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1 June 2020

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2 Pigeon Post

Distribution Pigeon Post is delivered free to every home in Starston.

It can also be sent by email in PDF format. To request a PDF version please contact the Co-ordinating Editor.

Whilst the editorial team do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed by contributors, they believe that the magazine is available for local people to air their views. Letters to the Editor must be signed. The Editor reserves the right to alter or amend any copy received. Items for inclusion in the next issue MUST reach the Co-ordinating Editor by the 12th of the preceding month, (usually earlier in December). Space in the magazine will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Photos and pictures are welcome and will be used wherever possible.

Please send copy by e-mail to: [email protected]

Advertising For advertising rates please contact

Liz Stacey: Tel: 01379 853427 Email: [email protected]

or Sue Moore: Tel: 01379 852387 Email: [email protected]

If you know of any new residents in the village please tell Norman Steer (854245) or Sue Moore (452432) so that we can welcome them in Pigeon Post.

‘For Starston People’ Copyright 2020 PIGEON POST The Production Team

Co-ordinating Editor: Sue Moore: 6 Allthorpe Rd, Harleston Tel: 452432 Email: [email protected] [email protected]

Editors: Chris Doughty: Email: [email protected]

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Distributors include: Brenda & David Beech, Sarah Beech, Sonja Burnett, Mandy Carter, Patricia Lombe-Taylor, Alison Miners, Rosemary & Norman Steer, and others.

ISSUE EDITOR Auriel Gibson

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3 June 2020

T he G l ebe O r cha r d i n B loo m

Final Copy Date for July edition: 12.00 Noon - Friday 12th June

To Book the Jubilee Hall - Contact the Bookings Manager:

Robert Wood: 01379 852535 or Email: [email protected] Deputy: Joy Brooks: 01379 854755 or [email protected]

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4 Pigeon Post




01379 853427

[email protected]

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5 June 2020

For Your Information


Janet Broadhurst, Starston Emergency Plan. 853480 [email protected] Harleston Kindness, and Facebook page South Norfolk Council Help Hub, 01508 533933

EVENTS Up to date information is available on the website or by contacting representatives within the village eg SYC team or the Hall committee.

HARLESTON MEDICAL PRACTICE After 10years Dr Cronin will be leaving the practice at the end of June. We wish him all the best in his future career.

WELCOME …. to Beverley and Stuart who have recently moved into the village. We hope you will be very happy here.


First come, first served.

We’ve been turning out the garage – as you do in lockdown – and have found a number of things we no longer need. 2 x computer keyboards (USB connection)

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plus one PS2 mouse 8 display racks for CDs or A5 magazines –

the racks can be linked together

1 Butterfly/Moth feeder in box with instructions and feedtray, for wall mounting 1 large doormat 2’ x 3’ 1 desk lamp with bracket to clip onto desk

1 Super Soaker water pistol Contact Michael or Dee: 01379

852318 or [email protected] if you would like any of these items. All free.


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6 Pigeon Post

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7 June 2020

Editor’s Notes

Christian Aid Week 2020

Due to Coronavirus, the Christian Aid street collection to raise funds has been cancelled this year. Starston has supported Christian Aid very generously over the years raising thousands of pounds for worthy projects around the world. We have been blessed by having many dedicated collectors in the village. Thank you all for your committed work. Urgent support for Christian Aid continues to be needed more than ever in developing countries, especially where medical aid is almost non-existent to help deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. Donations to support Christian Aid’s life-giving projects can be made through their website: It is hoped that future fund raising and social events may take place later in the year. And perhaps the annual Coffee Morning and Christmas card sale at Starston Grange! Thank you. Sue Grimble

This edition of Pigeon Post has been both gratifying and challenging to collate. Production of Pigeon Post follows a well-oiled, tried and tested pattern. Normally there are many submissions: news, reports of activities of clubs in the village and from without, announcements of future events, reports of events that have occurred, exhortations to follow lifestyle guidelines - fitness of mind, spirit and body. And, usually an interesting article: for this month see pp12&13. It can sometimes be difficult to know what to include and what to omit. In view of social distancing, it was reasonable to assume, therefore, that the editor might have had an easier time than normal. Wrong! This month, PP is packed and a lovely ‘atmosphere’ of well-being and activity under adversity comes through. We are not a village that ‘sits on its hands’. Instead, it has been a powerhouse of assistance to others, fetching and carrying, pp 6&7, gardening, cooking, crafts, innovations as to how to mark 75 years since Germany surrendered and we knew we were a ‘free’ nation again: pp14 & 15. Lockdown pursuits have been described – p 16&17 and varied they have been too! Fitness of the elderly has been treated seriously! Children engaged in ’messy’ activities and private treasure hunts-p23. Lots of photographs of residents have been taken - you might though need to find your magnifying glass to identify who is who! Then also challenging: a certain computer procedure was most frustrating until, after much muttering, a new method was demonstrated - gratifying and elderly adult learning took place! (Notes have been taken!). So, moral is: don’t pre-judge! Ed

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8 Pigeon Post



Social Distanced Activities and Helpers

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9 June 2020

Emergency Plan Report

When we talked about the Emergency Plan for Starston we imagined a lack of electricity, being flooded or snowed in and meeting up in the village hall or church for hot food and drinks. Never did we think the exact opposite would occur, self-isolating and social distancing!! With so many Starston residents being sensible and self-isolating it has been wonderful to have the support of so many younger residents to help with shopping, collecting medication, other household items and pet supplies. I did not realise how many suppliers of food were based in South Norfolk and we are thankful that almost all suppliers will deliver to our doors. I know I have never eaten so well and my waistline certainly bears the evidence. Aside from food supplies many residents are concerned about the length and colour of their hair, particularly the ladies. With no one to see, for most of us, it should not be a problem but many have taken to trimming their husband’s hair. I’m not so sure about Geoff trimming mine! I’m looking forward to hairdressers opening up in the not too distant future. It has been fantastic for Starston to be able to support local garden centres who are open for business but not to the public. By the look of what is being ordered Starston will have the best kept gardens and most bountiful supply of fresh veg this summer. I feel particularly blessed to have met so many residents in the village who have such a range of skills and hobbies. We have even discovered that there are three houses in Starston which we thought were outside the parish boundary. Starston is blessed with some brilliant residents who are sewing masks. If anyone would like a reusable mask please do get in touch with Verona McWhinney 01379 854105 or Auriel Gibson 01379 854661. The masks are free but donations to the chosen charities, Waveney Food Bank, Christian Aid or East Anglia Air Ambulance would be welcome. As many of you know Geoff and I spend a huge amount of time travelling between our two daughters and their families as well as family in Cape Town. We have never spent as long in Starston before and it has taken a pandemic to keep us in the village! Being here has been wonderful. A big thank you to everyone for their help in keeping Starston serving the community. I am grateful to everyone who has fed in ideas and kept us informed of what is happening in this lovely village and its surroundings. Thank you too for the support in keeping those who are staying at home safe in their homes. I am sure we will be a stronger village community when we are allowed out of lockdown. If anyone would like to receive emails or hard copy of suppliers and information which is sent out on a weekly basis please contact me on 01379 853 480 or [email protected] Stay safe everyone

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10 Pigeon Post

Press Release : Starston Parish Council

4th May 2020 Starston Parish Council awarded £1,000 to provide support for vulnerable people affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Starston Parish Council was awarded funding from Norfolk Community Foundation through the Covid-19 Community Response Fund to support;

The cost of materials for Starston residents to make reusable PPE for Starston residents and Starston volunteers.

Travel Costs for volunteers (taxable limit is 45p per mile)

Additional administration costs related to CV-19 e.g. telephone calls, print cartridges, paper etc.

Providing financial support and/or food parcels for those in hardship situations within the parish.

Providing general support for residents wherever needed in the village in line with the Parish Council’s current Emergency Plan.

Janet Broadhurst : ‘We are grateful to have the support of the Norfolk Community Foundation to help anyone in the parish who is in need of support to see them over this period of uncertainty. It is wonderful to be able to ensure that all of our residents are cared for during any hardship as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.’ Jenny Bevan, Head of Programmes, said: ‘Norfolk Community Foundation is delighted to support this much needed project that will make a real difference in the community. We wish them every success with their work.’ More information is available from Janet Broadhurst. For further information on applying go to Norfolk Community Foundation’s : Norfolk Community Foundation is an independent, registered charity that bridges the gap between those in need and those who can help. . As part of a national movement of Community Foundations, Norfolk Community Foundation is working together with local philanthropists to make a difference to lives in Norfolk.

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11 June 2020

Message from the Rector

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

(Helen Keller)

Over the last couple of months I have been really privileged to join in with some of the online services that have been recorded in different churches in our country and across the world. I have valued these very much and it has been lovely to worship with people who I wouldn’t ordinarily have met. The Dean at Canterbury Cathedral has also started a recorded reading of a book called ‘Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is a story about his pilgrimage, which he made alone with Modestine, the donkey who carried his luggage for the twelve day walk across valleys and mountains in the South of France in 1878. I am enjoying listening to the story, as it is a good way of reflecting and relaxing. The period of lockdown we are experiencing at the moment could too be thought of as ‘a pilgrimage’ although we did not plan or even want it. One of the reflections from Robert Louis Stevenson’s story was his musing on how religious wars of the past have shaped the communities and individuals that he encountered. In a similar way Covid-19 has shown how our world, country, Diocese, Benefice and community can love and care for one another in the midst of really difficult times. This has been quite amazing and ranges from the great commitment and care given to so many from the medical teams within the NHS: people who have courageously and selflessly worked so hard in order to heal people to those like the wonderful war veteran Captain Tom Moore who has raised more than £33m for the NHS. In smaller, but just as important ways, many have helped each other with shopping and being in touch through the telephone. Having more time on our own gives us the opportunity to think about the important aspects of life and it is really good to know how much people care for one another and come together in times of great difficulty. Hopefully by the time you read this the restrictions placed on us about interacting with others may be eased although I am sure social distancing will have to be respected for some time. It is shocking looking at the worldwide figures of how much suffering and death Covid-19 has caused. As life hopefully becomes more ‘normal’ let us give thanks for all those who have cared for people, some of who have sadly lost their lives. There are too, like Robert Louis Stevenson’s story, lessons to learn from this pandemic, which will enrich our lives in the future, which are centred on care, love and community living. May God bless you all, keep you and your loved ones safe and keep positive. Hopefully too it won’t be long before we are able to meet in person again. Reverend Sarah Walsh, Rector of Dickleburgh and the Pulhams.

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12 Pigeon Post

The Way We Were -’87

It was no surprise really that in preparing to move house I found all sorts of things that I hadn’t realised I’d lost. In amongst some cassettes there was one labelled Starston Village Voice, BBC Radio Norfolk 1987. This needed further investigation, so with a little help from a friend it soon got transferred to a CD so that I could listen again. In 1987 BBC Radio Norfolk made a series of programmes where Wally Webb visited villages and talked to the residents. Margaret Meadows, one of our then senior citizens, lived in Bunns Lane and it was she who invited Wally Webb to come along to Starston. It’s a great shame that she didn’t actually feature in the recording. Her husband had worked on the Askew estate, and they lived in one of the estate cottages- no running water and no electricity. She was eventually persuaded to have water, a tap outside the back door, when she was told that the field next to the cottage was having a water tank fitted so there was no excuse. Electricity was installed only just before she died, but she found electric lighting far too bright. The programme started with Andrew Baker explaining that Starston was situated in the Waveney valley and that the Beck eventually fed into the river Waveney. He told of the history of Beck Hall, a previous house of the name having been mentioned in the Doomsday Book, and how the current house dates from 1450 and, amongst other things, had a priest hole and a ghost. And, in 1987 the village still had a shop, situated at the former pub, The Gate, next to the old school. Wally then proceeded to Home Farm to meet Julian Taylor in the calf rearing shed. In former times, before the tractor age, this building had been used to house 18-20 horses. It is now one of the Home Farm Barns. Julian explained that the Taylor family had lived at Starston Place since the 1700’s when they had moved here from Diss. In 1833 the farming enterprise of 300 acres needed 28 horses and 50 men to operate. In 1987 the acreage had increased to 800 acres worked by Julian, Richard and 4 farm workers – and no horses. 1987 had been a particularly wet year with much of the low-lying areas flooded. At the time the farm ran a herd of over 200 dairy cows, and this was the more productive area of farming. Cereals were suffering from over production and were only averaging a price of £80-90 per tonne (the current wheat price is about £150 per tonne). The next stop was to the Jubilee Hall, opened a few years previously. Cliffy Webb told of the history of the Hall and about the fundraising that had taken place. He related that, at the last of the gymkhanas which was held in 1981, 270 horses had attended the event on the meadow at the top of Railway Hill. He also mentioned the old forge door that can still be seen in the Jubilee Hall today. Cliffy talked of other aspects of the fund raising such as the interest free loan scheme that had been organised by Peter Blake, which had raised over £6000 to fund the Hall. The mention of Railway Hill prompted discussion of the line, which had run between Tivetshall and Harleston stations, and then on towards the coast.

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13 June 2020

The Way We Were – continued

Wally then found his way to Cranes Watering Farm, another dairy farm (there were three in the village in 1987). Partly due to the low grain prices, and partly due to milk quotas, which were introduced a few years earlier, dairy farmers had been required to cull 10% of their herd so many dairy farms, including this one, had diversified. Here was a farm shop and dairy products enterprise. On sale were Jersey milk and cream, butter, cheese and eggs alongside other local products. At this time the dairy had not started making ice cream, for which it eventually gained quite a reputation. Back at the church, Wally met with Richard Lombe Taylor. Richard explained that the church was dedicated to St Margaret of Scotland, although it is St Margaret of Antioch who stands in the niche above the door. The lynch gate had recently been repaired in 1987. The bells were only rung every 4-6 weeks by touring bell ringers and there were handbells, which hadn’t been used for some time. We’re lucky now to have ringers for both sets of bells. The organ was in its position on the north side of the church, so the gale and the tree through the roof which necessitated the new organ came after 1987. There was a rota of three organists for the congregation of around thirty-five each week, and at the time we were not in a group with other churches, but had our own priest-in-charge, Canon Cook. The final stop on the tour was to meet one of our oldest residents: Fred Gray. Mr Gray who had been born in Beccles, lived in Starston for a while as a child when his father was working in the village and returned in 1930 to work on the Askew estate. He related tales of working with horses, and carting water from the Beck in dry weather. He retired in 1965, but what he didn’t mention was that he then came out of retirement to work a further few years at Cranes Watering Farm. He was interviewed at his home in Skinner’s Lane and he told Wally that when the land had been purchased to build what were then council houses it had cost the princely sum of £40, and the building costs had amounted to £1000. How things have changed! Sue Moore

I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to the Starston Emergency Plan volunteers. Recently the COVID -19 virus attacked 3 members of my family: my daughter (NHS), my son-in-law (support worker) and one of my granddaughters (NHS). For me the experience was overwhelming; I felt numb. Being self-isolated and in need of help I contacted Janet who offered me immediate emotional and practical support, the memory of which will stay with me for ever. In times like these caring for each other means so much. I am delighted to say all three have made steady progress, and hope to be back to normal soon. Again a big thank you. And stay safe everyone. Sylvia Webb

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14 Pigeon Post

The younger members of the village at home school had been learning about VE Day.

Charlie, The Colmans, Simon and others festooned their homes with bunting to brighten up The Street. The Colmans also enjoyed a virtual bake off and virtual street party with family and friends—via Zoom of course.

Just before 11am Norman Steer rang his bell in The Street to mark the start

of the two-minute silence.

VE DAY – at home – Starston Style

George made flags and bunting to decorate the drive and then set about cooking cheese & marmite swirls, lemonade and cakes. There was a bit of a design challenge when decorating the cakes; in the absence of red food colouring, pink marshmallows were brought in as a substitute. Lunch out in the sunshine was with swing music!

And then, time for tea! Or !

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15 June 2020

And it is to such fearless people that we owe so much

Sydney Stevens – World War 2 Bomber Pilot

Sydney "Stevie" Stevens, an RAF World War 2 Lancaster bomber pilot of Saxlingham Nethergate, Norfolk, has died aged 98. Friends said Mr Stevens had been unwell for some time. His death has not been linked to Covid-19.

Flt Lt Stevens was in 57 Squadron Bomber Command and flew on 28 missions for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. One of the things of which he was most proud was that in all of his missions he did not lose any of his crew. The Distinguished Flying Cross citation states: “This officer has displayed great skill and determination throughout his tour of operations. One night in October, 1943, he piloted an aircraft detailed to attack Leipzig. On the outward flight violent electrical storms were encountered. Although the air speed indicator became useless and other equipment was rendered temporarily unserviceable, Pilot Officer Stevens went on to complete his mission. His persistence in the face of trying circumstances was most praiseworthy.” Ms Ling paid tribute to Mr Stevens: “Everybody who knew him just loved him. If you were lucky enough to meet him, he was a lifelong friend.” After the war Mr Stevens settled in Norwich where he worked as a maths teacher.

At 3pm Rosemary said the Exhortation

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow

old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them

When you go home, tell them of us and say,

tomorrow, we gave our today.

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16 Pigeon Post

We are so lucky not to live in a small flat in a high rise or similar. Life must be so trying, especially for those with small children. The September / October floods caused the small stream behind The Cottage to rise to the top of the bank for several days. It brought down a lot of branches and other debris including Tish’s garden bucket which finished halfway to the Beck! When the weather improved in the spring and Lock Down started, we therefore were left with a lot of work to do in the garden and wild flower meadow. We set to in lovely spring weather. It is frustrating not to be able to see our friends, not go out for a meal on a whim. However, we do keep in touch regularly by telephone with family and friends. When we moved from Conifer Hill we brought all our photograph albums and we are slowly looking through them. A time-consuming but most enjoyable task as they cover many happy holidays abroad and family occasions. Richard has started to go through all his files to thin them down: a slow job! But, we are both reading a great many books of all kinds, thrillers, travel, gardening and historical. Television is only on pretty selectively when worth watching. We are so lucky to have many of our family living in Starston whom we are able to see at a distance in our garden. The Starston community has been very supportive to us and many others with food deliveries and in many other ways. They deserve great thanks for all their efforts for everyone in the village. STARSTON AT ITS BEST. Tish and Richard Lombe Taylor The lock down has enabled us to explore the endless footpaths, spending hours in deep conversation, off the daily work treadmill, enjoying stunning nature and balmy weather.

To counter this solitude and peace, I kill myself by regularly running five miles, wishing I had never started. Down 3 kgs and feeling fit, but exhausted and happy. And then there are the countless ZOOM chats, catching up with long lost friends across the world. Great, but looking forward to spending time with children and grand-children. Geoff Broadhurst

Living in Lock Down

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17 June 2020

Of all the strange and wonderful places I've lived in and travelled to and all the weird and wonderful experiences I've enjoyed, living through these times is probably pretty high up in the weird stakes! The one thing that is very different is place. Being in Starston, at home, surrounded by

wonderful friends and neighbours has made it abundantly clear how very important it is to feel you belong somewhere. I know of so many people who have stepped up to the plate to help others. Home isn't just a house, it's a community and a way of living with each other, even if it's over the garden fence, hedge or wall. But let's not forget other important things - like gin and tonic and a lovely glass of cold white wine! The Champagne can wait till we're all unlocked; hopefully soon ! Mags Ryalls

A year ago I moved from West Sussex to Starston. What a fortuitous move! I could not have selected a better place to spend the coronavirus 'lockdown'. Starston residents have been most welcoming, supportive and helpful. To keep sane during Lock Down I have been lopping down vegetation in my son's six acre garden. Sadly, when purchased, this was totally overgrown and neglected. At least one acre is a jungle of fallen trees (mostly spikey hawthorn), brambles, nettles and other nasties. Lock Down seemed an ideal time to tackle these horrors. Having a project has been important. It has not been a chore but a pleasure. I have enjoyed being at one with nature, inhaling pure fresh air (apart from bonfire smoke), wonderful sunny days, clear skies and admiring the natural landscape. An additional bonus is that, being physically exhausted, one sleeps more soundly and happily. And, an added bonus, I have lost weight! Sheena Wateridge

Uncertain Times

We are a perverse lot, we humans, Seeking certainty in an uncertain world. “What does this mean?”, “How will this work?” Yet when presented with certainties: Stay at home, keep socially distanced, essential travel only, We challenge, flout and ignore them. Why? Because we can, through the freedom freely given By the last generation who lived through such uncertain times. Some fought and died, some stayed at home and died. All faced uncertainty, shortages, restrictions, and fear. We crave a Satnav, but find only a crumpled road map, Perhaps out of date by the time it reaches our hands. But this is not all we have. We are all individuals. Time to engage our own common sense and moral compass To help us to navigate a path, together and individually, Through these uncertain times. But the only certainties are that we are born and that we die. That is life, in all its richness. Rosemary Steer

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18 Pigeon Post

Nature At Its Most Vicarious

Notes From A Starston Garden

These are strange times, my masters. I’m reminded of Fascinating Aida’s song about the menopause – “Cardy On, Cardy Off”. At the beginning of April it was “hat on, jumper off” as I weeded and tidied my Starston garden in glorious sunshine. At the beginning of May I was rummaging in my woman shed for horticultural fleece to protect my potatoes from the predicted frosts. Since then it’s been “Fleece on, fleece off” - a horticultural hokey cokey. What it’s all about is a harvest of tasty salad potatoes to have with summer barbecues. And it’s not just the temperatures that have been looking like a child’s pointy drawing of a mountain range. In February the rain seemed never ending. By the middle of April I had to start watering and was soon spending more than half an hour each evening playing the hose over seed rows, brassicas and even the onion bed, not forgetting the raspberries - I grow mostly the autumn fruiting varieties. Last summer, when it was so hot and dry, I didn’t bother to water them and was rewarded by stunted canes, a pathetic harvest and, I thought, the loss of some of the plants. Thankfully most had just hunkered down, awaiting better times, and have come bouncing back, waving their canes at me to remind me what a hosepipe is for. Bizarrely the changes in the weather from one extreme to the other could happen pretty much from one day to the next, or even, from one hour to the next. On May 10th we got out the chainsaw to cut up miscellaneous wood, ready for winter. We started in warm sunshine and a gentle breeze. Two hours later the temperature had plummeted, the sky was covered in thick, grey cloud and a northerly blast was making confetti of the apple blossom. So, this is what the arrival of a cold front feels like. Apart from the weather there are other ‘strangenesses’. I have seen only one ladybird this spring. Perhaps because of their absence the aphids have been having a field day since mid-March - greenfly on the roses and blackfly on the mock orange blossom. Every couple of days I’ve had to go round with my soft soap spray to deal with the little blighters. The roses have had another affliction - a very early attack of black spot - and have been shedding an awful lot of leaves. At this rate there won’t be many left. So, a mad world, my masters. What can we do but keep calm and carry on gardening? Topical Reference Many thanks to those in the village who have organised deliveries of compost, plants, seeds and sundries from Middleton’s Nursery in Weybread and Three Willows Garden Centre in Bungay. Much appreciated. Dee The Gardener

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19 June 2020

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20 Pigeon Post

Parish Council Report

Dear Starston residents, The first ever Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council followed by a normal Parish Council meeting took place via video link (Zoom) on the 4th May 2020. I want to thank all the Councillors for being so supportive of this method of meeting, which went really well. I would like to confirm the following appointments for 2020-21:- Parish Council Chair – Cllr A Leitch Parish Council Vice-Chair – Cllr R Franklin Thank you both for your continued support.

It was agreed that the Annual Parish Meeting (this is the meeting of the Parish), is to be cancelled for 2020 due to Covid-19.

A £400 grant was awarded to the Jubilee Hall towards their electricity bill and a £450 grant was awarded to the PCC for the maintenance of the churchyard. It was agreed to use a small portion of the ring fenced CIL money to purchase four signs to be sited along two sections of the permissive path adjacent to Railway Hill, and for volunteers to install them. Our sincere thanks to the Askew Estate for allowing this new permissive path on their land, thereby improving the safety of pedestrians walking to/from the centre of the village up to Bunns Lane. This is one of the practical outcomes from the Neighbourhood Plan process.

In terms of village maintenance: -

The print on the adult and child holding hands highways sign that is located on Railway Hill has eroded and has been reported to Norfolk County Council Highways team

The Rangers have been asked to clean all the road signs when they next visit

The damaged lower part of the brick posts on the bridge when travelling from Railway Hill have been reported to the bridges team at Norfolk County Council

Norfolk County Council have replaced the metal gate on Bunns Lane and the keys are waiting to be distributed

In the coming months I will be putting together two surveys: -

One for residents and landowners to find out who would be interested in receiving trees for private planting

One for residents on whether they would like Starston Parish Council to be a signatory on the Local Electricity Bill campaign – for details see

I wanted to remind you that all of the Parish Council policies, minutes, agendas and financial information are held on the village website for you to view at any time.

The next Parish Council meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Monday 20th July via the video conferencing platform ‘Zoom’. If you would like to attend the meeting, please let me know and I will send you the Zoom link. If you would like any matters raised in the public forum but do not wish to join the meeting on Zoom, again, please contact me. Stay well and keep safe. Clare Crane Clerk to Starston Parish Council

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21 June 2020

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22 Pigeon Post

It's still a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone that continues to help within our communities, looking out for one another and helping with shopping, picking up prescriptions and keeping in touch with those that live on their own in this difficult time. We have heard an announcement from the Government of its route map for easing down the lockdown. A sign of hope for us that the current situation we are living in will start to change for the better. At County Hall this means that we are going to be facing renewed challenges as we work out how to deliver our services to the people of Norfolk, as guidelines and rules develop and change so that we can ease ourselves out of lockdown safely. For anyone needing help please contact the Help Hub at South Norfolk Council on 01508 533933 As from May 11th NCC opened up eight of its larger recycling centres so that Norfolk householders can dispose of waste and recycling that may have built up at home that has started to pose a health and safety risk. We are restricting the materials accepted based on the availability of transport and whether the companies that deal with the collected material are open for business – so please follow the directions of the staff on site as the options available may not be what people are used to. NCC has launched ‘Rooting for Nature’, a campaign to spread the word on the benefits of home composting. NCC has teamed up with ‘Get Composting’ to offer a range of discounted composting bins to encourage people to use their garden waste, fruit and veg peelings to make their own compost at home. To find out more about composting and to order a discounted bin, visit: NCC's Adult Learning has made many of its learning courses available online, as well as launching a range of new online courses perfectly designed to keep you active, healthy and connected throughout the lockdown. If you're struggling to keep up with technology and connecting with loved ones during this time, the uniquely designed courses will help you get to grips with email, video messaging and how to stay safe online. There are also courses for the whole family, designed to help support your children's learning at home through age-specific targeted activities. For more information please visit Norfolk children are being invited to enter a new competition for a chance to win a visit to their school from a fire and rescue crew later this year. Online learning fun for children is now available on the service's website and includes top tips on staying safe at home, as well as fun activities including colouring sheets and puzzles around the theme of fire safety. We're encouraging children to look at the tips and then create posters, which they can take a photo of or scan in and send to us before the 30th of June for a chance to win a crew visit. With Best Wishes Martin Wilby

County Council Report

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23 June 2020

Starston Youth Club Report

Starston Youth Club (SYC) at HOME

Our last meeting together was Starston Slime Sunday on 8th March, which was fully booked. This is a particularly popular and fun event. Starston Youth Club activities have continued throughout the CV-19 lockdown period on an “at home” basis. Families with primary school age

children received an Easter egg hunt pack to enjoy in their garden, along with a personalised card and Easter eggs. Our club in May was due to be a Starston walk and nature exploration. With roads much quieter, lots of families have been out walking and cycling through the village. We hope that everyone is now better acquainted with footpaths in Starston, and our sincere thanks to landowners who have improved access across their land by making cross field paths easier to follow and stiles more manageable at this time. For VE Day, links to fun activities were e-mailed out to families. Home-made bunting was created, as well as a range of home baked goodies. The government website has lots of interesting information and is worth having a look at even after 8th May – see Club activities for the summer months are group ones, which will only be going ahead when the government advise that young people can meet together. A good indicator will be when schools go back and we will then be able to consider outside based activities again. Hence, please keep an eye on the SYC page on the village website or updates via the SYC WhatsApp group. Best wishes Ann, Brian, Janet, Lucy, Sam

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24 Pigeon Post

Answers to the May Crossword

Quick Quiz

June Quiz – How well do you know your nearest town’s history?

1. In which year did Harleston Railway Station close? 2. Which agricultural engineering business moved to Harleston from Essex

in the 1960s? 3. Before the age of running water, where was the main Harleston town

pump located? There was another on the Market Place. 4. What was the previous use of the Harleston Masonic Rooms? 5. In what year did John Wharton start growing roses, and where? 6. Which television manufacturing company set up in Harleston in 1960? 7. In which decade was the Shotford Bowls Club opened? 8. What other well establish club is next door to the Bowls Club? 9. When was the land acquired for the Recreation Ground? 10. Who opened the Memorial Leisure Centre in 1981? Ref: Harleston Cameo. Sid Taylor. 1992 Candlers Publications

May Quiz Answers

1. Horse chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum 2. Roy Riches 1969 3. Sterestuna or Steerstown 4. St Margaret of Scotland 5. The Gate 6.1839 7. Starston Place and Home Farm 8. 1981 9. Grove Hill House 10. March 1991


3. Epicentre 8. Crib 9. Tom Hanks 10. Arabic 13. Heard 14. Breadth 15. Sit 16. Amusing 17. Broke 21. Starts

22. Lucky dip 23. Perm 24. Continent

DOWN 1. Scrapheap 2. Nicaragua 4. Patch 5. Comfort 6. Neat 7. Rake

11. Adjourned 12. Threesome 14. Big 15. Snowdon 18. Aspen 19. Ouzo 20. Skit

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25 June 2020

June Crossword by Puffin & Quill

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9

10 11 12


14 15 16

17 18 19 20

21 22

23 24


1. A locally grown crop (5) 3. One of the first flowers of spring (7) 6. Past participle of a verb meaning to walk (7) 8. Better than just plain nice (5) 10. In front (5) 11. Janitor, maintenance person (7) 14. Stock market or provision market worker (6) 15. Used by Mr Heinz in soup (6) 17. Enliven (7) 20. Beat heavily (5) 21. Dianthus, but not carnations (5) 22. The arithmetic mean (7) 23. To confer an honour upon (7) 24. Desiccated (5)

CLUES DOWN 1. Withdraw (7) 2. Shapes and arguments can be multi…….(5) 3. A violaceous garden plant (5) 4. Not found on the outside (5) 5. Pinny (5) 7. This could be military or surgical (9) 9. A plant with bell shaped flowers (9) 12. The vera of this is good for your skin (4) 13. A fine toothed saw (4) 16. A way to comprehend the spoken word (3,4) 17. Abundant (5) 18. Something of value (5) 19. To fill with pride (5) 20. 97 mile long river entering the sea at Berwick (5)

Find the flowers in this month’s Crossword

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26 Pigeon Post


If you wish to take part, or if you would just like to see the readings and prayers for the next service please look at the benefice website. If you need to contact the benefice administrator, Julie Wolterton, the office number is 741994 and the email address is : the [email protected] Rev Sarah Walsh telephone 676921 or 07809430967 The contact for Starston PCC is via the secretary Ruth Cawcutt 852087 and her email is : [email protected]

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27 June 2020

Starston Parish Council

Martin Wilby County 01379 741504 [email protected]

Clayton Hudson District 01379 676259 [email protected]

Community Services

Starston Village Web Site:

Local Councillors

Local Buses - from Starston to Harleston and Starston to Long Stratton and Norwich

For information Ring: 0871 200 2233

12p a minute plus access charge

Border Hoppa - dial-a-ride service Ring: 01379 854800

Police - (non-emergency) Ring: 101

Safer Neighbourhood Team Email: [email protected]

Report Power Cuts Ring 105

NHS Emergency & Urgent Care Services (Including Emergency out of hours chemist)

Ring: 111 when it’s less urgent than 999

Refuse Collection and Queries Ring: 01508 533830

Harleston Information Plus Ring: 01379 851917 [email protected]

Ann Leitch Chair

N’hood Plan [email protected] 01379423387

Richard Franklin Vice Chair Village Sign [email protected]

Janet Broadhurst Footpaths Emergency Plan [email protected] 01379853480

Jane Marsden Member [email protected]

Stuart Griffin Welcome Co-ordinator [email protected]

Lucy Cave Fay Fitch

Member Member

[email protected] 07786321025 [email protected]

Clare Crane Clerk to the Council and RFO 01379 608590

To contact Starston Parish Council: [email protected]

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28 Pigeon Post

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Denny Holloway Bricklayer

Brick Work, General Building,

Hard Landscaping etc

01379 853471 or 07939 144446

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