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The film I have chosen that will influence my production is the film dont breathe because the genre of the film is horror which is the genre I will also be basing my film on.I will be analysing the camerawork, editing, mise-en-scene, use of sound and the representation of the characters in the film.

CAMERAWORK (DOG FIGHT SCENE)Mid shots are used to show the two characters opening a doorShot reverse shot is also used in order to show one character talking to the other which keeps the scene looking continuous and it is used again when the dog is chasing the girlA high angle is used to show the girl looking down on the boy when he has been shot and falls to the floorThere is a close up shot to show the girls emotion An establishing shot is used to show the location

EDITINGSlow pace editing is used when the girl is running away from the dog. This connotes tension in the scene and also creates suspense for the audience. There is also slow pace editing when the boy is shot. This could possibly be to enhance the tension in the scene.It is filmed as a continuity sequence so the audience follows the action as it happens which helps to tell the narrative and it also improves the verisimilitude of the horror.

MISE-EN-SCENEThe scene is set in a houseThere are guns used which is a prop and the use of iconographyThe characters are wearing normal clothes to improve the verisimilitude of the sceneThe lighting is dull to connote the dark mood of the film and also the theme The dark lighting also helps show the genre of the film which is horrorThe framing of the characters is significant because the older man who is the protagonist is stood by himself whereas the two other characters are stood together The girl has a look of fear on her face which is an acting code

SOUNDAt the start there is a gunshot sound which is a sound effect used to make the shooting seem more realistic to the audienceThen there was also non-diegetic screechy music added whilst the boy fell in slow motion and you could hear the girl heavily breathing which connotes the fact that she was panicking because she was scared. This music also enhances the mood of the film.There is a lot of diegetic sound used such as the gunshot and the keys rattling as he tried to open the doorThe girl swears and screams which shows she is frustrated and could also possibly show her social class

REPRESENTATION OF CHARACTERSThe protagonist which is the older man is breaking age stereotypes because the audience would expect an older man to be more fragile and not as smart as the younger people however he is actually much more clever and is able to take on two young people by himself.The girl seems to meet the typical gender stereotypes because she seems more scared than the boy and she seems really frightened when she is running away from the dog which is what the audience expects. The boy seems tougher because he is the first one to try and fight back against the older man.You are able to learn a lot about the characters personalities by how they are represented.