1. Evaluation Question 3 What have you learnt from your audience feedback? Prior to creating two adverts, a sponsorship sequence and a web pop-up for the sportswear company which I designed (Infinite Sports), I gathered audience feedback to help make decisions on specific details of my company such as what to name my sportswear campaign. Furthermore I gathered audience feedback after the completion of my construction projects, to see what people thought about the products that I advertised and the way I advertised them, this was done through the use of questionnaires and a Facebook fan page. Audience feedback used to select a campaign title I came up with 3 possible campaign titles that I thought were strong, and then put them into a single word document. I allowed a selection of my target audience to put a tick next to which title they thought would best suite my sportswear campaign, this resulted in the title There Is No Limit being used within my projects as it received the most ticks. Allowing my target audience to choose which name they best liked meant that I could know which title out of the 3, would most appeal to the average person within my target audience, making it easier to market products and adverts towards them in the future by capturing there attention (seen as There Is No Limit is included in my adverts and web pop-up). There are clear benefits to this audience feedback, however looking back on it I could of asked a larger sample of people within my target audience in order to gain more accurate results, additionally perhaps I could have included one or two more possible campaign titles to allow the target audience a wider choice. Audience feedback to select a company name In order to decide what to name my sportswear company I came up with a list of possible names and placed them in a word document, which I printed off and then asked members of my target audience to put a tick next to which name they best liked. The results of this tally thus show why the name Infinite Sports was selected for my company name. This tally offered the target audience a total of 13 company names to choose from, making the amount of ticks for the name Infinite Sports stand out as a clear attraction. Using the target audience feedback to decide the name of my sportswear company allowed me to best 2. appeal to the target market through a name, which would capture their attention. Existing audience feedback in the form of viewing figures As part of research I gathered existing feedback by looking at some TV viewing figures for sports channels and sports programs, this simply enabled me to see which channel it would be best to sponsor when creating my sponsorship sequence. The results which I found using Google showed that Sky Sports 1 would be the best channel to sponsor as it can get up to 14 million viewers at times. Facebook fan page providing audience feedback Creating a Facebook fan page for Infinite Sports allowed for audience feedback in the form of page likes, showing that people like the general idea of my company. It allows consumers to express their personal feelings by commenting on either the page itself or the photos of the products, which are shown on the account. A good way to view success or failure is through analysis of this feedback, for example positive comments may be left on a product photo, showing that it is successful in appealing to the audience. Through viewing the users that have liked my Facebook fan page it is clear that it has appealed to people within my target audience (people aged around 16-35), making the page successful in promotion. Not only is this beneficial in reinforcing brand awareness but it is also a free form of advertisement. 3. Questionnaire providing audience feedback I created a questionnaire in word and printed off multiple copies in order to gain some audience feedback on my adverts and sponsorship sequence. This was beneficial as it allowed me to see what about the various projects was successful and unsuccessful in appealing to the audience. For example feedback on question 3 about my adverts revealed that 7 (50%) people liked the variety of locations, which I used in filming. I think the overall results from the questionnaire could have been slightly more accurate if I had asked a larger sample of people to complete it, as it was only completed by a total of 14 people. Perhaps I could of also asked some more in depth questions. Although I can say that people of different age ranges both within and outside of my target age range completed the questionnaire, providing a certain amount of accuracy to the results, as they are not biased. 4 out of the 14 respondents (28%) said that they thought the target audience for the adverts and sponsorship sequence was people aged around 25 and above, when the actual target age range is 18-35. This possibly shows that the adverts could have been slightly more tailored to the target audience. Contrastingly all respondents acknowledged that the projects were aimed at males, therefore I am happy with the results. All 14 people (100%) who completed the questionnaire said that the adverts and sponsorship were interesting; I could of possibly expanded on this by asking what it was that interested the audience to get more specific findings, however I am still pleased with the result as it shows that the footages are successful in capturing the audiences attention.

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