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DIGITAL JOURNEY Assess how your business uses technology & build an action plan for success

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Free online assessment called Digital Journey, A service aimed at businesses to help them understand what they can do online to increase productivity and revenue by making more effective use of the Internet. Assessment has been developed by the Digital Office and .NZ. It is free to use, give it a go!


  • 1. DIGITAL JOURNEYAssess how your businessuses technology&build an action plan forsuccess

2. NEW WAY TO DO BUSINESSSMEs?$36Bpotent. productivity gainby using online services & fast broadbandInnovation Partnership Report (2014)NZ businesses using broadband are 10% moreproductive than those with dialupGrimes (2012)2x revenuegrowth by using web technologiesMcKinsey Global Institute (2011)Online orders in NZ= faster growth& more exportsStatistics NZ (2013)Highly digitally engaged= 20% morerevenueDeloitte Access Economics (2013)More use of Internet =6% more productivethan average NZ business in their industryInnovation Partnership Report (2014) 3. OUR BUSINESSES NEED HELP!For our businesses: Resources to make an informed decision(videos, case studies, simple steps to follow, hints on what services/products could help) Assessment that is easy to follow & assesses where they are at today Action Plan outcome of the assessment to guide them on what to do nextFor New Zealand: Help those who are driving economic growth understand where the need is most 4. OVERVIEW Assessed within quadrants Output: Action Plan with an explanation onwhat to do next. Easy to Use Be FREE for all to 5. CASE STUDY: GILBERTS FINE FOOD 6. EVENTS SMALL TO LARGEAround a table In a classroom 7. EVENTS SMALL TO LARGEIn a lecture room 8. LAUNCHED DIGITAL ENABLEMENT TRAINING One day workshop ($300 per person to cover costs) 8-16 attendees Combination of group activities, videos, facilitated discussion in large & small groups Examines intense period of digital change & its effect on NZ businesses Trends & Impact How to adapt Review own Digital Journey assessment identify, validate &breakdown top 3 actions Contact: [email protected] for more information 9. HELPING NZ Share our data to help grow NZs economyCloud Based Payroll?Who has developed aBusiness Plan?WhangareiWellington 10. NOTHING IS FREE We are so grateful to all our sponsors All funds go towards product development, events & marketing of the servicePremium Sponsor:Social mediasponsor: 11. HOW YOU CAN HELP Complete the assessment & share your action plan Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Tell everyone! Run an event for your customers to help them on their Digital Journey(if you do let us know) Become a sponsor of the service Follow us on Facebook keep on telling everyone to go to 12. THANKSand remember to sitdown,have a cuppa,& do your Digital Journeyassessment