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The desert climate is hot and dry , semiarid , costal, arid and cold. The highest temperature ever recorded in the desert is 57.8◦ and the coldest is 7 degrees

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The desert is very hot so little water can be found. X wind can be common especially in the spring. X wind is very strong cross winds that meet.

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Some of the locations are Uluru, Baja, Mexico ,Kofa mountains, Red rock national conservation area and Southern Nevada. The driest desert in the world is the Atacama Desert.

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Some more locations are Sagebrush, Castle Valley, Utah and East of Arches national park, La Casita, Palm desert, and Monte Argentina. The smallest desert in the world is the Carcross Desert.

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Some of the plants are Barrel Cactus , pipe cactus , organ, popcorn flower, mormam flower , fairy duster, dog bane, milkweed, Devils clawtucs, desert sunflower, tree of heaven, tree of tobacco and limber bush.

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Dog bane is a poisonous plant. Dog bane can be found from Canada to Carolina. Dog bane flowers can be pink or blue. Dog bane is poisonous to cats and dogs.

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The popcorn flower grows in Mojave and Sonoran deserts. The popcorn flower has 5 white petals. The popcorn flower is called the popcorn flower because its petals look like popcorn

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Popcorn flower

Some of the desert animals are echidna, camel, meerkat roadrunner, donkey, ostrich, caracal, lizard, desert toad, vulture, fox, kangaroo rat, rattlesnake and pygmy owl.

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The name echidna originally came from the Greek god Ekhidna who thought she was half reptile half mammal. The short beaked echidna has a short beak. When a echidna is born it is a size of a grape.

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A camel has 1 to 2 humps. Camels are not part of the horse family but they are apart of the Camelidae family. Did you know that camels do not have hooves? They have toes instead.

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Pygmy owl


Road runner



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Chuckwalla Rattlesnake

desert lizard roadrunner coyote

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Deserts cover 1/5th of the world.Not many animals live in the desertThe Atacama desert is the smallest desertThe Carcross desert is the smallest desert in the worldThe desert has less than 10 per cent of rain each year .

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The desert is the hottest biome in the worldThe Sahara desert is the worlds largest desert.The desert can get as low as 32 degrees at night.

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