dont wanna dance

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A graphic novel by Marina Notaraki, illustrated by Alda Lilja


  • Dont wanna dance

    Written by Marina NotarakiIllustrated by Alda Lilja Geirsdottir

  • I had always been afraid. I had never stood alone among such a huge crowd before. Actually I had never done anything alone. Ever.

    I am not sure sure if it is the idea of loneliness that freaks me out. Why dont I ever feel enough? I should try to enjoy this

    If only she was here again...

  • One year and five months ago

    I remember the first time I didnt get afraid of teenage boys

    It was a strange day. I was very anxious. But I was in a good mood. I thought I was going to that concert alone as well, but I met Jacob on the way.

  • When Im among big crowds, I sometimes look around to find familiar faces. Faces that would make me comfortable.

  • What had just happened?

  • Karen C was singing that song of hers that reminds me of late summer nights, random house parties, random faces that come in and out of our lives.

    Why do people come in and out of our lives?

    Where do they come from? What are their plans in life?

    How is their everyday life? Do they have secrets?

  • Do they like boys?

    Do they like girls?

    What kind of sex do they enjoy?

    Would they enjoy sharing a spliff with me?

    Why do you get so attracted to people you dont even know?

  • Back in present time

    Do all these faces really exist?