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    Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the

    award of the degree of

    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Semester-V

    (Paper Code-BBA 311)


    Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

    Guide: Submitted by:

    Ms.Shilpa Arora Name: Rohit Chordia

    Enrol no: 13290301709

    Institute of Innovation in Technology & Management,

    New Delhi110058

    Batch (2009-2012)

  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct



    I, Mr Rohit Chordia, Roll No. 13290301709 certify that the Summer Training Report(BBA - 311) entitled To Study On Haldirams Vermicelli is done by me and it is an

    authentic work carried out by me at Haldiram Snacks Private Limited. The matter

    embodied in this has not been submitted earlier for the award of any degree or diploma to

    the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Signature of the StudentDate:

    Certified that the Summer Training Report (BBA ) entitled Haldirams Vermicelli is doneby Mr.Rohit Chordia, Roll no:13290301709, is completed under my guidance .

    Signature of the Guide

    Date:Name of the Guide:Shilpa Arora



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    August 2011

    To Whom It May Concern

    This is to certify that Mr. Rohit Chordiastudent of IINTM has

    undergone his Management Training from 20th

    June, 2011 to 30th

    July, 2011 for sales and distributors system in our organization

    and has worked on a very important market research on

    Haldirams Vermicelli and has submitted the project on same.

    During his training he was found to be sincere and hardworking.

    We wish him every success in life.

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    I express my sincere gratitude to my project guide, Ms. Shilpa Arora under whose guidance I

    pursued my project and without whose kind help this project would not have been possible.

    I would also like to thank Mr. Rakesh Chauhan for his guidance and support and offering this

    project to me

    I would also like to express my sincere thanks to all respondents for their cooperation. I am

    extremely obliged and highly thankful to all those who have contributed to completion of this


    Name: Rohit Chordia

    Enrollment no. : 13290301709

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    1 Certificate ii , iii

    2 Acknowledgement iv

    3 List of figures vi

    4 List of tables vi

    5 Chapter-1: Introduction 1-9

    6 Chapter-2: Research Methodology 10-13

    7 Chapter-3: Data Analysis 14-25

    8 Chapter-4: Research Findings 26-29

    9 Chapter-5: Conclusion 30-32

    10 Annexure 33-36

    11 Bibliography 37

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    List Of Figure


    1 Figure showing awareness of product 15

    2 Figure showing the no of brand sold 17

    3 Figure showing Stock Availability of product 18

    4 Figure showing Packaging of the vermicelli 21

    5 Figure showing Quality of vermicelli 23

    6 Figure showing margin of vermicelli 24

    List Of Tables


    1 Table showing awareness of product 15

    2 Table showing the no of brand sold 16

    3 Table showing Stock Availability of product 18

    4 Table showing Packaging of the vermicelli 20

    5 Table showing margin of vermicelli 24

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    The project is about a market review of a product called Vermicelli manufactured by

    Indias no. one sweet producing brand HALDIRAM.

    This report includes introduction about the company, its growth and future plans. This

    project is about how successful the Haldirams Vermicelli has been in the market and

    how is the image of its competitor i.e. Bambino.

    This report and survey also highlights the major problems that Haldirams Snacks is

    facing in the market while selling their products and what does retailers think about the


  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct




    1.1 Vermicelli

    Vermicelli is a traditional type of Italian pasta round in section that is thicker than


    In English, the Italian loanword "vermicelli" is used to indicate different sorts of long

    pasta shapes from different part of the world but mostly from South or East Asia. The

    dish in the original language are variously known as seviyan in Urdu and Hindi, shemai

    in Bengali, sev in Gujarati, shavige in Kannada, sevalu or semiya in Telugu, and semiya

    in Tamil and Malayalam. The noodles are used in a number of dishes including a

    variation ofkheer, a sweet dessert similar to rice pudding. Vermicelli are also used in

    many parts of India to make a popular dish called upma. To prepare it, dry oil-roasted

    vermicelli are boiled with a choice of vegetables.
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    1.2 Haldiram

    VIP Road ( Head Office )

    P-420 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,

    Kolkata 700 052,India

    Fax + 91 33 40144400

    Mobile- 98300 11120 / 98300 11127

    [email protected]

    HALDIRAM a name associated with discerning consumers for sweets and

    namkeens for past seven decades in India and abroad. It made its modest start in the

    beginning of 1937 in Bikaner, a city of Rajasthan, India and was founded by Shivkishan

    Aggarwal. The brand name HALDIRAM BHUJIYAWALA was introduced during pre-

    partition era 1941, subsequently the reach was extended to eastern part of India i.e.

    Kolkata in 1958, further consolidated to western India also at Nagpur in 1968 and from

    there it never looked back and ventured first major step in this direction by opening up a

    showroom in Chandni Chowk in 1982, the main hub of commerce in Delhi. The prime

    focus was to serve sweets and namkeens amongst consumers and the trade it directly.

  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct


    In 1970, a large manufacturing unit was set up in Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra

    (India). In 1982, a retail outlet was set up in New Delhi. The outlet became very popular

    not only among the Delhities but also among tourists visiting Delhi.

    Haldiram's was able to achieve significant growth during the 1980s and 1990s. In 1992, a

    manufacturing unit with a retail outlet attached to it was set up in the outskirts of Delhi.

    A year later, Haldiram's syrups and crushes were successfully launched in the Indian

    market. In 1995, a restaurant was opened in New Delhi. In 1997, realizing the potential of

    namkeens, the company started a manufacturing unit in Delhi exclusively for making


    The company offered a wide variety of traditional Indian sweets and snacks at

    competitive prices that appealed to people belonging to different age groups.

    It was the first company in India to brand 'namkeens.

    The group also pioneered new ways of packaging namkeens. Its packaging techniques

    increased the shelf life of namkeens from less than a week to more than six months.

    It was also one of the first companies in India to open a restaurant in New Delhi offering

    traditional Indian snack food items such as "panipuri," "chatpapri," and so on, which

    catered to the needs of hygiene conscious non-resident Indians and other foreign


    In the mid 1990s, Haldiram's added bakery items, dairy products, sharbats and ice creams

    to its portfolio. At the beginning of the 21st century, Haldiram's products reached

    millions of consumers not only in India, but also in several other countries, including the

    US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan and Thailand.

  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct


    To add potato products to its existing product portfolio, machinery was imported from the


    Haldiram's maintained high quality standards at every stage of the production process.

    All its food items were prepared and packaged in a very hygienic environment.

    Encouraged by tremendous response of consumers, HALDIRAM decided to go for an

    up-gradation on technology, packaging, production etc. with the installation of best

    machinery and hiring best staff. Through hard work, complete dedication,

    uncompromising quality, - HALDIRAM became a part of each family.


    Review , Recreate and Rediscover the trend ofHealthy Eating and Innovate and

    Invent fresh new methods to Nurish and Delight everyone we serve.


    Be the Trend Setter in the field ofHealthy and Tasty Eating To Achieve a Sustainable

    Growth this will bring about an overall up liftment of the Organization, its People and

    the Society.


    To provide our customers Perfect Taste and Quality in the Best ofPackaging.

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  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct



    The Namkeen market in India is magnanimous which consists of both the organized and

    the unorganized sectors. The unorganized Namkeen market consists of home made and

    loose salty snacks generally sold in small Kiranas. The branded or the organized

    Namkeen segment in India is increasing virtually by the day. Some of the major players

    in the Indian Namkeen market consist of Haldiram Foods Frito-Lay India Mc Fills. The

    top namkeen brands in India are generally products offered by Haldirams and Frito Lays.

    Synonymous with the salted snacks industry in India is Haldiram Food. Haldirams is

    known for its large variety of to brands that have been ruling the Indian snacks industry

    for over decades now. Consumers in India in a way have become accustomed to the

    products of this particular brand.

    The Indian snack market offers around 1,000 snack items. The branded namkeen segment

    consists of 40% market share of the total salted snacks market in India. The market

    leaders that own all the to namkeen brands in India is Haldirams that has a market share

    of 41 % and then follows Frito Lays that has a market share of 10%.

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    Haldiram has successfully completed the journey of being a small entrepreneur to the

    India's largest selling brand name in Sweets and Namkeens (savory). The entity is known

    for its variety of mouth watering food products such as Sweets, Namkeens, Pickles,

    Syrups, and Biscuits in the world. The prime focus of the company is to serve sweets and

    savories directly to customer.

    The impeccable range of products at Haldiram's includes:

    Sweets: Jamphal, Bengali Rasgulla, Pateesa, Raj Bhog, Nargisi Rolls and many


    Syrups/Sharbats: Khus, Thandai, Rose Flavor, Orange Flavor, Badam and

    Pineapple Flavor

    Pickles: Green Chili, Lime, Mango and Mixed Pickle

    Namkeen: Aloo Bhujia, Hara Chiwda, Kaju Mixture, Navrattan, Moong Dal,

    Bhujia, Cornflakes Mixture, Kashmiri Mixture, Nut Cracker, Khatta Meetha.

    Potato chips and various products in chips range.

    Apart from this Haldirams restaurants offer a large variety of food ranging from

    Indian snacks, North Indian food, South Indian food, Continental and Chinese,

    Italian food and also many drinks to freshen up their customers.

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    - To find out how much percentage of retailers sell Haldirams vermicelli.

    - To find out how do retailers find the packaging of the product (in terms of


    - To find out how do retailers find the pricing of the product.


    To find out how do retailers find the margin in selling the Haldirams product.

    - To find out which packaging was most preferred by customers.

    - To find out the availability of the Haldirams vermicelli stock.

    - To find out what is the image of Haldirams biggest competitor in the market.

    - To judge the awareness level of retailers regarding the Vermicelli.

    - To collect ideas and suggestions from the market.

    - To find out the future market potential of Vermicelli.

    - To find out strength of Haldirams and do SWOT analysis of Haldirams.

    These objectives were achieved by following a well thought out plan and defining the

    problem for each objective separately. Sampling and other statistical tools were

    considered for achieving the given objectives.

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    1.7 SCOPE

    To find out how successful is Haldirams Vermicelli in the market in East Delhi Region.

    For this purpose both secondary and primary data is being used. Primary data consists of

    interviews with retailers and structured questionnaire.

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    Research design

    According to David J. Luck and Ronald S. Rubin, "A research design is the determination

    and statement of the general research approach or strategy adopted/or the particular

    project. It is the heart of planning. If the design adheres to the research objective, it will

    ensure that the client's needs will be served."

    Research designs are concerned with turning the research question into a testing project.

    The research design has been considered as a "blueprint" for research, dealing with at

    least four problems: what questions to study, what data are relevant, what data to collect,

    and how to analyze the results.

    Descriptive research is used to obtain information concerning the current status of the

    phenomena to describe "what exists" with respect to variables or conditions in a situation.

    The methods involved range from the survey which describes the status quo, the

    correlation study which investigates the relationship between variables, to developmental

    studies which seek to determine changes over time.

    Sampling Design

    It indicates how the sample units are selected. One of the most important decisions in this

    regard is to determine which of the two- probability & non-probability sample is to be

  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct


    In probability sampling, the probability or chance of every unit in the population being

    included in the sample is known.

    In non-probability sampling, the probability of inclusion of any unit in the population in

    the sample is not known.

    For the research workRandom Sampling will be used.

    A random sampling gives every unit of the population a known & non-zero probability of

    being selected. Since random sampling implies equal probability to every unit in the

    population, it is necessary that the selection of the sample must be free from human


    Sample Location:-

    Sample location is that location from where samples are collected for research work.

    Field work was carried out for Haldiram Snacks Pvt. Ltd. in the area of East Delhi.

    These areas comprised of:-

    Preet Vihar.


    Laxmi Nagar..

    Surajmal Vihar.

    Vivek Vihar

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    The questionnaire being used is structured questionnaire.

    Analytical Tool

    The analytical tool used for the research report is Percentage test . Percentage test is

    used to find the percent of responses given by respondents and also to provide pictorial

    representation of data.

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    To carry out the survey various parts of East Delhi were covered to get the questionnaire

    filled by the retailers selling the vermicelli.

    Retailers were from Kiryana Shops, General Stores and Confectioners etc.

    This research is based on the key areas such as:

    Awareness about the Haldirams Vermicelli.

    How much percentage of shopkeepers sells the Haldirams Vermicelli.

    Stock Availability of both Haldirams and Bambino vermicelli.

    Which packaging the customers preferred.

    Quality of Haldirams Vermicelli.

    Price of Haldirams Vermicelli

    Margin in selling Haldirams Vermicelli.

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    Q1 Whether consumer are aware of Haldirams Vermicelli?

    Options Total no of respondents(50) Percentage of respondents

    Aware 37 74%

    Not Aware 13 26%

    Table 1: Table showing awareness level of respondents about the product

    Figure1: Figure showing awareness of respondents about the product


    74% of the retailers knew that Haldirams has started producing Vermicelli, while 26%

    of the sample was not aware of it.

    The unaware retailers said that Haldirams distribution channel is not good therefore they

    are not aware of it.

    They wanted Haldirams to have some awareness programs such as advertisements.



    Not Aware

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    The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a "name, term, design, symbol,

    or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of

    other sellers. The legal term for brand is trademark. A brand may identify one item, a

    family of items, or all items of that seller. If used for the firm as a whole, the preferred

    term is trade name.

    A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination or

    slogan. The wordbrandingbegan simply as a way to tell one person's cattle from another

    by means of a hot iron stamp. The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass

    identityit affects the personality of a product, company or service

    Retailers were asked about which brand vermicelli the sell.

    Q2 Which brand vermicelli do you sell?

    Options Total No of Respondents(50) Percentage of respondents

    Haldirams 10 20%

    Bambino 35 70%

    Others 5 10%

    Table2: Table showing the brand commonly sold
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    Figure2: Figure showing the brand commonly sold


    Only 30% of the retailers sold the Haldirams Vermicelli.

    On the other hand, 98% of the retailers are selling Bambinos vermicelli, which is the top

    rival of Haldirams.

    Also, 18% of the retailers are selling other brands which consisted of MTR, Mavana and

    Rajdhani etc.

    Retailers complained about the Distribution channel of Haldirams.

    Brand Sold




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    Retailers were asked about how they find the availability of Haldirams Vermicelli and

    Bambinos Vermicelli.

    Option Total no of respondents Percentage of respondents

    Haldirams 15 30%

    Bambino 35 70%

    Table 3: Stock availability of haldirams and Bambino

    Figure3: Stock availability ofhaldirams and bambino


    80% of the retailers said that the stock was available readily while some among them

    also said that it was sometimes late.

    While 20% of the retailers, complaint that it was poorly available.

    Total no of respondents



  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct



    98% of the retailers were happy with the bambinos supply and said it was readily

    available on time. Only 2% of the retailers disagreed to this and said stock availability is


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    Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for

    distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design,

    evaluation, and production of packages. Packaging can be described as a coordinated

    system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use.

    Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells.In many countries

    it is fully integrated into government, business, institutional, industrial, and personal use.

    Retailers who sold Haldirams Vermicelli were further enquired about the preference of

    the customers that which pack of the vermicelli do customers most prefer and do they

    find the packaging fine.

    Q4: Which packaging do you think customers prefer more? (For Haldirams)

    Option Total no of respondents Percentage of Respondents

    200 gm 28 56%

    400 gm 21 42%

    1kg 1 2%

    Table4: Table showing consumer preference on packaging

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    Figure4: Figure showing consumer preference on packaging


    56% of the retailers said that customers prefer 200gms pack.

    42% of the retailers said that customers prefer 400gms pack.

    Only 2% of the retailers said that 1kg pack is most preferred.

    But everyone was satisfied with the quantity in each pack.

    Packaging (in terms of weight)

    200 gms

    400 gms

    1 Kg

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    In ordinary usage, price is the quantity of payment or compensation given by one party to

    another in return for goods or services. In all modern economies, the overwhelming

    majority of prices are quoted in (and the transactions involve) units of some form of

    currency. Although in theory, prices could be quoted as quantities of other goods or

    services this sort of barter exchange is rarely seen.

    In Finance there are a number of pricing units that fall outside the categories of currency

    and barter. For example a monetary loan can be priced in percentage point units using the

    formula (100% - Interest Rate). The total amount of interest payable depends upon the

    loan amount and the period of the loan, and since each potential borrower has different

    loan requirements, it is not sensible to use the total amount of interest payable as the

    price. Other examples can be found in the area of Financial Derivative pricing

    Price can sometimes alternatively refer to the quantity of payment requested by a seller of

    goods or services, rather than the eventual payment amount. This requested amount is

    often called the asking price or selling price, while the actual payment may be called the

    transaction price or traded price. Likewise, the bid price or buying price is the quantity of

    payment offered by a buyer of goods or services, although this meaning is more common

    in asset or financial markets than in consumer markets.
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    Quality in business, engineering and manufacturing has a pragmatic interpretation as the

    non-inferiority or superiority of something. Quality is a perceptual, conditional and

    somewhat subjective attribute and may be understood differently by different people.

    Consumers may focus on the specification quality of a product/service, or how it

    compares to competitors in the marketplace. Producers might measure the conformance

    quality, or degree to which the product/service was produced correctly.

    100% of the retailers found that quality of Haldirams Vermicelli and other products is

    far better then any other brand. They were found satisfied with it.
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    The difference between the cost and the selling price of securities or commodities

    Retailers were asked about how they find the margin in selling Haldirams Vermicelli.

    Q5: What is the margin of Haldirams?

    Table5: Table showing margin of haldirams

    Option Total No of Respondents Percentage Of Respondents

    Excellent 0 0

    Average 44 88%

    Poor 6 22%

    Figure5: Table showing margin of haldirams


    87% of the retailers said that they get not so good margin i.e. average margin in selling

    Haldirams vermicelli, while 13% of the retailers said that they get poor margins.





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    Research Findings

    74% of the retailers knew that Haldirams has started producing Vermicelli, while 26%

    of the sample was not aware of it.

    The unaware retailers said that Haldirams distribution channel is not good therefore they

    are not aware of it.

    They wanted Haldirams to have some awareness programs such as advertisements.

    Only 30% of the retailers sold the Haldirams Vermicelli.

    On the other hand, 98% of the retailers are selling Bambinos vermicelli, which is the top

    rival of Haldirams.

    Also, 18% of the retailers are selling other brands which consisted of MTR, Mavana and

    Rajdhani etc.

    Retailers complained about the Distribution channel of Haldirams.

    55% of the retailers said that customers prefer 200gms pack.

    44% of the retailers said that customers prefer 400gms pack.

    Only 1% of the retailers said that 1kg pack is most preferred.

    But everyone was satisfied with the quantity in each pack.

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  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct




    Reasonable price



    A new entrant in the market


    Huge potential


    A lot many players are existing in

    the market


    1) The product has excellent high quality image.

    2) Good and attractive packing

    3) Good image position

    4) Good taste

    5) Good variety


    1) Less awareness.

    2) Poor distribution channel

  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct


    3) Schemes given to retailers are not enough.

    4) Less margins.

    5) Less advertisement.


    1) By providing proper schemes Haldiram can increase its supply.


    By providing more profit margin Haldiram can increase its supply.

    3) By proper advertisements Haldiram can create public awareness


    1) Competition Bambino and Rajdhani.

    2) Rude behavior of distributors.

  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct




    Haldirams is Indias most preferred name in sweets and savories.

    Many retailers were interviewed through the questionnaire.

    Awareness of the Haldirams Vermicelli is very less.

    From the survey of the retailers it was found that only 30% of the retailers sell

    Haldirams vermicelli.

    Quality ofHaldirams product is excellent in every aspect.

    Some retailers told that quantity and quality in a pack is maintained every time.

    Haldirams product being a bit costly, are worth priced.

    Margin in Haldirams product is less.

    Biggest competitor o Haldirams is Bambino and almost everyone is happy with

    the services and products from Bambino

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    1)Some of the respondents were totally unresponsive and were not ready to cooperate.

    2)Due to none availability of concerned person questions remained unanswered.

    3) Biasness is the most serious limitation. Although measures have been taken to

    reduce the biasness but complete elimination of biasness is not possible.

    4) In research retailers behavior is studied but the retailers behavior is not assessed


    5) The reliability of the data to great extent is dependent on the honesty and

    cooperation of the respondents in providing the information

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  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct


  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct


    4. Is the stock of Haldirams vermicelli available at time?

    Readily available.

    Available at times.

    Poor availability.

    5. Is the stock of Bambino vermicelli available at time?

    Readily available.

    Available at times.

    Poorly available.

    6. Which packaging do you think customers prefer more? (For Haldirams)




    7. Do you find the packaging fine? (In terms of weight)



  • 8/2/2019 Rohit Prjct


    8. How do you find the price of Haldirams vermicelli?


    Worth priced


    9. How do you find the quality of Haldirams vermicelli?





    10. How do you find the margin in selling Haldirams vermicelli?





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    11. Information about the store.

    Name: __________________________

    Designation: _____________________

    Phone no: _______________________

    Address: ________________________




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