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  • Designer Oiva TOikka

  • PhOenix exTinguisher Kitchen extinguisher for domestic use

  • PhOenix selecTiOn

    Phoenix Blanc • Oiva Toikka Phoenix Noir • Oiva Toikka

  • PhOenix FeaTures Small and effective kitchen extinguisher

    EffEcTivE ON cOOkiNg Oil firES

    maNiTENaNcE frEE

    Phoenix weights only 700 grams, yet it is even more powerful than an ordinary powder or cO2 extinguisher. The product has fire ratings 25f / 2a and it extinguishes as much as 25 litres of burning cooking oil or a 4 kg pile of burning wood.

    EaSy TO uSE wiTh SPray NOzzlE

    Phoenix is not only beautiful, but also user-friendly. The spray nozzle mechanism is easy and intuitive to use.

    EaSy TO clEaN

    The fire extinguishant used in Phoenix is biodegradable and propellant-free. it is easy to clean with mere water and ordinary detergents. The leftover extinguishing liquid can be poured to the sewage system and the empty bottle can be disposed with other household waste.

    Traditional extinguishers require regular maintenance. Thanks to the new extinguishing technology, Phoneix is maintenance free.

  • PhOenix usage Emergency instructions and product information

    on the bottom of the product

    Emergency instructions become available when pulling the strap

  • PhOenix usage

    instruction pictures that are easy to understand, product information on the other side

    Emergency instructions and product information on the bottom of the product

  • PhOenix usage

    Take OFF The bOTTle caP

    Pull OFF The PrOTecTiOn cOver

    keeP aT leasT 1,5 m DisTance TO The burning ObjecT

    sPray exTinguishanT aT The FeeT OF The Fire

    Emergency instructions See Phoenix in action: Password: jalo

    min. 1,5 m

  • The Package

    white cardboard package

    four colour printed collar around the package

  • firePal fire spray weight: 580g

    Tulipeikko cO2 extinguisher weight: 5 kg

    gloria cooking oil extinguisher weight: 6,8kg / 75f

    gloria powder extinguisher weight: 3,4 kg

    Phoenix kitchen extinguisher weight: 700g / 25f

    Why PhOenix? New kind of design product

    • Phoenix transforms extinguisher into a design item that truly earns its place as part of the home interior. A beautiful product that is kept at sight is also easy to reach in case of emergency. in case of fire every second counts. a traditional extinguisher is often kept in a closet or storage where it is not easily retrieved.

    • Phoenix is lightweight and easy to use. Phoenix weights only 700 grams, whereas the traditional extinguishers often weight at least 2 kilograms. in addition to that, the spray nozzle solution is easy and intuitive to use.

    • The new extinguishing technology makes Phoenix more effective in extinguishing fires. Despite its small size, Phoenix is capable of extinguishing as much as 25 litres of burning cooking oil.

  • Why PhOenix? The importance of first aid extinguishing

    • There are approximately 8 household fires per day alone in Finland, and as much as third of the fires are caused by cooking. for example, in 2014 there were altogether 3 232 household fires in finland, and in 1060 of these cases cooking was the reason for the fire.*

    • In more than 50% of the cases the fire can be extinguished completely with first aid extinguishers such as fire blankets and extinguishers. Only in 10% of the cases fire prevention tools do not have any impact.

    *Source: Finnish rescue services pocket statistics 2010-2014

  • smoke alarms

  • We at Jalo Helsinki want people to fall in love with their fire safety products and let these essential everyday objects find their way into as many homes as possible. Safety can be beautiful. A beautiful fire safety product has no need to be hidden out of sight. A subtle yet stylish piece can be as good in attracting admiring eyes as the design sofa in your living room. We invited top designers to imagine with us what fire safety can look like. Each designer has given their own unique vision and the result is delicious and rich in choices. We are not satisfied with just making fire safety more attractive-looking, but we also want to enhance its usability. Installing Jalo Helsinki products takes mere seconds with no need for screws or a power drill. With our smoke alarms there are no tiny push buttons, but the whole external casing acts as a press switch for silencing false alarms and testing the performance of the product.

    Jalo Helsinki Team

    DesigneD to save lives

  • easy to use

    Mounting screws included

    Fast installation with the included 3M adhesive tape

    5 year warranty

    Entire surface functions as a test / hush button

  • saFety can

    be moDern ”Updating the smoke alarm was an important task for me. With the help of good design, this safe and essential product can be recreated as something interesting and desirable. I hope that Kupu finds its way into every home and workplace.” Harri Koskinen, Designer

    Harri koskinen • kupu

    kupu by HaRRi kOSkinEn kupu is sleek, composed and organic. The textile lining gives it a warm appearance.

    The smoke alarm also comes in a chrome-plated option. Fast installation with an adhesive tape • Includes the mounting screws • The entire

    surface functions as a test button • 10 years warranty •

  • saFety can

    be beautiFul ”There is very little variety in smoke alarms, even though every household should have them. Lento is an entirely new kind of smoke alarm. Its organic design is in an interesting dialogue with the traditional, even dull, technical device. It is perfect for brightening up a nursery or as a vibrant touch in the decor of a sleek and modern home.” Paola Suhonen, Designer

    Paola Suhonen • Lento

    lento by PaOLa SuHOnEn Lento is rugged, yet delicate and playful. it rests on the ceiling like a moth on a leaf. Fast installation with an adhesive tape • Includes the mounting screws • The entire

    surface functions as a test button • 10 years warranty •

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    oF saFety

  • DesigneD TO save lives


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