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1. DESIGN DEVELOPMENTS ANCILLARY PRODUCT (POSTER) 2. To ensure that the poster was conventional to the supernatural horror genre, the colour black was applied to the poster on Photoshop. As the image did not cover the complete size of the Photoshop file, the block colour black was applied through the use of a paint bucket tool. The colour black creates a sense of foreboding and impending doom, and acts as a connotation of evil and death, thus it is conventional to the horror genre. As a result, it was included within my poster. The colour black was applied to the top half of the file, and subsequently on the lower half of the file, in order to cover the page with a black background. This resulted in the product below. The initial layout for the ancillary product a poster for the short horror film, Too Far Gone. 3. In order to apply the title to the poster of the horror film (Too Far Gone) as well as the names of the actors, and additional credits (including the name of the director and producer of the main product), the horizontal type tool was used. This allowed me to inform the target audience of information of great significance, and enables them to identify with and relate to the product. This was an effective device, due to the fact that the application of the uses and gratification theory serves to heighten the audience appeal, and similarly, the success of the product. Meanwhile, the layer visibility tool allowed me to maintain focus on specific and particular elements of the poster, including the slogan, and make alterations to it, in accordance to the codes and conventions of the horror genre. The main stages of the development of the ancillary product the poster that would act as a promotional device for the horror film was the application of the image after it was imported onto iPhoto, the adding of the black background, through the use of the paint bucket tool, and the application of the title through the use of the horizontal type tool. Moreover, the colour of the image was altered, the focus was enhanced in order to maintain the focus of the audience onto the image.