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Kingdom Plantae

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All plants are multi-cellularHave a complex cell structure, have cell

walls, and contain chlorophyllBoth the largest and longest living things

on Earth are plants.

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Grow together in tightly packed mats.This helps them to conserve water.This also helps make reproduction

possible, because the plants use water to pass along genetic information.

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Vascular Plants

Conduct water, minerals, and food molecules throughout their bodies.

They do this through roots, stems, and leaves.

Vascular tissues holds the plant up and allows it to get tall.

Without vascular tissue, plants could never grow more than 10-20 cm tall.

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5 Types of Vascular Plants

Club MossesHoresetailsFernsGymnospermsAngiosperms

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Have distinctive leaves called fronds The stems of ferns remain below ground.The bumps that appear on the underside

of the fronds are not a disease or bugs, they are structures that contain spores.

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One of the two types of seed plantsMost are conifers

◦Cone-bearing plantsExamples: Pine trees, spruce trees, juniper

trees, and cypress trees

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Flowering PlantsThe largest most diverse group of modern

plants.Their seeds are produced inside of a

special structure called an ovary which is part of the flower.◦The ovary of a flower ripens into a fruit

Examples: Grass, palms, oranges, lily

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