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Disneys Brand Mantra Why, What and How ?Ankita GuptaPGP31250

About The Walt Disney Company(AKA DISNEY)

Famous Disney Characters

Donald DuckWinnie the Pooh Mickey Mouse

Disney Facing Crisis

Oops, Disney got a problem !

Growth through licensing and product developmentImpact on consumers Disney was Disney whether it was in films , theme parks or any consumer productWide implications for its brand equityOver selling and characters on brand inconsistent products, Resentment over some endorsements Overexposure of charactersDisney is exploiting its characters too much

1989 Article in Star News

Mickey Mouse overexposure''Disney is a tradition, a part of our culture. But if it gets to be too familiar, too much a part of the landscape, Mickey's going to burn out and take Disney along with him.'' Mickey Sells; Is He Now Oversold? New York Times, May 20, 1989

Is Brand Mantra the solution ??

What is Brand Mantra Three or four letter phrase that captures spirit of the brand positioning Keller

Brand MantrasNike: Authentic Athletic PerformanceDisney: Fun Family EntertainmentBose: Authentic Quality Sound American Express: Worldclass Service, Personal RecognitionBMW: Ultimate Driving Machine

Brand Mantra is not a tagline !!!BrandBrand MantraTaglineNike Authentic Athletic PerformanceJust Do It DisneyFun Family EntertainmentWhere Dreams Come True BMWUltimate Driving - MachineThe Ultimate Driving Machine

Building Brand Mantra

Designing Brand Mantra Emotional qualifierDescriptive ModifierBrand FunctionBrand MantraHow does brand provide benefitsIn what waysNature of the benefits and experience of brandNature of product or service or type of experience or benefits

Disneys Brand Mantra Fun Family EntertainmentFun Emotional Modifier Family Descriptive Modifier EntertainmentDescriptive Modifier

Brand Mantra GuidelinesPoints of Difference: Whats unique about you ?

Collective Meaning: You may be better in one dimension of the brand associations of brand mantra but together I am the best

Rapid growth brands: Brand function provides critical guidance

Stable growth brands: Functional and emotional modifiers are the key

Now show me how to implement ?

Brand Mantras: Rationale, Criteria and Examples by Levin Lane Keller Brand mantras are used for internal branding

A good brand mantra

Communicate: Set brand boundaries, what brand is and what it is not

Simplify: short, crisp and vivid and ideally memorable


Disneys Story After Brand MantraRejects offers mutual fund from Europe: Not entertainment !!!

Rejects offer from R rated channel of Europe to broadcast Disney movies Not Family !!!

Disney Brand Mantra Disney CEO Michael Eisner said A brand is a living entity, and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures

Walt(Disney) genius had been to make Disney synonymous with the best is family entertainment- whether it was theme park or a television show, an animated movie or a Mickey Mouse watchThe name Disney promised a certain kind of experience: A wholesome family fun appropriate for kids of any age..

ConclusionBrand Mantra are powerful and useful tools

Heart and Soul of the brand Guides decisions Filter marketing activities Reinforce and support brand meaning

DISCLAIMER Created by: Ankita Gupta, IIM Lucknow (PGP31250)during Marketing Internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow