dido 101 aurora multimedia corp dido pro and dido jr who to present to and how

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DIDO 101 Aurora Multimedia Corp DIDO Pro and DIDO Jr Who to Present To and How

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  • DIDO 101Aurora Multimedia Corp

    DIDO Pro and DIDO JrWho to Present To and How

  • DIDO 101What is a DIDO Pro?

    DIDO [d-d] ~ noun -dos, -does1:Digital In / Digital Out. 2:The DIDO Pro is an extremely compact and powerful, multipurpose video processor. It is a high resolution, quad image scaler with the ability to rotate the displayed image windows in ninety degree increments. DIDO can show up to 4 high resolution/full motion images on a single display with great flexibility in format and up to 6 inputs using the included IR remote or serial control with Auroras WACI NX or other high end control systems. Store up to 99 presets and link together multiple DIDOs for control via a single RS-232 port.

  • DIDO 101SPECIFICATIONS for DIDO ProVideo InputSignal Format:Composite: S-Video, YPbPr, RGBHV, RGsB, and DVI 1.0/HDCP

    Support Resolutions:1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576i, 576p, 480i, 480p, VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, WVGA, WXGA, WUXGA (narrow band sync), user programmable resolutions Connectors:Two 4-pin mini DIN female S-Video (Can be used as composite input with supplied RCA adaptors.)Two DVI-I (VGA/RGBHV/YPbPr and DVI) Analog input requires optional breakout cable (See Accessories)

  • DIDO 101SPECIFICATIONS for DIDO ProVideo OutputSignal Format: DVI 1.0 HDCP, RGBHV / RGsB, and YpbPr

    Support Resolutions:1080p, 720p, 576p, 480p, VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, WVGA, WXGA, WUXGA (narrow band sync), user programmable resolutions

    Supported Window Modes: Single, PiP, Translucent PiP, Side-by-Side, Tri Image, Quad Image (3 modes).All modes except quad can be rotated in real time at 90 degree increments. Mirror modes are also supported.

    Connectors: One DVI-I (RGBHV/YPbPr and DVI) Analog Output requires optional breakout cable (See Accessories)

  • DIDO 101SPECIFICATIONS for DIDO ProAudio InputConnectors:2 x Stereo RCA phono female and 2 S/PDIF RCA using audio breakout cable.Inputs:Unbalanced stereo line level and 48KHz digital

    Audio OutputConnectors: One Stereo RCA phono female and 1 S/PDIF RCA using supplied audio breakout cable (Audio signals are compensated for propagation delay for correct sync with video.)

    Output: Unbalanced stereo line level and 48KHz digital(Audio signals are compensated for propagation delay for correct sync with video.)Output Level: 12dB to -114dB in 64 steps

  • DIDO 101SPECIFICATIONS for DIDO ProPowerOperating Voltage:12 VDC (14W)

    ControlConnector: 6-pin mini DIN female (DB-9 Serial Port cable is included)Loop Through Kits are available

    RS-232 Baud Rate: 2400 - 115200 bps (Selectable)

    PhysicalDimensions: (WxDxH)8.4 x 5.7 x 1.0 inches

    Weight: 2.5 lbs. (DIDO Pro only)4.3 lbs. (Shipping weight)


    DIDO Jr has the same specification as the the DIDO Pro with the exceptions of the Jr having half the INPUTS of a Pro, thus removing the QUAD and TRI Mode capabilities.All else is the same!

  • DIDO 101 The DIDO Pro and DIDO Jr are ideal solutions whether doing video walls, multi-image viewing on a single screen, or single and multi image viewing in a rotated view! DIDO's patent pending technology makes it the only solution for real time multi-image rotation or portrait mode video walling.

  • Let's see who could potentially need a DIDO Pro or DIDO Jr and how we can show them that this innovative tiny box is a real powerhouse.DIDO 101

  • DIDO 101Video WallsRetailStaging and Rentals

    Houses of Worship


  • First let's look at the Video Wall applications and how they can be configured.DIDO 101

  • DIDO 101

  • DIDO 101

  • DIDO 101

  • DIDO 101

  • Now let's examine Retail applications and how they can be configured.DIDO 101

  • DIDO products are currently in use by a host of retailers for various applications. Video Walling and Image Rotation are the most common. Such stores as Hollister, 360, ECK, and Harley Davidson have DIDOs effectively deployed both regionally and nationally.

    DIDO 101

  • Problem:A major retailer has portrait mode LCD panels installed and has content produced for that aspect ratio. How do they then show live broadcasts on those portrait mode screens?Solution:Dido Jr! Here's how...DIDO 101

  • DIDO 101Recently, PRN, the self proclaimed 800lb Gorilla of the Digital Signage world approved DIDO Jr for an application where one of the largest retailers in the world needed an image rotation engine. This gives the retailer the ability to do live broadcasts on their existing portrait mode network for special events such as concerts, software/hardware debuts and emergency situations. One DIDO Jr per store on the head end of the video distribution network solves their problems.

  • Problem:A new high end car dealership in Irvine California wanted an eye catching video wall to transform the showroom into an exciting attraction destination. Solution:DIDO Jr of course...

    DIDO 101

  • DIDO 101 This is the Saleen Showroom in Irvine, Ca. Recent winner of a DigiAward for Digital Signage Excellence using DIDO Jr

  • DIDO 101 One DIDO Jr behind each of the 12 panels can have their control ports loops so that they need only one Serial Port.The same can be done with most commercial panels. Enter the WACI NX Jr!Don't forget to ask how they are controlling their signage!Did you know...?Aurora has a patent pending for portrait mode video walling.

  • Problem:A retailer wants to display images side by side to so they can display a news channel with an image from a PC, such as a Power Point presentation or advertising display file.

    Solution:DIDO Jr of course...

    DIDO 101

  • DIDO 101 Show dual images side-by-side or stacked in portrait mode to maximize your panel's real estate. Use a TV tuner or DVD player with a PC or virtually any source. Various resolutions can all be scaled to native resolution of the panel, up to 1080i.

  • Houses of Worship are getting more and more technologically advanced. Their budgets often reflect their desire to have the latest and greatest.DIDO Pro can be the answer to their prayers.

    DIDO 101

  • Often the goal is to again maximize the real estate of the display, whether projector or panel.Images from cameras such as the minister and choir can be grouped with hymn lyrics or scripture verses or weekly announcements on the same screen.

    DIDO 101

  • Broadcasting holds a exceptional opportunity for the DIDO Jr. Many broadcasts today have portrait mode panels on set. Image rotation engines can cost as much as $20,000!DIDO Jr @ an MSRP of $4500.00 is an welcomed solution.

    DIDO 101

  • Most Broadcast solutions require SD video instead of Aurora's DVI-D based input. No Problem! Commercially available converters are only a few hundred dollars and still make this an optimal choice for broadcasters. In fact, you can look for such a product available from Aurora in upcoming months.Shows using DIDO products on set include The Today Show, CNN News, ESPN's Around the Horn, and NBC's Las Vegas.

    DIDO 101

  • Staging and Rental houses like the ability to offer their customers something others can't. Show them DIDO Pro and DIDO Jr. Sending out pre-programmed video walls and quad displays give your rental and staging customer an edge over the competition and with the WACI control systems, make set up and operation a breeze. And they can pay for themselves in as little as two or three rentals. Events such as awards shows, college graduations and beauty pageants have all used DIDO products for years. Make sure your staging and rental customers know about DIDO!

    DIDO 101

  • These are just a few of the many uses for DIDO products. The limits are only those of the imagination. Have you sold or specified and other markets where DIDO wowed your customer?

    DIDO 101

  • Summary:DIDO can take multiple images of varying sources and display them on one screen or across many, scaling them to the native resolution of the display.DIDO has 2 patents pending. One for MULTI IMAGE ROTATION and one for PORTRAIT MODE VIDEO WALLING. Your customers get excited to use cutting edge, one of a kind technology. Use these facts to your advantage.Output any resolution up to 1900x1200At thousands less than products with similar features, DIDO Pro and DIDO Jr are ideal choices for video walling and quad imaging.A high ASP product, DIDO makes you money!

    DIDO 101

  • Thank you!

    DIDO 101