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  • ALIP in the CloudDelivering unprecedented agility, productivity and cost-savings

  • Enjoy lower, predictable and manageable costsAs an alternative to on-premise implementation, ALIP in the Cloud provides access to sophisticated functionality without the large investment of infrastructure costs and lengthy lead time.

    Reduce risk and disruption during implementationWhether implementing or upgrading ALIP, carriers can test and integrate their data at their own speed until theyre ready to move it in-house. Gain processing efficiencies Full administration capabilities can be run in the cloud or augmented in an on-premise environment for initiatives like product development, testing, conversions, pilots, UAT and/or overnight processing. Instant short-term and long-term scalabilityCarriers are able to scale quickly for periodic needs such as month-end, year-end processing and conversions without long-term investment.

    Eliminate constraints for smaller carriersWith a cloud environment, the ability to implement a robust and sophisticated administration system is much cheaper and faster Pay for what you useCarriers only pay for infrastructure they actually use, saving time and money. Manage high processing volumesProven performance results on Microsoft Azure assure processing power for even the largest of carriers in a highly reliable, secure and cost effective environment.

    Addressing the unique needs of carriers big and small

  • At Accenture, innovation and vision are woven into our culture were keenly focused on delivering and enabling the very latest in software and technology to help you meet your business challenges. Thats why weve taken our life insurance and annuity software suite into the cloud, providing the ultimate in processing, performance and scalability. ALIP in the Cloud leverages the robust functionality and modern capabilities of the award-winning and highly ranked Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP) running on Microsoft Azure. The solution uses the Microsoft Cloud for the technology infrastructure behind ALIP while adding a private network model to support hybrid and private cloud deployment options allowing carriers to leverage their own single instance of ALIP and maintain their unique product and service differentiation in the market.


    From new business and policy administration to claims and payout, carriers benefit from accelerated product introduction, superior processing and improved customer service levels delivered through ALIP, coupled with the unprecedented agility, scalability and productivity of an enterprise-class cloud environment.


    Ever wonder how your end-to-end life and annuity process could benefit from cloud computing?

    Wonder no more.

    Gain the ultimate in flexibility, control and agility with secure Cloud deployments

  • No one knows what new innovation is just around the corner. What is certain, is that technology will continue to evolve. To ensure your next insurance system is your last system, it needs to be future-proof. ALIP enables true codeless configuration built on Web-enabled, service-oriented, event-based architecture that can support insurers of all sizes and evolving technologies. With ALIP in the Cloud, youre ready to capitalize on all the benefitsscalability, out-of-the-box functionality and reduced infrastructure expensesthat will enable your business to accelerate in unprecedented ways today and well into the future.

    Product excellence

    ALIP offers modern, functionality-rich software to help your business achieve high performance. Designed to work as a full end-to-end solution or as individual standalone components, our offerings adapt quickly and seamlessly to handle the unique needs of insurers no matter the size. Our comprehensive software supports your mobile and cloud-based initiatives, which can facilitate a more nimble work environment and workforce, drive efficiency through collaboration and information-sharing, and allow your business to be more responsive to customer demands. Through a culture of continuous product development excellence, we apply the latest functionality and technology with a customer-centric focus on quality so you can provide the best service to your customers. From development and performance to the user experience and customer support, our team is dedicated to building software that supports your goals.

    Performance and scalability excellence

    While ALIP in the Cloud can be run on any cloud, Accenture partnered with Microsoft to benchmark ALIP performance when hosted on Azure. Azure has earned a reputation for providing enterprise-class cloud services with its open and flexible platform and support for a broad selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. The results of the test showed how ALIP in the Cloud successfully performed and scaled to meet even tier-one demands, fulfilling 1.7 million individual requests within one hour1.

    Service excellence

    Switching to an implementation in a cloud environment with a trusted business ally does not mean that you lose control of your business. In fact, you may find that you have more control and can better plan for business opportunities around your solution. We offer:

    Definedservice level agreements that are designed to meet or exceed an insurers needs

    Highly-availableserviceandrapiddisasterrecoveryofback-endclaims processing for always on access

    Regularsoftwareupgradestokeepyourinvestmentcurrentwiththe latest functionality.

    Self-sufficiencyoptionsthatletyoucontrolyourconfigurationand system changesproduct definitions, workflows, tasks and business processes

    Technology excellence

    Private network model

    Maintainunique product and service differentiation through a private network model using your own single instance of ALIP

    Shared Infrastructure

    Infrastructurescaleandcapabilitiescanbespun-up,-downwithin hours instead of days and weeks

    Flexibilityallows you to only pay for what you use


    Ourapproach involves implementing controls and programs that address the core areas of client data protection including compliance programs, physical security, technology security and personnel security

    Alldataisencryptedwhetheratrest,inmotionorbeingprocessed as well as database backups


    DedicatedAzuresubscriptionsensurenothingissharedandalldata is segmented


    Future-proof with a solid foundation

    1 BasedonjointperformancebenchmarktestconductedSeptember2015,usingAccenturedataandMicrosoftAzureinanactualprivatecloudenvironment,simulating3,000concurrentusersagainsta10millionpolicydatabase.

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    Accenture provides managed services that allow you to focus time and effort on managing your business and less time tying up IT resources on maintenance, hardware procurement and even daily processing. Optional managed services:

    Cloud hosting: ALIP cloud hosting frees IT resources for other strategic initiatives. And you can achieve predictable operating expenses and eliminate capital expenditure for upfront hardware.

    Infrastructure Outsourcing (IO): ALIP in the Cloud offers a unique approach to infrastructure procurement thats rooted in simplicity. Carriers can avoid the costs associated with fluctuating infrastructure demands by paying for what they use and scaling up or down based on their immediate needs.

    Application Outsourcing (AO): Optional AO services provides carriers access to additional skill sets and a cost effective process completion for all or parts of their business needs.

    Spend less time on software support and more time on business support

    Produce, orchestrate, manage and govern enterprise cloud resources

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    Empower progress with choice Carriers large and small have unique needs and requirements based on many varying business and IT environments. Whether you are hampered by legacy systems or manual processes, performance issues, agility or scalability, ALIP in the Cloud provides distinctive opportunities:

    Augment current on-premises ALIP environment Costeffectiveenvironmenttoaugment

    existing system for product development, testing, conversions, pilots, and UAT

    Improveefficienciesbysupplementingwith a cloud environment for overnight processing and month-end processing

    Leverage cloud as a pre-production environment Reducebusinessdisruptionassociatedwith

    upgrading on-premises ALIP system by running pre-production, development, testing and staging in the cloud until ready to move into on-premises environment

    Reducedisruptionandriskofnewon-premises implementation for set-up, conversionandtestingphases.Runthe system in parallel in non-intrusive environment until ready to drop on-premises

    Leverage cloud hosting, IO and AO Easyadoption of managed services to offset needs

    associated with running pilots, overnight processing, testing or leverage additional periodic resources

    KeepyourinvestmentcurrentandsecurewithAOupgrade services

    Infrastructurescaleandcapabilitiesthatcanbespun-up, -down within hours instead of days or weeks and pay only for what you use

    Offsetresourceneedsbasedonperiodicpeakdemands; grow capabilities without expanding FTEs


    ElevatedSLAslowerbusinessriskandensureperformance and efficiency levels are maintained







    Accesstocomprehensiveinsuranceplatformotherwise unattainable by small carriers

    Replace on-premises legacy environment and manual processes

  • In todays information economy, priorities can change at lightning speed and your business needs to be agile enough to respond. To be able to embrace future innovations, are you confident that your software can grow with your goals?

    Cloud computing is here. Are you ready for the future?


    With the right technology, youll be able to meet todays marketplace demands and customer service expectations, and your business will be ready for whatever innovations are on the horizongiving you the competitive advantage.

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