denmark – the impeccable ally?

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Denmark – the impeccable ally? Associate Professor, Jens Ringsmose Centre for War Studies University of Southern Denmark

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Denmark – the impeccable ally?. Associate Professor , Jens Ringsmose Centre for War Studies University of Southern Denmark. Denmark’s foreign policy after 1990. Foreign policy activism The militarization of Danish foreign policy From 2001: From atlanticism to super- atlanticism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


A Danish Perspective on Afghanistan

Denmark the impeccable ally?Associate Professor, Jens RingsmoseCentre for War StudiesUniversity of Southern DenmarkDenmarks foreign policy after 1990Foreign policy activismThe militarization of Danish foreign policyFrom 2001:From atlanticism to super-atlanticismFrom activism to super-activismIdeational and pragmatic considerations

Denmark and the Atlantic AllianceFrom NATO-Prgel- to NATO-MusterknabeNew burden-sharing dynamics and metricsSubstantial mission contributionsPolitical willingness to take risksPublic support but, why?

Public opinion and the war in Afghanistan (Oct. 2011)Number of deployed troopsDeployed troop per capita (100,000)ISAF / deployable land forces (percentage)Denmark75013.6412.30United Kingdom9,50015.5412.08United States90,00029.309.28Norway4299.204.56Sweden5005.5016.02Finland 1562.978.67Public opinion and the war in Afghanistan (Jan. 2010)Allies with no caveatsAllies with few / insignificant caveatsAllies with many / significant caveatsCanadaAlbania Belgium DenmarkCroatia Bulgaria EstoniaCzech RepublicGreece FranceGermanyItalyHungaryNorwayNetherlandsLatviaRomaniaPortugal LithuaniaSlovakiaSloveniaLuxembourgSpainPolandTurkeyU.K.U.S.Public opinion and the war in Afghanistan (Oct. 2011)CasualtiesCasualties per mill. inhabitantsCasualties per deployed troops (100)Denmark427.645.60United Kingdom3836.274.03United States1,8215.932.02Norway102.152.33Sweden50.551.00Finland 20.381.91Public opinion and the war in Afghanistan (Oct. 2011)

The Danish anomaly The Danish anomalySource: Peter Viggo Jakobsen, (2011) , Hvorfor er danskerne s krigsglade og tolerante overfor tab?Why such a popular war?Possible explanations:Elite consensusEffective communicationPopular Minister of Defence (Sren Gade)Positive stories from Afghanistan told by soldiers

Denmarks future role in transatlantic relationsA return to the 1990s?NormalizationActivismAtlanticismChallenges to Denmarks positionDefence cutsOpt-out

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