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A brief illustration of five photographic composition techniques: the rule of thirds, framing, fill the frame, lines and forced perspective.


  • Dont just shoot Darren Kuropatwacc licensed ( BY NC ND ) ickr photo by Martin Gommel:
  • rule of thirds
  • llthe frame
  • i n g amf r
  • lines
  • forcedp e r s p e c t i v e
  • cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) ickr photo by rianpie:
  • cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) ickr photo by Phil Dragash:
  • cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) ickr photo by Devin Moore Photography:
  • testyourself
  • cc licensed ( BY SD ) ickr photo by benjaminasmith:
  • cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) ickr photo by andrewyang:
  • cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) ickr photo by lighthack:
  • Dont Just Shoot Credits DSP 55: Mech Eye 2007-07-11 by ickr user vernhart Light Lines by ickr user BottleLeaf Goldener Bilderrahmen - gold picture frame by ickr user eriwst Rocks lead the eye by ickr user digitalsadhu P365 Day 184 - Converging Lines by ickr user Paolo G Im waiting for my man by ickr user onkel_wart Sail Boat by ickr user MarkKelley Framed! by ickr user freebird4 Rule of Thirds? By ickr user G a r r y youve been framed by ickr user Yersinia Rule of thirds by ickr user fd Framed golden tiger by ickr user Tambako the Jaguar Wheat View by ickr user herrolm perspective by ickr user littlenelly stone pier rule of thirds by ickr user petervanallen Buffy Baird by ickr user mikebaird Jake by ickr user Shea 10photo05 by ickr user PhotopediaPhotos[email protected]/1035068624/[email protected]/1607914728/ Lines by ickr user Martin Deutsch at the end of the day by ickr user g.originals Off Line by ickr user h.koppdelaney frame lling leaf by ickr user Leo Reynolds The curve in the middle by ickr user 1Happysnapper ll the frame by ickr user l e a h | r a c h e l l e[email protected]/3547128317/