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Developing long-term relationships with young people Wellcome Collection’s Young Creators Clare Carlin, Youth Programmes Manager, Wellcome Collection Lucie Fitton, Head of Engagement, The Audience Agency

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1. Developing long-term relationships with young people Wellcome Collections Young Creators Clare Carlin, Youth Programmes Manager, Wellcome Collection Lucie Fitton, Head of Engagement, The Audience Agency 2. What is the value of engaging young people long- term? Depth versus reach? Quality and quantity? What are your experiences? 3. Youth Programme 4. Wellcome Collection Youth Programme 5. Youth Projects Art and exhibitions Music Dance Design Drama Resources Film and photography 6. Young Creators 7. Evaluation planning Young Creators Shape youth programmes Independent visits Ambassadors and advocates One off events Discrete partnership project 8. Project aims To create a model which feeds into a longer term youth advocacy programme To increase visibility of youth co- production work 50% of young people to be recruited from lower income schools. 9. Evaluating Young Creators a participative 360 approach 10. Model for feeding a longer-term youth advocacy programme? Key success factors Slow start social Intense and light touch Commitment through application process Support from the wider public programmes team and Wellcome staff creative outputs as catalyst Ownership - not being school related or curriculum driven Involvement in every stage 11. Visibility of youth co-production and recruitment Internal advocacy = key legacy Development of general audiences, especially young independent audiences Short timeframe and lead in time Gender balance 12. Recommendations Young people with a range of interests Gender balance Longer lead in time Supported application for less engaged Continue long timeframe and mix of intense and light engagement Independent use facilities Launch events Integration into main public spaces 13. School partnership Central Foundation Boys School, Islington 14. Weuc&feature=player_embedded 15. Why engage young people long-term? 16. Who are young people and what do they want? Characteristics of young people: Participants not attenders Socially motivated Looking for skills development Personal relevance and contemporary connections How does your offer meet the needs and interests of young people? 17. Royal Opera House Bridge action research Terminology: not relevant Interests: music, arts, writing cross arts influenced by technology and contemporary culture Motivations: enjoyment, social opportunities, career experience Barriers: perceived lack of opportunities, poor awareness, poor marketing 18. Marketing Reach people through people and places they know and trust Develop partnerships with other sectors to reach a broader range of young people Involve young people in developing marketing campaigns Emphasise the skills development and social opportunities in marketing; ensure there is lots of information and images 19. Programming Develop long-term strategies and support transitional opportunities Offer a mixture of short-term and long-term opportunities, especially taster sessions Take activities to public spaces Link activities to young peoples interests e.g. music, popular culture and contemporary issues Space led rather than activity led activities Youth led funding applications and management 20. Detailed report bridge/report-and-documents 21. [email protected] [email protected]