don´t quit your job, please!

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  • 1.Dont quit your job,please!

2. Dont quit your job, please!Introduction Sometimes you know your jobjust isnt right for you. Maybe youre: in the wrong field, dont enjoy the work, feel surrounded by untrustworthy coworkers, or have an incompetent boss. 3. Dont quit your job, please!Easy advice from most people Most people would tell you to: Find something thats a betterfit. Quit your job and show yourboss your autonomy andfreewill. Tell your boss that there aremany jobs (???) around themarketplace. 4. Dont quit your job, please!Important Any kind of approachregarding your jobdissatisfaction should becarefully analyzed to avoidany damages to: your career or the ones that you love and take care of. 5. Dont quit your job, please!Reasons for not leaving your job There are many reasons you may not beable to leave: Our tough economy. Family commitments that can not be stopped. Limited opportunities in your marketplace. Fierce job competition that could jeopardize your career plan. 6. Dont quit your job, please!What the Experts say about it. According to some experts, peopleare highly dissatisfied when: Their job has no meaning or purpose to them, Or their jobs provides little opportunity to learn, or leaves them very stressed at the end of the work day. 7. Dont quit your job, please!What should we do about it? Whatever the reason you areunhappy, you dont have tojust live with it or quit. In fact, even if you are able tofind another job, keeping yourjob may be the best optionsince changing jobs is not atrivial matter. 8. Dont quit your job, please!Tip 01 Look at Yourself Some people are naturally inclinedto be unhappy, while others have abrighter take on life. Before you declare your job a badfit, take a look at yourself. Its worth asking: Are you just the kind of personwho tends to be dissatisfied? 9. Dont quit your job, please!Tip 02 Find Meaning An important research showsthat finding more meaning inyour work can dramaticallyimprove job satisfaction. It is import to look at your jobresponsibilities through adifferent lens. 10. Dont quit your job, please!Tip 03 Alter what you do If you cant change your perspective, you may be able to shift your job responsibilities. Try to redesign your job to better fit your motives, strengths, and passions. 11. Dont quit your job, please!Tip 04 Change who you interact with If its not the work you dislikebut the people you work with,you may be able to change thattoo. Focus on forging relationshipsthat give you energy, ratherthan sapping it. Seek out people who can helpyou do your job better. 12. Dont quit your job, please!Tip 05 Resist Complaining When youre in the wrong job, it can be tempting complain about it to others. But complaining about your job is a recipe for trouble. You never know how the complaints may be shared with others in the organization and this can affect you job and career. 13. Dont quit your job, please!Tip 05 Keep Options Open The improvements you make toyour job situation may makethings more tolerable, but youshould always be open to thenext thing. You can improve your job butyou can also be on the lookoutfor new opportunities. 14. Dont quit your job, please!Principles to Remember - DO Make connections with peopleyou like at work. Assess what you dont enjoyabout your job so that you canminimize the time you spenddoing unwanted tasks. Keep your options open. 15. Dont quit your job, please!Principles to Remember DONT Don[t assume that the job is theproblem, you may be prone tobeing dissatisfied. Dont think youre stuck, sincethere is always a way to changeyour situation or feeling. Dont complain incessantlyabout your job since it onlybring you down. 16. Dont quit your job, please!Our Business Contacts Send us an e-mail and get a free Business Dictionary (Code 01)OurWebsite: E-mail: [email protected] Linkedin: Roberto de Paula Lico Jnior