• Who liked math and art?Whose art fit together?Who made tessalations?Who made the famous Metamorphasis?

  • Who used cut paper simple shapes?Who used shapes to represent objects?Who was an artist all his life?

  • Grant WoodWho was born in Iowa?Who was known as a regionalist?Who painted what he saw around him? Im really Grants dentist!!

  • Who painted in thick paint with short strokes? Who painted Starry Starry Night?

  • Who created Cubism?Who liked abstract art more than realism?Who was one of the most famous 20th century artists?

  • Who loved to paint dancers?Who also sculpted the Little Dancer?

  • Who was an inventor, mathematician, scientist besides an artist?Who painted the Mona Lisa?

  • Who enlarged flowers to fill the whole space?Who loved nature?

  • Who painted in soft colors?Who was called an impressionist?Who painted 40 scenes of his lily pond?

  • Who liked abstract art?Who found fun objects in scribble lines?Who liked to hide things in his art?


  • How many did you know?Would you like to try again?Learning is fun!!

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