digital photography: hands on tips & tricks to better photographs

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Digital Photography: Hands On Tips & Tricks to Better Photographs. Baby, Fem, Family March 13, 2014. Dave Landers BM Fem Care Amateur Photographer. Objectives. Learn something new about photography Put that learning to work; try something new Have fun!. Agenda. Camera Basics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Digital Photography:Hands On Tips & Tricks to Better PhotographsBaby, Fem, FamilyMarch 13, 2014

  • Dave LandersBM Fem CareAmateur Photographer

  • Learn something new about photographyPut that learning to work; try something newHave fun! Objectives

  • Camera BasicsExposure ApertureShutter SpeedISOHands-On StationsCompetition Agenda

  • Camera Types Many types of digital cameras. Here are just a few of the core groups Camera PhonePoint & ShootDSLR

  • Lens Glass Different Ranges: 17mm, 300mm, etc.Different Types: Wide Angle, Macro, FisheyeDifferent Features: Stabilization, Ultra Sonic Motors, Speed, etc.

  • Camera Modes Unlock the power of your camera when you get beyond green auto

  • Exposure Understanding 3 core drivers and how they interact is fundamental

  • Aperture WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Its the diameter of the lens opening.

    Wider = More Light

    HOW DOES IT SHOW UP? WIDE NARROWValues stated as fractions so: f/2 > f/22

  • Aperture How it impacts your photos:Focus - Depth of Field

  • Shutter Speed WHY DOES IT MATTER?

  • ISO Film Speed How it impacts your photos:Counters low light, but can add noise

  • Explore the hands-on stationsPractice each conceptContest: Take photos


  • Action DO THIS:NOT THIS:

  • Moving Water DO THIS:NOT THIS:

  • Light Painting DO THIS:NOT THIS:

  • #Selfie DO THIS:NOT THIS:


  • Depth of Field DO THIS:NOT THIS:

  • Landscapes DO THIS:NOT THIS: