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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Disney's Animal Kingdom that utilizes Foursquare and the up and coming Near Field Communication technology.


  • 1. Disneys Hakuna Matata Quest Using Foursquare at Disneys Animal Kingdom Caitlin Bradley ADV 492

2. Client History Opened on April 22, 1998 and is the fourth yet largest Disney theme park The entire park prides itself on animal conservation Currently ranked as the 5th most visited Amusement Park in the U.S. When DAK was first advertised, they used nahtzu (pronounced not-a-zoo) They have struggled to maintain this nahtzu vision in the minds of guests Welcome to a kingdom of animals... real, ancient and imagined: a kingdom ruled by lions, dinosaurs and dragons; a kingdom of balance, harmony and survival; a kingdom we enter to share in the wonder, gaze at the beauty, thrill at the drama, and learn. - Michael Eisner past CEO of Walt Disney 3. S.W.O.T Analysis Strengths 5th most visited Amusement Park in the United States; 8th in the World Incorporating online media strategies through e-mails, Google Adwords and banner ads. High class guest service Incomparable entertainment High Brand Awareness Weaknesses High premium pricing Often viewed as a zoo, not a theme park Opportunities Increase usage of social media, including Twitter and Foursquare Addition of interactive games throughout the Park Interactive website Use of Near Field Communication Threats High competition with Universal Studios and Sea World, especially after the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Economic recession 4. Creative Brief Foursquare - Places Guests will check-in and register their team at the Outpost upon arrival within the park Trail guides will help them set up for their quest and give them the necessary tools; including a map, pins and pouch to hold all of their findings along the way There will be eight check posts throughout the park; the teams will utilize Foursquare and the help of Disney characters to find these spots At each check post, the teams will use their smart phones to check-in while earning points, learning fun Disney facts and being rewarded with prizes 5. Creative Brief Foursquare To-Do Teams will be given hints throughout the day from Disney characters and cast members via Foursquare To-Do Using these hints and the map given to the guests by the trail guides, the teams will be able to travel their way through Oasis, Dinoland, Asia, Rafikis Planet Watch, Africa, Camp Minnie-Mickey and Discovery Island 6. Creative Brief Foursquare - Badges At every check post, the teams will use their smart phones and Near Field Communication (NFC) to connect with Foursquare Each check post is worth a certain amount of points and every team will earn both a Foursquare badge and a similar pin to add to their collection Certain check points have extra magic prizes that will be awarded to teams, including fast passes*, coupons or special meetings with characters *Using NFC, the teams smart phones will be turned into fast pass tickets 7. Disneys Hakuna Matata Quest allows you, the guest, an ultimate in interactivity with the characters, attractions and entertainment! Join Timon and Pumba on a thrilling safari through the seven areas of Disneys Animal Kingdom. Register Your Team Today Come on into the Outpost and create your team. Here you will receive instructions regarding the quest and how to find the clues. You will also gain all necessary equipment, including a colorful map, pins and a pouch to hold all the exciting trinkets you may find along your way. Creative Brief - Website 8. Metrics of Success We can track the success of Disneys Hakuna Matata Quest by creating a percentage comparing how many teams register per day with how many guests go through the entrance gates We can also utilize Google AdPlanner and other website measuring sites to ensure our click through rates, average time on site and visitors continuously increase Use Foursquare Real-time venue stats to compare daily results Shows businesses the most recent and frequent visitors, the gender breakdown of the guests and more information about each check-in made per day 9. Media Plan Overview Print Television Outdoor Direct Mail Social Media January x February x x x x x March x x x x April x May x June x July x x August x x September x x x October x x x x x November x x x x x December x x x % of Budget 30 42 18 5 5 10. Questions?

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