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Digital Signage Theme with U.Va. Alerts

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Digital Signage Theme with U.Va. Alerts

WordPress + Digital Signage Theme

In an emergency messages will display full screen.

How It Works

What You Need To Do

• Create a WordPress site in UVaCollab.• Activate the digital signage theme.• Enable and configure the required plugins.• Adjust the digital signage theme settings.• Create content for your signage.• Set up your hardware’s browser to point to

your WordPress digital signage site.

Activate The Theme

Enable Needed WordPress Plugins

More Fields Plugin Configuration1. Create a Digital

Signage box.2. Add a Background

selection list field.3. Add a Subhead text

field.4. Add a Web Address

text field5. Add an Image text

field6. Add an Image

Alignment selection list field.

Theme Options You Can Adjust

New Post Page with Plugins Enabled

Digital Sign Inputs

• Choose a background color for the post.

• Provide a subheading if desired.

• Optionally include a URL where more details are available.

• Add an image to the post if you want, and indicate which half of the display it should appear on.

Posts Stop Showing Automatically

Use the Post Expirator box to specify the date the post stops displaying on the sign:• Check the enable box• Specify the expiration


WordPress – Digital Signage Theme

• Objective: Using a laptop with projector, spend 30 minutes demonstrating the WordPress digital signage theme and how to configure it for use. LSPs are able to confirm the 4 required plugins are active, configure 1 plugin, and active/configure the theme on their own SHANTI WordPress site instance.

• Context: Information sharing sessions at a day long university conference for Local Support Partners.