Ecphrastic poetry & professional literacy development

Ecphrastic poetry & the development of professional literacy in biologyWhat is ecphrastic poetry?Ecphrastic poetry is the conversation between two pieces of art. The writer interprets a work of visual art and then creates a narrative in verse form that represents his or her reaction to that painting, photograph, sculpture or other artistic creation. poetry and biologyHow do you write a biology-related poem in an ecphrastic manner?Complete the following steps:View a stimulus image and identify a biology-related concept it evokes.If required, write down the concept, definition, law, formula etc.Identify a suitable poetry type and write the poem.What concept does this image evoke?

ChloroplastsExample Haiku poemSmall green chloroplastscapture energy from lightand thus make glucose.What concept does this image evoke?

The respiratory systemExample Concrete poem

What concept does this image evoke?

PhotosynthesisExample Acrostic poemPlantsHeterotroughOxygenTemperatureOutdoorsSunlightYour source of oxygenNourishment (makes own food)

TreesH2O (water)EnergySoilIn order to survive all organisms must release energy in sugarsSugars concept does this image evoke?

DNAExample Limerick poemIm the whole of my parts, so they say!And unique are my parts, DNA.Theyre tiny in size,But they sure humanizeMy nature and features, le! concept does this image evoke?

GermsExample Free Verse poemA mighty creature is the germ,Though smaller than the pachyderm.His customary dwelling placeIs deep within the human race.His childish pride he often pleasesBy giving people strange diseases.Do you, my poppet, feel infirm?You probably contain a germ. concept does this image evoke?

Scientific taxonomyExample Cinquain poemKangaroo

Furry marsupial

Hopping, jumping, bounding

Proud emblem of Australia

Macropod concept does this musical composition evoke?Batttle Hymn of the Republic.

RespirationExample re-worked song lyricMy eyes have seen the glory of respiratory chainIn every mitochondrium intrinsic to membranesFunctionally organised in complex sub-domainesWhere electrons flow along

Glory, glory respiration (3x)Where electrons flow along the given stimulus material, create the following types of poetry:Free verseAcrostic CinquainHaikuLimerick25STIMULUS IMAGE 1





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