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JANUARY 17, 2021:

The Santo Niño de Cebú is a Roman Catholic title of the Child Jesus associated with a religious image of the Christ Child[1] widely venerated as miraculous by Filipino Catholics.[2][3] It is the oldest Christian artifact in the Philippines,[4] originally a gift from explorer Ferdinand Magellan to Rajah Humabon and his chief consort on account of their baptism in 1521.[5]

The dark wood statue measures approximately twelve inches tall, and carved in the Flemish style. It depicts the Child Jesus, with a serene countenance, in the attitude and dress of a Spanish monarch.[5][6] The statue bears imperial regalia, including a golden crown, globus cruciger, and various sceptres, wears fine vestments, and possesses jewelry mostly offered by devotees over several centuries.

Pope Paul VI granted a Canonical Coronation of the statue on 28 April 1965 and later raised its shrine to the status of Minor Basilica on 2 May 1965 via his Papal bull Cubanula Religionis to mark the fourth centenary of Christianity in the Philippine Islands.[7][8][9]

The image is replicated in various parts of the country with different titles and is one of the most beloved and recognizable Filipino cultural icons. The annual dancing feast of Sinulog is held every January on the third Sunday in its honor.[5][10] Today, the original image is permanently encased behind bulletproof glass inside its chapel within the Minor Basilica del Santo Niño.[11] (Wikipedia)

Volume 3, Issue No. 03 January 17, 2021

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Brs. Danny Sevilla and Jeffrey Guino-o visit Becislao Family.

Bros. Danny, Dave Becislao and

Jeffrey visited the Becislao family

in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat last

January 15. Br. Dave’s relatives

especially his parents were very

happy to meet them. The family

prepared a sumptuous lunch that

everyone enjoyed.

Clean up drive at St. Joseph International School.

Gotong-royong – a community effort in cleaning up St. Joseph International School in Kuching,

Sarawak, Malaysia after the flood. Well done, teachers, staff, and volunteers.

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Send off rite of the Marist Youth Cross of Marist School Marikina together with

Notre Dame of Jolo – Kasulutan High School.

On January 16, the Marist Youth Cross was passed on to Notre Dame of Jolo – Kasulutan High

School from Marist School Marikina. Some personnel and students from both schools attended the

said turnover ceremony via online.

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KaPiHan sa Van ni Kuya goes to Bukidnon!

The Mobile La Valla 360 Project visited the Marist Brothers of Bacusanon Mission in Bukidnon,

Philippines. after visiting Cotabato City. Today, we shared the KaPiHan experience with the youth

and elders of the Parish despite the heavy rainfall.

Thank you my Brothers for all your support and generosity! (Br. Jeff Rhey Antiquisa, FMS)

Br. Jeff with Brs. Fred and Cian Parishioners drinking coffee.

Br. Cian serving coffee to the parishioners Van ni Kuya in Bukidnon, Philippines

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Br. Romulo L. Porras, FMS

The following is an unpublished AMIHAN PLUS Newsletter article of 2019.


I have lived in Saigon for a year and with a new environment and a new language surrounding me.

I remember the eight months of learning Vietnamese; it is not enough for sure and the times of

helping the five Vietnamese aspirants with Br. Canisio, who is the district leader of MDA now. I

enjoyed learning Vietnamese although it is different from Korean in many ways and I enjoyed

assimilating the Vietnamese culture. It was a blessing to me. The Vietnamese hospitality in the

countryside, offering great food, was amazing. I appreciated very much the kindness and hospitality

of people, particularly the family members of the Vietnamese Brothers.

Brothers, we are now preparing in this beautiful country a new initiative called “Sunrise Project” in

Lam Binh District. This district is a rural area located in the Tuyen Quang Province, around seven

hours ride away from Hanoi. I would like to say that this district can be called one of the best mission

areas located in the beautiful, uncontaminated nature. The Brothers were invited by the local

government officials of the district after knowing about the New Horizons Project (English

Education Improvement Program) which was being done in Quoc Oai near Hanoi.

There are many challenges here. First of all, the local officials expect from us many things, such as

development of English proficiency, vocational training program and youth ministry. Secondly, we

are known as members of an NGO related to youth education, not religious Brothers. There are no

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Catholic and Christians Churches here. Whenever I want to attend Mass, I have to drive around

three hours to get to the nearest church.

The place may look like an island floating in a wide blue sea. And there is a reason for God’s call

for us to be here. Clearly, God shows his plan to plant us where all circumstances are not sure yet. I

do not know for sure; but when we started living here and carrying out our mission (religious mission

is prohibited by law) in faith and love, I believe that faith and love will help us see God’s will.

Imagine if Fr. Champagnat and his first Brothers got to know this district; they would run there right

away to build a bridge between the people and the world and another bridge between God and them.

Brothers are already building these bridges there. So, pray for us.


¹Br. Anselmo Kim is a member of the Korea-Japan Sector of East Asia Province.


• We will be launching our MIDYEAR REVIEW and STATEGIC PLANNING with a series

of talks on January 19 and 20. We are inviting all our Brothers and Lay Marists in the province

to join us in this virtual gathering.

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For healing and comfort of those who were tested positive for COVID-19.

For healing of those who have been diagnosed with other illnesses.

For giving abundant measures of grace to missionaries around the world.

For more vocation to the religious life.

For inner joy and spiritual growth.

For our schools / universities, students, teachers, administrators and alumni.

For the repose of the soul of Ricardo Verdad, 76 years old, Br. Romy’s brother-in-

law who died recently.

For the employees who lost their jobs due to pandemic, that may God continue to

provide their needs.

For all the birthday celebrants for this third week of January.

For the good health and safety of all the Marist Brothers in the world.

For peace and unity.

For the intentions of our family members, friends, benefactors, and affiliates.

Birthday Greetings to:

January 18 January 20 January 21 January 23

Br. Karl Angelo J. Labio James Jude L. Gallego Kyr M. Olasiman Br. Albert S. Bolibol

Prayers please…

Death Anniversaries:

January 17, 1905 – Br. Andre Leon died in Beijing.

January 18, 1993 – Br. Aloysius Brennen died in Scotland.

January 21, 1993 – Br. George Norbert died in Germany.

January 21, 1996 – Br. Basilio Rueda, 9th S.G. 1968-1985, died in Mexico.

January 22, 1881 – Br. Francois, 1st S.G. 1839-1860, died in France.

January 22, 1981 – Br. Henri Wu died in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

January 22, 2004 – Mr. Javier Herrera Hernandez (Affiliated Member) died in Mexico

January 23, 2014 – Br. Joseph Claudius Wu died in Beijing.

January 24, 1957 – Br. Marie Bajule died in SPTC, France

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