Economic Assignments

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My Dream Company

Law of Demand

As Price decrease the demand for the quantity increases. Taken Price and Quantity of CRB Turbo3

Forecasting Using Weka

Forecasting using Weka with the share prices of last six months. Helps for Decision Tree. Gives Non-Linear Forecast4

Using SPSS

Forecasting and also to find Linear Regression, With y=a+bx(t-1), To find estimated y5

Break Event Point

Break Event Point to estimate No loss, No profit turn over. To compare two or more Companies6

Comfar IIISummary sheetBalance SheetProfit and Loss Cash Flow

Comfar III helps to get loan for the company7

Using R

Data crawling of the company using any two variable (Open,Volume)taken from the share price where the link is taken directly online. To Prepare control Chart over a period of time13

Using SAS

SAS helps to create control chart with sales turn over for last five years.14

The Global Competitiveness 2014-2015

Market Share

Sales turn over of 5 dreams companies in Tableau16

Global Sales of British Petroleum

Europe, Africa, United Emirates, America, Asia and Pacific17

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