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  • 1.Badge design canvas guideDownload canvases at

2. 1. AudiencePrimary & secondaryage (Open Badgesfor 13+)TeachersTeachersOther pupilsTechnology companiesColleges / UniversitiesStand out digital CVAccess to software &hardwareDays out of schoolpresentingRecognise genuinelearningIndustry recognitionIdentify talentStaff engagementTechnology sectorcompaniesUniversities / collegeExisting dbConferencesMakewavesEndorser channelsTeacher & peerMonitored byDigitalMe 3. 2. ComponentsDigital Leader Explorer Badge Learn to use software /hardware Knowledge of main functions Ideas of how it could beapplied to solve a problem Working independently Resilience Self Confidence Create and deliver apresentation on technologydiscovered Field questions from group Share presentationonline Teacher / snr peerconfirmspresentation byawarding the badge 4. 3. Badge pathwaysExplorer: Independently explore& shareReactor: Responds to a brief, applies tech to solve a problemProject: Worksas part of a team on extended projectSub badges e.g. presenter, coder, help desk,ambassador(three earned for each badge) 5. 4. Resources- Staff time: develop endorserrelationships, presentations, training, create supportmaterials, fund raising- Badge issuing platform ( in this case)-Wordpress, Moodle / other Open Badge displayers- Expenses 6. 5. Design process 7. 5. Design 8. Badge design example:Digital Leader badges (in-progress) 9. Qualitative assessment ofskills by peers/leaders3 sets Journalist, Coach&Producer3 levels in each set: Bronze,Silver & GoldBadge design example:S2R Medals (DigitalMe initiative)Download badge design canvases

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