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Sylvie Barak presents.

Tutorial for making your very own

Funky ear muff headphones1You will need:

Faux fur circlesCheap headphonesFluffScissorsheadbandWire cutters and strippersNeedle and threadSolder & soldering ironGlue gunfabricPCB boards2You can decorate your headband any way you want. I went for tasteful pink zebra print


4Next, the fun part, hack into your headphones and remove the speakers

5Then grab your wire cutter and cut the wire 3 below each speaker and strip off 1 of insulation

6There are two wires inside; one copper and the other red or green. Separate the two internal wires apart from each other. The wires have a transparent coating that needs to be removed before we can solder the wires, so using the utility knife, strip the coating on each wire and tin the ends.

7Now its time to solder. So solder the speaker wires to the plug connections

8Next, remove the plastic housing on the jack, slip the plastic housing over the second set of wires and solder the wires to the jack.

9Now place the speaker in the middle of the faux fur circle, with the plug at the bottom edge of the circle. Sew the speaker and the plug onto the fabric.

10Sew on the PCB board for support


12It should look like this:

13Then sew on the second side of the faux fur circle, leaving a gap of about an inch and a half

14Stuff the stuffing into the gap

15Glue gun the headband onto the pcb

16Sew the gap closed

17Et voila, your funky customized stereo ear muffs are complete!


19Thank you!20