of the eyepin link just made. Close the jump ring.

    Attach the other end of the eyepin link to an earwire with a further jump ring.

    If you have not made earrings before take a look at the Loops and Linking download on the Techniques page

    of the Spellbound web site for more detailed information on turning

    loops correctly