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Young Liu Period 2 Mrs. Gluck

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Page 1: Donald  Trump

Young Liu

Period 2 Mrs. Gluck

Page 2: Donald  Trump

•Donald Trump – Business man, author, socialite, TV personality – What isn’t he?

•CEO of Trump Organization and founder of Trump Entertainment resorts

•Host and executive producer of NBC reality show The Apprentice

•Very successful ventures into real estate resulting in great profits and returns

•However, at the same time very much concerned with his “image”

•Highly values his perceived wealth as a means of making successful business deals

•Experts have trouble figuring out exact wealth – he overestimates his wealth

•Highly exaggerated and outlandish behavior make him a (in)famous celebrity

Page 3: Donald  Trump

• Born in NYC June 14th, 1946

•Father had great influence on him, helped him with property developing

•“My father was my mentor, I learned a tremendous amount about every aspect of construction industry from him”

•Graduated from Wharton school in 1968 with Bachelor of Science in economics degree

•Soon after began to work with father in the Trump Organization

•“Everything he seems to touch turns to gold”

Page 4: Donald  Trump

•Learned much of real estate from father

•Even in college, revitalized foreclosed Swifton Village apartment for 6 million profit

•Eager to make his mark, helped renovate/build projects at fractions of the budget given by the governement

•Acquire many exclusive and prestigious properties including Trump Casino, International hotel, Marina Hotel and Casino, Taj Mahal Casino resort and Trump Tower

•Often paid millions just to market his name on buildings – even if he doesn’t own it

•World class golf course developer

•Often marks buildings with a signature “T” or significant areas of the building

Page 5: Donald  Trump

•Donald Trump’s true “value” and “success” are hard to gauge

•A 2005 book citing anonymous sources cited he was worth between $150-$250 million

•Trump promptly sued him for defamation as it would cause him to lose out on future deals

•When asked whether he has exaggerated his wealth, he responded “I think everybody does, who wouldn’t?”

•A newsletter reported he has a “small interest” in a building where he had a 30% limited partnership

•Donald Trump quickly sent a note of “You’re a real loser. Is 50% small?”

•He often only makes “mental projections” of his 4-6 billion claimed wealth

•Regardless of his true worth, Trump values his perceived image to seal the deal.

Page 6: Donald  Trump

•Host and executive producer of the successful show The Apprentice – You’re fired!

•Initially paid $50,000 per episode but now makes 3 million per episode

•Owns the Miss Universe Organization of companies including the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen pagents

•Has held multiple WrestleMania events as a major WWE fan

•Multiple cameos in shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

•Received star on Hollywood Walk of Fame\

Page 7: Donald  Trump

•Famous trademark saying in The Apprentice: You’re Fired!

•"I mean, there's no arguing. There is no anything. There is no beating around the bush. "You're fired" is a very strong term."

•Interesting quotes from NY times Interview:

•“Why don’t you invest with me?” I said jokingly, “No thanks, I can lose my own money.”

•What if your style of showy materialism has become passé? Great apartments and homes and things of extreme luxury will never be out of fashion. That’s what people aspire to.

•“They say all men are created equal. It’s not true. Some people are born very smart, some people are born not so smart. “

•What’s your I.Q.? Very high. They don’t get any higher.

•You should make this interview a five-page deal. Because of me, everybody will read it.

•From this interview its very easy to tell Donald Trump’s controversial, exaggerated style that establishes his role as a socialite and celebrity

•Unique haircut >>

Page 8: Donald  Trump

You’re FIRED.

Page 9: Donald  Trump

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